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The Mayor's Duties

Reference Number: MTAS-1012
Reviewed Date: 06/28/2022

Mayoral duties regarding meetings, according to RONR are to:

  1. Open the meeting at the appointed time and call the meeting to order and declare if a quorum is present or not
  2. Announce the order of business (agenda)
  3. Recognize elected officials who are entitled to the floor
  4. State and put to vote all questions on motions that legitimately come before the governing body; and to announce the result of each vote
  5. Protect the governing body from obviously dilatory motions by refusing to recognize them
  6. Enforce the rules of debate, order, and decorum
  7. Expedite business in every way compatible with the rights of members
  8. Decide all questions of order
  9. Respond to inquiries of elected officials regarding parliamentary procedure
  10. Sign minutes, ordinances and resolutions
  11. Declare the meeting adjourned

In addition, the mayor should have at each meeting a copy of the municipality's charter, a copy of its parliamentary authority, a list of all committees and their members, and an agenda (order of business).