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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Tennessee Municipal Code Enforcement Officials

This information is provided to MTAS by each municipality and is intended for general informational purposes only. MTAS does not independently verify the information contained herein. While this agency makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information, the agency does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of this information. Information contained herein should be verified prior to use.

Alcoa Gary Holloway
Chief Building Official, Alcoa
(865) 380-4730
Algood Bob Lane
Building Inspector, Algood
(931) 260-2688
Ashland City Allen NIcholson
Building Inspector, Ashland City
Code Enforcement Officer, Ashland City
(615) 792-6455
Athens Matthew Gravley
Code Enforcement Officer, Athens
(423) 744-2751
Athens Gene McConkey
Building Inspector, Athens
(423) 744-2752
Athens Nora Cardin
Code Enforcement Officer, Athens
(423) 744-2754
Building Inspector, Atoka
(901) 837-5300
Baileyton Brian Pierce
Street Supervisor, Baileyton
Building/Zoning Manager, Baileyton
Baneberry David Gaut
Building Inspector, Baneberry
(865) 674-0124
Bartlett Trey Arthur
Code Enforcement Officer, Bartlett
(901) 385-6425
Baxter Bob Lane
Building & Codes Official, Baxter
(931) 260-2688
Bolivar Rickey Watkins
Code Compliance Officer, Bolivar
(731) 609-1314
Braden Mike Vanstory
Commissioner, Braden
Building Inspector, Braden
(901) 594-5100
Brentwood Michael Rinehart
Building Official, Brentwood
(615) 371-2204
Bristol Kim Lester
Code Administrator, Bristol
(423) 989-5659
Brownsville Jerry McClinton
Building Official, Brownsville
(731) 772-1212
Brownsville Colton Lilly
Code Enforcement Officer, Brownsville
(731) 772-1212
Bulls Gap Jimmy Riley
Alderman, Bulls Gap
Building Official, Bulls Gap
(423) 235-5216
Burns Dan Rinehart
Code Enforcement Officer, Burns
(615) 446-2851
Camden Thomas Michael Townsend
Building Inspector, Camden
Code Enforcement Director, Camden
(731) 584-4656
Carthage Beverly Herron
Code Enforcement Officer, Carthage
(615) 735-1881
Centerville Alan Gilbert
Building Inspector, Centerville
(931) 729-4246 Ext. 111
Church Hill Keith Bruner
Building Inspector, Church Hill
Code Enforcement Officer, Church Hill
(423) 863-2532
Clarksville David Smith
Building & Codes Director, Clarksville
(931) 645-7426
Cleveland Joel E. Prince
Planning and Codes Coordinator, Cleveland
(423) 284-4402
Clinton John Householder
Building Official, Clinton
(865) 457-0424
Collegedale Andrew Morkert
Building Inspector, Collegedale
Code Enforcement Officer, Collegedale
(423) 468-1868
Collierville Tim Pendleton
Chief Building Official, Collierville
(901) 457-2310
Columbia Travis Neas
Code Administration Director, Columbia
(931) 560-1540
Cookeville David Clouse
Chief Building Official, Cookeville
(931) 520-5207
Cookeville Mark Loftis
Code Enforcement Officer, Cookeville
(931) 526-9591
Coopertown Victra "Vicky" Bumgardner
Building Commissioner, Coopertown
(615) 382-4470 Ext. 215
Coopertown Robert D. Huffines
Building Inspector, Coopertown
(615) 382-4470
Covington Lessie Fisher
Code Compliance Director, Covington
(901) 476-9613
Cross Plains Daniel Chaney
Building Inspector, Cross Plains
(615) 654-2555
Crossville Danny Thurman
Building Inspector, Crossville
(931) 456-1830
Cumberland Gap VACANT
Building Inspector, Cumberland Gap
(423) 869-3860
Dandridge Terry Reneau
Building Inspector, Dandridge
Code Enforcement Officer, Dandridge
(865) 397-7420
Dayton Dan Fry
Building Inspector, Dayton
(423) 775-1817
Decherd Heath Barnes
Building Inspector, Decherd
(931) 967-5181
Dover Jeff Brigham
Code Enforcement Director, Dover
(931) 232-5907
Dunlap Bill Dennis
Building Inspector, Dunlap
(423) 949-2115
Dyer Richard Bailey
Building Inspector, Dyer
(731) 692-3767
Dyersburg Thomas Mullins
Building Inspector, Dyersburg
(731) 288-2541
Elizabethton Steven Donnolly
Chief Building Official, Elizabethton
(423) 547-6234
Elizabethton Chris Issacs
Building Codes Inspector, Elizabethton
(423) 542-1503
Elizabethton Josh Benson
Code Enforcement Officer, Elizabethton
(423) 547-7407
Erin Philip Powell
Code Enforcement Officer, Erin
(931) 289-4108
Erwin Ryan Blankenship
Building Inspector, Erwin
Code Enforcement Officer, Erwin
(423) 220-7249
Etowah Anthony Munoz
Code Enforcement Officer, Etowah
(423) 263-2202