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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Tennessee Municipal Judges

This information is provided to MTAS by each municipality and is intended for general informational purposes only. MTAS does not independently verify the information contained herein. While this agency makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information, the agency does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of this information. Information contained herein should be verified prior to use.

Alamo Mr. Paul Conley
City Judge, Alamo
(731) 696-4515
Alcoa Mr. Allen Bray
City Judge, Alcoa
(865) 981-4111
Alexandria Ms. Angel Kane
City Judge, Alexandria
(615) 444-2900
Algood Mr. Jeffrey Bass
City Judge, Algood
(931) 528-9765
Ardmore Mr. Joe Fowlkes
City Judge, Ardmore
(931) 363-6116
Ashland City Mr. James W. Stinnett, Jr.
City Judge, Ashland City
(615) 792-5719
Athens Mr. Derek Green
City Judge, Athens
(423) 744-2731
Baileyton Ms. Linda Woolsey
City Judge, Baileyton
City Judge, Tusculum
City Judge, Greeneville
(423) 234-6911
Baxter Mr. David Bush
City Judge, Baxter
(931) 526-3223
Belle Meade Mr. Mark Beveridge
City Judge, Belle Meade
(615) 298-1223
Bells Mr. Harold C. Craig
City Judge, Bells
(731) 663-2334
Benton Mr. David Calfee
City Judge, Benton
(423) 338-5733
Berry Hill Mr. Larry Cantrell
City Judge, Berry Hill
(615) 385-3291
Big Sandy Ms. Jennifer Hedge
City Judge, Big Sandy
(731) 593-3213
Blaine Mr. Robert Edwards
City Judge, Blaine
(865) 933-1240
Bolivar Ms. Cathy H. Frost
City Judge, Bolivar
(731) 658-2020
Bradford Mr. Chad Butler
City Judge, Bradford
(731) 742-3465
Brentwood Ms. Laurie Jewett
City Judge, Brentwood
(615) 371-0160
Brighton Ms. Lauren Raynor-McDaniel
City Judge, Brighton
(901) 476-8661
Bristol Mr. A.D. Jones
City Judge, Bristol
(423) 989-5563
Brownsville Mr. James S. Haywood, Jr.
City Judge, Brownsville
City Attorney, Brownsville
(731) 772-9127
Bruceton Mr. Jack Leonard
City Judge, Bruceton
(731) 586-2401
Bulls Gap Ms. Whittney Good
City Judge, Bulls Gap
(423) 235-5216
Burns Mr. David Brogdon
City Judge, Burns
(615) 446-2851
Calhoun Mr. Matthew Rogers
City Judge, Calhoun
(423) 336-2348
Camden Ms. Jennifer Hedge
City Judge, Camden
(731) 584-4656
Carthage Mr. Richard M. Brooks
City Judge, Carthage
City Judge, Gordonsville
(615) 735-0807
Caryville Mr. Reid Troutman
City Judge, Caryville
(423) 566-6001
Celina Ms. Diana Monroe
City Judge, Celina
(931) 243-4877
Chapel Hill Ms. Debbie Zimmerle
Town Judge, Chapel Hill
(931) 364-7632
Charleston Mr. Robert B. Wilson, III
City Judge, Charleston
(423) 336-1483
Chattanooga Mr. Russell Bean
City Judge, Chattanooga
(423) 643-7571
Chattanooga Ms. Sherry Paty
City Judge, Chattanooga
(423) 643-7569
Clarksburg Mr. Dwayne D. Maddox, III
City Judge, Clarksburg
(731) 986-4896
Clarksville Mr. Charles Smith
City Judge, Clarksville
(931) 645-2323
Cleveland Mr. Richard L. Banks
City Judge, Cleveland
(423) 472-4551
Clifton Mr. James Ross
City Judge, Clifton
City Judge, Collinwood
(931) 724-9107
Clinton Mr. Michael Farley
City Judge, Clinton
(865) 457-0424
Collegedale Mr. Kevin B. Wilson
City Judge, Collegedale
(423) 396-3135
Collierville Ms. Lee Ann Pafford Dobson
Municipal Judge, Collierville
(901) 457-2580
Columbia Mr. Jake Hubbell
City Judge, Columbia
(931) 560-1500
Cookeville Ms. Joy Buck Gothard
City Judge, Cookeville
(931) 526-4045
Coopertown Mr. William Kroeger
City Judge, Coopertown
(615) 382-2929
Copperhill Ms. Laura Crawford
City Judge, Copperhill
(423) 496-5141
Cornersville Mr. David McKenzie
City Judge, Cornersville
(931) 270-8669
Covington Mr. J.B. Witherington, IV
City Judge, Covington
(901) 475-2700
Cross Plains Ms. Melanie Stark
City Judge, Cross Plains
(615) 654-2555
Crossville Ms. Ivy Gardner
City Judge, Crossville
(931) 484-2889
Crump Ms. Leslie Creasy
City Judge, Crump
(731) 925-9118
Cumberland City Mr. Sid Vinson
City Judge, Cumberland City
(931) 289-3950
Dandridge Ms. Rebecca Slone
Town Judge, Dandridge
(865) 397-7420
Dayton Mr. Will Dunn
Municipal Judge, Dayton
(423) 775-1818
Decatur Mr. Andrew Tucker
City Judge, Decatur
(423) 334-5716
Decaturville Mr. Louis Ringger
City Judge, Decaturville
City Attorney, Decaturville
(731) 421-1501
Decherd Mr. Robbie Davis
City Judge, Decherd
(931) 967-5181
Dickson Mr. Stan Reynolds
City Judge, Dickson
(615) 446-9249
Dover Mr. Marlin L. Blane
City Judge, Dover
(931) 232-5907
Dresden Mr. Tommy Moore
City Judge, Dresden
(731) 364-2270
Dunlap Mr. Keith Davis
City Judge, Dunlap
(423) 949-2115
Dyersburg Mr. Dean Dedmon
City Judge, Dyersburg
(731) 286-7604
Eagleville Mr. Mitchell Ferguson, Esq.
City Judge, Eagleville
(615) 274-2922
East Ridge Mr. Kevin Wilson
City Judge, East Ridge
(423) 867-2701
Elizabethton Mr. Jason Holly
City Judge, Elizabethton
(423) 547-6419
Elkton Mr. Morgan A. Hoover
City Judge, Elkton
(931) 468-2506
Erin Ms. Markley Gill
City Judge, Erin
(931) 289-2727
Estill Springs Ms. Trudy Edwards
City Judge, Estill Springs
(931) 967-7000
Ethridge Mr. Cameron Hoffmeyer
City Attorney, Ethridge
City Judge, Ethridge
City Attorney, Loretto
(931) 201-9452
Etowah Ms. Melissa A. Parsons
City Judge, Etowah
(423) 263-7872
Fairview Mr. Shannon L. Crutcher
City Judge, Fairview
(615) 794-0087
Farragut Mr. Keith Alley
Town Judge, Farragut
(865) 966-7057
Fayetteville Mr. Rhea Thompson
City Judge, Fayetteville
(931) 433-7771
Forest Hills Mr. Brooks Smith
City Judge, Forest Hills
(615) 372-8677
Franklin Ms. Deana Hood
City Judge, Franklin
(615) 791-3217
Friendship Mr. Casey Burnett
Mayor, Friendship
City Judge, Friendship
Fire Chief, Friendship
(731) 677-2310
Gadsden Mr. Tommy Smith
City Judge, Gadsden
(731) 784-2235
Gallatin Ms. Connie W. Kittrell
City Recorder, Gallatin
Municipal Judge, Gallatin
(615) 451-5895
Gallaway Mr. Price Harris
City Judge, Gallaway
(901) 867-3333
Gates Mr. Scott Lovelace
City Judge, Gates
(731) 221-8807
Gatlinburg Mr. Jerry McCarter
City Judge, Gatlinburg
(865) 436-1400
Germantown Mr. Robert M. Brannon, Jr.
City Judge, Germantown
(901) 757-7254
Germantown Mr. Raymond S. Clift
City Judge, Germantown
(901) 757-7254
Gibson Mr. Joseph "Joe" Tubbs
City Judge, Gibson
(731) 787-6501
Goodlettsville Mrs. Ali Toll
City Judge, Goodlettsville
(615) 851-2214
Grand Junction Mr. Blake Sain
City Judge, Grand Junction
(901) 322-6013
Greenbrier Mr. William Kroeger
City Judge, Greenbrier
(615) 643-4531
Greenfield Mr. Lang Unger
City Judge, Greenfield
(731) 588-1077
Halls Ms. Molly Williams
City Judge, Halls
(731) 836-9653
Harriman Mr. Charles J. Crass
City Judge, Harriman
(865) 882-3521
Henderson Mr. G. W. "Chip" E. Sherrod
City Judge, Henderson
(731) 983-5000
Hendersonville Mr. Curtis Lincoln
City Judge, Hendersonville
(615) 822-1000
Henry Ms. Angela Hoover
City Judge, Henry
(731) 241-0163
Hohenwald Mr. Mike Hinson
City Judge, Hohenwald
(931) 796-2231
Hollow Rock Ms. Laura Keeton
City Judge, Hollow Rock
(731) 586-7773
Hornsby Ms. Harriet Thompson
City Judge, Hornsby
(731) 658-6188
Humboldt Mr. Joseph Tubbs
City Judge, Humboldt
(731) 784-2000
Huntingdon Ms. Marsha Johns
City Judge, Huntingdon
(731) 986-3452
Jacksboro Mr. Robert Asbury
Town Judge, Jacksboro
(423) 562-9312
Jackson Mr. Blake Anderson
City Judge, Jackson
(731) 425-8292
Jamestown Mr. Tom Potter
Municipal Judge, Jamestown
(931) 879-3006
Jasper Mr. Nicole Rogers
City Judge, Jasper
(423) 942-3180
Jefferson City Mr. Keith Repass
City Judge, Jefferson City
(865) 397-3555
Jellico Mr. Don R. Moses
City Judge, Jellico
(423) 784-3798
Johnson City Mr. Stan Widener, Jr.
City Judge, Johnson City
(423) 434-6131
Johnson City Ms. Sharon M. Green
Juvenile Court Judge, Johnson City
(423) 434-6000
Jonesborough Mr. Mark Edmonds
City Judge, Jonesborough
(423) 753-1030
Kenton Mr. Charles Crouson
City Judge, Kenton
City Court Clerk, Kenton
(731) 749-0255
Kimball Mr. Charles G. Jenkins, Jr.
City Judge, Kimball
(423) 942-3168
Kingston Ms. Brenda Hall, Esq.
City Judge, Kingston
(865) 376-3760
Kingston Springs Mr. Phillip Maxey
City Judge, Kingston Springs
(615) 792-2008
Knoxville Mr. John Rosson, Jr.
City Judge, Knoxville
(865) 521-7474
Lafayette Mr. Andrew Stanford
City Judge, Lafayette
(615) 666-2194
Lakeland Mr. Kim Koratsky
Municipal Judge, Lakeland
(901) 867-2717
Lakesite Mr. Arnold Stulce
City Judge, Lakesite
(423) 842-2533
La Vergne Mr. William Cartwright
City Judge, La Vergne
(615) 287-8630
Lawrenceburg Mr. Ben Boston
City Judge, Lawrenceburg
(931) 762-7167
Lebanon Mr. James Flood
City Judge, Lebanon
Lewisburg Ms. Barbara Gillespie Medley
City Judge, Lewisburg
(931) 359-7555
Lexington Ms. Mary Jowers
City Judge, Lexington
(731) 968-9908
Livingston Ms. Kelly Williams
City Judge, Livingston
(931) 823-1898
Lookout Mountain Mr. Flossie Weill
Town Judge, Lookout Mountain
(423) 821-1226
Loudon Mr. Roger Delp
City Judge, Loudon
(865) 458-2091
Lynnville Ms. Cara Lynn
City Judge, Lynnville
(931) 388-8868
Manchester Mr. Shawn Trail
City Judge, Manchester
(931) 728-2099
Martin Mr. Langdon S. Unger, Jr.
City Judge, Martin
(731) 587-5355
Maryville Mr. William Yarborough
City Judge, Maryville
(865) 691-9774
Mason Mr. Price Harris
City Judge, Mason
(901) 294-3525
Maury City Mr. James Rayce Castellaw
Mayor, Maury City
City Judge, Maury City
(731) 656-2119
Maynardville Mr. Darrick Edmondson
City Judge, Maynardville
(865) 992-3821
McEwen Mr. Tracy Harrell
City Judge, McEwen
(931) 296-2020
McKenzie Mr. Charles Trotter
City Judge, McKenzie
(731) 986-2207
McMinnville Mr. Tim Reed
City Judge, McMinnville
(931) 473-1211
Memphis Mr. Tarik Sugarman
City Judge-Administrative Judge, Memphis
(901) 636-3440
Milan Mr. Collins Bonds
City Judge, Milan
(731) 686-1198
Millersville Mr. William Johnson
City Judge, Millersville
(615) 859-0880
Millington Mr. A. W. Wages
City Judge, Millington
(901) 872-4499
Minor Hill Mr. Samuel B. Garner, Jr.
City Attorney, Minor Hill
City Judge, Minor Hill
(931) 363-6116
Monteagle Mr. Mark Raines
City Judge, Monteagle
(931) 924-2265
Monterey Mr. Shawn Fry
City Judge, Monterey
(931) 839-2323
Morrison Mr. Ryan J. Moore
City Judge, Morrison
(931) 635-2363
Morristown Mr. Matt Sexton
City Judge, Morristown
(423) 585-0100
Moscow Mr. David Douglas
City Judge, Moscow
(901) 877-3584
Mosheim Ms. Linda Woolsey
City Judge, Mosheim
(423) 422-4051
Mount Carmel Mr. Terry Risner
City Judge, Mount Carmel
(423) 357-4867
Mount Pleasant Mr. Jake Wolaver
City Judge, Mount Pleasant
(931) 388-8868
Mt. Juliet Ms. Carolyn Christoffersen
Municipal Judge, Mt. Juliet
(615) 754-2550
Munford Mr. David L. Douglas
City Judge, Munford
City Judge, Atoka
(901) 465-3117
Murfreesboro Mr. Ewing Sellers
City Judge, Murfreesboro
(615) 890-2142
New Johnsonville Mr. Michael W. Patrick
City Judge, New Johnsonville
(931) 535-2715
New Market Mr. Ed Stiner
City Judge, New Market
(865) 475-7997
Newbern Mr. Jason Creasy
City Judge, Newbern
(731) 627-3221
Newport Ms. Brittany Wild Vick
City Judge, Newport
(423) 623-3960
Niota Mr. Evan Walden
City Judge, Niota
Municipal Court Judge, Niota
(423) 453-5534
Nolensville Mr. James Peterson
Town Judge, Nolensville
(615) 776-3633
Norris Mr. Brad Hodge
City Judge, Norris
(865) 494-7645
Norris Mr. Eric Rauch
City Judge, Norris
(865) 494-7645
Oak Ridge Mr. Robert A. McNees, III
City Judge, Oak Ridge
(865) 425-3536
Oakland Mr. Craig Hall
Town Judge, Oakland
(901) 465-8523
Obion Mr. Beau E. Pemberton
City Judge, Obion
Oliver Springs Mr. Joseph Van Hook
City Recorder, Oliver Springs
City Judge, Oliver Springs
(865) 435-1145
Oneida Mr. Philip Kazee
City Judge, Oneida
(423) 569-4295
Paris Mr. Hansel McCadems
City Judge, Paris
(731) 642-5172
Parrottsville Ms. Melissia Ball
City Judge, Parrottsville
(423) 248-1023
Parsons Mr. J. Michael Ivey
City Judge, Parsons
(731) 847-6358
Petersburg Ms. Quinn Brandon Stewart
City Judge, Petersburg
(931) 359-1544
Pigeon Forge Mr. David Webb
City Judge, Pigeon Forge
(865) 429-7410
Pikeville Mr. Edward Boring
City Attorney, Pikeville
City Judge, Pikeville
(423) 447-3311
Pittman Center Mr. Adam Carr
City Judge, Pittman Center
(865) 453-4125
Plainview Mr. Daryl Edmondson
Municipal Judge, Plainview
(865) 992-5484
Pleasant View Mr. Gregory D. Smith
City Judge, Pleasant View
(615) 746-0600
Portland Mr. Joseph "Jack" B. Freedle
City Judge, Portland
(615) 325-6776
Pulaski Mr. Rogers N. Hays
City Judge, Pulaski
(931) 363-1592
Puryear Mr. Andy Clark
City Judge, Puryear
(731) 247-5362
Red Bank Mr. Johnny Houston
City Judge, Red Bank
(423) 874-0055
Red Boiling Springs Mr. Andrew Stanford
City Judge, Red Boiling Springs
(615) 699-2011
Ridgely Ms. Leah Keiser
City Judge, Ridgely
(731) 264-5182
Ridgetop Mr. Wayne Detring
City Judge, Ridgetop
(615) 859-0596
Ripley Ms. Tracey Brewer-Walker
Municipal Judge, Ripley
(731) 635-5111
Rockford VACANT
City Judge, Rockford
Rogersville Ms. Amy Skelton
Municipal Judge, Rogersville
Municipal Judge, Surgoinsville
Municipal Judge, Church Hill
(423) 272-4812
Rutherford Mr. Mark Johnson
City Judge, Rutherford
(731) 665-7166
Rutledge Mr. Robert Burts
City Judge, Rutledge
(865) 828-4079
Savannah Ms. Nan Barlow
City Judge, Savannah
(731) 925-3200
Scotts Hill Mr. J. Michael Ivey
City Judge, Scotts Hill
(731) 549-3175
Selmer Mr. Ken Seaton
City Judge, Selmer
(731) 645-3241
Sevierville Mr. Jeff Murrell
City Judge, Sevierville
(865) 453-1091
Sharon Mr. Beau E. Pemberton
City Judge, Sharon
(731) 456-2122
Signal Mountain Mr. Gary Humble
City Judge, Signal Mountain
(423) 664-6907
Smithville Ms. Gayla Hendrix
City Judge, Smithville
(615) 597-4087
Smyrna Ms. Lynn England Alexander
Town Judge, Smyrna
(615) 355-5854
Sneedville Ms. Patricia Collins Johnson
City Judge, Sneedville
(423) 733-2254
Soddy-Daisy Mr. Marty Lasley
City Judge, Soddy-Daisy
(423) 332-5323
Somerville Mr. Bill Rhea
City Judge, Somerville
(901) 465-5210
South Carthage Mr. Randy Wakefield
City Judge, South Carthage
(615) 735-2727
South Pittsburg Mr. John "Cam" H. Cameron, Jr.
Municipal Court Judge, South Pittsburg
(423) 942-9975
Sparta Mr. Gary Dodson
City Judge, Sparta
(931) 836-3248
Spencer Mr. George Burke
City Judge, Spencer
(931) 946-2351
Spring City Mr. Andrew F. Tucker
City Judge, Spring City
(423) 365-6441
Spring Hill Ms. Deana Hood
Municipal Court Judge, Spring Hill
(615) 595-2991
Springfield Mr. Gary Dilliha
City Judge, Springfield
(615) 384-7750
St. Joseph Mr. Paul Plant
City Judge, St. Joseph
City Attorney, St. Joseph
(931) 845-4141
Sweetwater Mr. Peter Alliman
City Judge, Sweetwater
(423) 337-6979
Tazewell Mr. David Bunch
City Judge, Tazewell
(423) 626-5104
Tennessee Ridge VACANT
City Judge, Tennessee Ridge
Tiptonville Mr. Andrew Cook
Municipal Judge, Tiptonville
(731) 253-9922
Toone Mr. J. Colin Rosser
City Court Judge, Toone
(901) 465-5624
Townsend Mr. Kelly Tanner
City Judge, Townsend
(865) 448-6886
Tracy City Mr. Marshall A. Raines
City Judge, Tracy City
(931) 592-6213
Trenton Mr. Jeff Mueller
City Judge, Trenton
(731) 855-2013
Trezevant Mr. Matthew Maddox
City Judge, Trezevant
(731) 986-4896
Trimble Mr. Jason Hudson
City Judge, Trimble
(731) 297-3955
Troy Mr. Sam Nailing, Jr.
City Judge, Troy
City Judge, Samburg
(731) 536-4745
Tullahoma Mr. James Conley
City Judge, Tullahoma
(931) 455-2648
Union City Mr. Allen Nohsey
City Judge, Union City
City Judge, Hornbeak
(731) 885-5862
Vonore Mr. John Carson, III
City Judge, Vonore
(423) 884-6211
Walden Mr. Herbert Thornbury
Town Judge, Walden
(423) 265-1100
Wartrace Mr. Patrick Parnell
City Judge, Wartrace
City Judge, Bell Buckle
(931) 639-9140
Watauga Mr. Richard B. Norris
City Judge, Watauga
(423) 928-3490
Watertown Mr. Robert "Bob" E. Lee
City Judge, Watertown
(615) 237-3326
Waverly Ms. Haley Maples
City Judge, Waverly
(931) 196-5169
Waynesboro Mr. James Ross
City Judge, Waynesboro
(931) 722-5458
Westmoreland Ms. Jade Maberry
City Judge, Westmoreland
(615) 644-3382
White Bluff Mr. Leonard G. Belmares, II
City Judge, White Bluff
(615) 797-3131
White House Mr. Joe Zanger
City Judge, White House
(615) 672-4350
White Pine Ms. Alyson Susong
City Recorder, White Pine
City Judge, White Pine
City Court Clerk, White Pine
(865) 674-2556
Whiteville Mr. Matthew Edward
City Judge, Whiteville
(731) 254-8523
Whitwell Mr. Mark Rains
City Judge, Whitwell
(423) 658-5151
Woodbury Mr. James M. Judkins
City Judge, Woodbury
(615) 563-4221
Yorkville Mrs. Jennifer Hurst
Commissioner, Yorkville
City Judge, Yorkville
(731) 643-6110