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Tennessee Municipal Code Enforcement Officials

This information is provided to MTAS by each municipality and is intended for general informational purposes only. MTAS does not independently verify the information contained herein. While this agency makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information, the agency does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of this information. Information contained herein should be verified prior to use.

Alcoa Mr. Gary Holloway
Building Inspector, Alcoa
(865) 380-4730
Algood Mr. Bob Lane
Building Inspector, Algood
(931) 260-2688
Ashland City Mr. Jason McClain
Building Inspector, Ashland City
Code Enforcement Officer, Ashland City
(615) 792-6455
Athens Mr. Matthew Gravley
Code Enforcement Officer, Athens
(423) 744-2751
Athens Mr. Gene McConkey
Building Inspector, Athens
(423) 744-2752
Athens Ms. Nora Cardin
Code Enforcement Officer, Athens
(423) 744-2754
Baileyton Mr. Brian Pierce
Street Supervisor, Baileyton
Building/Zoning Manager, Baileyton
Baneberry Mr. David Gaut
Building Inspector, Baneberry
(865) 674-0124
Bartlett Mr. Jim Brown
Code Enforcement Officer, Bartlett
(901) 385-6425
Baxter Mr. Bob Lane
Building & Codes Official, Baxter
(931) 260-2688
Belle Meade Mr. Lyle Patterson
Assistant City Manager, Belle Meade
Building Official, Belle Meade
(615) 297-2364 Ext. 29
Bolivar Mr. Rickey Watkins
Code Compliance Officer, Bolivar
(731) 609-1314
Braden Mr. Mike Vanstory
Commissioner, Braden
Building Inspector, Braden
(901) 594-5100
Brentwood VACANT
Building Official, Brentwood
(615) 371-2204
Bristol Ms. Sherry Stover
Building Official, Bristol
(423) 989-5709
Brownsville Mr. Jerry McClinton
Building Official, Brownsville
(731) 772-1212
Brownsville Mr. Colton Lilly
Code Enforcement Officer, Brownsville
(731) 772-1212
Bulls Gap Mr. James Riley
Building Inspector, Bulls Gap
(423) 235-5216
Burns Mr. Dan Rinehart
Code Enforcement Officer, Burns
(615) 446-2851
Camden Mr. Thomas Michael Townsend
Building Inspector, Camden
Code Enforcement Director, Camden
(731) 584-4656
Centerville Mr. Stanley Gordon
Building Inspector, Centerville
Code Enforcement Officer, Centerville
(931) 729-4246 Ext. 111
Church Hill Mr. Steve Mclaughlin
Building Inspector, Church Hill
Code Enforcement Officer, Church Hill
(423) 676-1526
Clarksville Mr. David Smith
Building & Codes Director, Clarksville
(931) 645-7426
Cleveland Mr. Joel E. Prince
Code Enforcement Officer, Cleveland
(423) 473-3201
Clinton Mr. Curtis Perez
Building Official, Clinton
(865) 457-0424
Collegedale Mr. Andrew Morkert
Building Inspector, Collegedale
Code Enforcement Officer, Collegedale
(423) 468-1868
Collierville Mr. Tim Pendleton
Chief Building Official, Collierville
(901) 457-2310
Columbia Mr. Johnny McClanahan
Code Administration Director, Columbia
(931) 560-1540
Cookeville Mr. Mark Loftis
Code Enforcement Officer, Cookeville
(931) 526-9591
Cookeville Mr. Jeff Littrell
Codes Department Director, Cookeville
(931) 520-5207
Coopertown Ms. Victra "Vicky" Bumgardner
Building Commissioner, Coopertown
(615) 382-4470 Ext. 215
Coopertown Mr. Robert D. Huffines
Building Inspector, Coopertown
(615) 382-4470
Covington Ms. Lessie Fisher
Code Enforcement Director, Covington
Building Inspector, Covington
(901) 476-9613
Cross Plains Mr. Daniel Chaney
Building Inspector, Cross Plains
(615) 654-2555
Crossville Mr. Danny Thurman
Building Inspector, Crossville
(931) 456-1830
Cumberland Gap Mr. Don Bryant
Building Inspector, Cumberland Gap
(423) 869-3860
Dandridge Mr. Terry Reneau
Building Inspector, Dandridge
Code Enforcement Officer, Dandridge
(865) 397-7420
Dayton Mr. Dan Fry
Building Inspector, Dayton
(423) 775-1817
Decherd Mr. Dennis Doney
Building Inspector, Decherd
(931) 967-5181
Dover Mr. Jeff Brigham
Code Enforcement Director, Dover
(931) 232-5907
Dunlap Mr. Bill Dennis
Building Inspector, Dunlap
(423) 949-2115
Dyer Mr. Richard Bailey
Building Inspector, Dyer
(731) 692-3767
Dyersburg Mr. Thomas Mullins
Building Inspector, Dyersburg
(731) 288-2541
Elizabethton Mr. Chris Issacs
Code Enforcement Officer, Elizabethton
(423) 547-7407
Elizabethton VACANT
Chief Building Official, Elizabethton
Erin Mr. Philip Powell
Code Enforcement Officer, Erin
(931) 289-4108
Erwin Mr. Jim Sullivan
Building Inspector, Erwin
(423) 743-6231
Erwin Mr. Chris Baker
Code Enforcement Officer, Erwin
(423) 342-3533
Etowah Mr. Jon Troutt
Code Enforcement Officer, Etowah
(423) 263-2202
Farragut Mr. Karl Swierzko
Building Official, Farragut
(865) 966-7057
Farragut Mr. Elliott Sievers
Codes Officer/Commercial Plans Examiner, Farragut
(865) 966-7057
Fayetteville Ms. Kristi Gentry
Planning and Codes Coordinator, Fayetteville
(931) 433-6154
Fayetteville Mr. Thomas E. Batchelor
Building Inspector, Fayetteville
Franklin Mr. Tom Marsh
Director of Building and Neighborhood Services, Franklin
(615) 794-7012
Friendsville Mr. Dick McGill
Building Inspector, Friendsville
(865) 696-2275
Gadsden Mr. Taylor J Atkins
Police Chief, Gadsden
Code Enforcement Officer, Gadsden
(731) 784-2235
Gallatin Mr. Chuck Stuart
Building Official, Gallatin
(615) 451-5895
Gatlinburg Mr. Mark Watson
Building Official, Gatlinburg
(865) 436-7792
Germantown Mr. Mac Mixson
Chief Construction Inspector, Germantown
(901) 751-7604
Goodlettsville Mr. Larry R. DiOrio
Codes Director, Goodlettsville
(615) 851-2208
Greeneville Mr. Bert Seay
Chief Building Official, Greeneville
(423) 639-7105
Halls Mr. Phillip Hurt
Building Inspector, Halls
(731) 836-9653
Harriman VACANT
Code Enforcement Officer, Harriman
Harrogate Mr. David Lewis
Building Inspector, Harrogate
(423) 869-0211
Henderson Mr. Brent Beshires
Building and Zoning Official, Henderson
(731) 983-5011
Hendersonville Mr. John Belcheff
Building Inspector, Hendersonville
(615) 822-3802
Hendersonville Mr. Greg Story
Building & Codes Director, Hendersonville
(615) 822-3802
Henning Mr. Todd Dunavant
Building Inspector, Henning
Code Enforcement Officer, Henning
(731) 413-5209
Hohenwald Mr. Brad Rasbury
Building Inspector, Hohenwald
(931) 796-2231
Humboldt Ms. Jeanna Harris
Code Enforcement Officer, Humboldt
(731) 784-3717
Humboldt Mr. Mike Uselton
Building Inspector, Humboldt
(731) 784-3717
Jacksboro Mr. Gary Byrd
Building Inspector, Jacksboro
(423) 562-9312
Jackson Mr. Greg Rowland
Building Official, Jackson
(731) 425-8255
Jasper Mr. Earl Geary
Building Inspector, Jasper
(423) 942-3180
Jefferson City Mr. Scott Zimmerman
Code Enforcement Officer, Jefferson City
(865) 475-9071
Johnson City Mr. Jeff Canon
Chief Building Official, Johnson City
Jonesborough Mr. Brian Tapp
Building Inspector, Jonesborough
(423) 753-1035
Kimball Mr. Earl Geary, Jr.
Building Inspector, Kimball
(423) 605-3825
Kingsport Ms. Melanie Adkins
Code Enforcement Officer, Kingsport
(423) 224-2633
Knoxville Mr. Peter M. Ahrens
Director of Building Inspections, Knoxville
(865) 215-3939
Lakeland Ms. Katrina Shields
Code Enforcement Officer, Lakeland
(901) 867-5404
Lakesite Mr. Dan Maxwell
Building & Codes Official, Lakesite
(423) 842-2533
La Vergne Mr. Thomas Lawrence
Code Enforcement Officer, La Vergne
(615) 287-8670
La Vergne Mr. Randolph Salyers
Codes Director, La Vergne
(615) 287-8605
Lawrenceburg VACANT
Code Enforcement Officer, Lawrenceburg
Lebanon Sgt. Ray Harris
Code Enforcement Officer, Lebanon
(615) 444-2323
Lenoir City Mr. Rondel Branam
Building & Codes Official, Lenoir City
(865) 986-9876
Lewisburg Ms. Lueshell Taylor
Code Enforcement Director, Lewisburg
(931) 359-1544
Lexington Mr. Greg Bird
Building Inspector, Lexington
(731) 968-6657
Livingston Ms. Kristen Mansell
Building & Codes Official, Livingston
(931) 823-1269
Loudon Mr. Travis Gray
Code Enforcement Officer, Loudon
(865) 458-2033
Louisville Mr. Philip Marshall
Building Inspector, Louisville
(865) 681-1983
Louisville Mr. Dick McGill
Building Official, Louisville
(865) 681-1983
Madisonville Ms. Sara Vanlandingham
Code Enforcement Director, Madisonville
(423) 442-5655
Manchester Mr. Jamie Sain
Codes Director, Manchester
(931) 728-4652
Martin Mr. Mike Brundige
Cemetary Director, Martin
Building Inspector, Martin
(731) 587-3126
Martin Mr. Kenneth Edwards
Code Enforcement Officer, Martin
(731) 587-5355
Maryville Ms. Debbie Yarnell
Code Enforcement Officer, Maryville
(865) 273-3508
Maryville Mr. Gary Walker
Building Official, Maryville
(865) 273-3510
Medina Mr. Matthew Brown
Building Inspector, Medina
(731) 783-3913
Milan Mr. Jim Pillow
Building Inspector, Milan
(731) 686-3301
Millersville Mr. Andrew Pieri
Building and Planning Director, Millersville
(615) 859-0880
Millington Mr. Quinn Hall
Code Enforcement Officer, Millington
(901) 873-5737
Morrison Mr. Scott Norrod
Code Enforcement Officer, Morrison
(931) 635-2363
Morristown Mr. Nicholas Greene
Code Enforcement Officer, Morristown
(423) 317-1626
Morristown Ms. Kim Lester
Code Enforcement Officer, Morristown
(423) 317-1633
Mount Carmel Mr. Vince Pishner
Building Inspector, Mount Carmel
(423) 612-8119
Mount Pleasant Mr. Robert Archibald
Director of Planning and Zoning, Mount Pleasant
Building and Planning Director, Mount Pleasant
Community Development Director, Mount Pleasant
(931) 379-7717
Mountain City Mr. Jim Sullivan
Building Inspector, Mountain City
(703) 475-2507
Mt. Juliet Mr. Mark Kirk
Building Official, Mt. Juliet
(615) 754-2552
Munford Mr. Glenn Stringfellow
Building Inspector, Munford
Code Enforcement Officer, Munford
(901) 837-5971
Murfreesboro Mr. Robert Holtz
Building & Codes Director, Murfreesboro
(615) 893-3750
New Tazewell Mr. Jerry Hooper
Building Inspector, New Tazewell
Code Enforcement Officer, New Tazewell
(423) 626-8007
Newport Mr. Mark Robinson
Building Inspector, Newport
(423) 623-7323 Ext. 223
Nolensville Mr. Monty Kapavik
Building Official, Nolensville
Code Enforcement Officer, Nolensville
(615) 776-3633
Oak Hill Mr. Steve Snow
Code Compliance Officer, Oak Hill
(615) 371-8291
Oakdale Mr. Johnny Reynolds
Building Inspector, Oakdale
(423) 369-4400
Oakland Mr. Walter Owen
Code Enforcement Officer, Oakland
(901) 465-3108
Oneida Mr. Kevin Terry
Building Inspector, Oneida
(423) 569-9742
Paris Mr. Lowell Schrader
Building & Codes Director, Paris
(731) 641-1409
Paris Ms. Jennifer Morris
Planning and Codes Director, Paris
(731) 641-1410
Pegram Mr. Charles Morehead
Code Enforcement Officer, Pegram
(615) 646-0773
Pigeon Forge Mr. Joe Dunn
Chief Building Official, Pigeon Forge
(865) 429-7312
Piperton Mr. Tommie Johnson
Building Official, Piperton
(901) 853-4830
Pleasant Hill Ms. Erin Arnold
Building Inspector, Pleasant Hill
(931) 277-3813
Pleasant View Mr. Mark Goins
Building Commissioner, Pleasant View
(615) 746-0600 Ext. 103
Pulaski Mr. Terry W. Harrison
City Recorder, Pulaski
City Administrator, Pulaski
Finance Director, Pulaski
Building and Zoning Official, Pulaski
(931) 363-2516
Rockwood Mr. Harold Ishman
Building Inspector, Rockwood
(865) 354-0611 Ext. 819
Rogersville Mr. Steve Nelson
Building Inspector, Rogersville
(423) 272-4660
Rossville Mr. Walter Owen, Jr.
Building Inspector, Rossville
(901) 853-4681
Selmer Mr. Jim Replogle
Building Inspector, Selmer
Code Enforcement Officer, Selmer
(731) 645-3241
Sevierville Mr. David A. Black
Building Official, Sevierville
(865) 453-5504
Shelbyville Mr. Bryan Stevens
Building & Codes Director, Shelbyville
(931) 684-9001
Signal Mountain Mr. Chuck Martin
Code Enforcement Officer, Signal Mountain
(423) 886-2177
Smithville Mr. Lynell Williams
Code Enforcement Officer, Smithville
(615) 597-4745 Ext. 2
Smyrna Mr. Steve Smith
Codes Manager, Smyrna
(615) 355-5704
Soddy-Daisy Mr. Steve Grant
Code Enforcement Officer, Soddy-Daisy
Public Works Director, Soddy-Daisy
(423) 332-5323
South Carthage Mr. Lynn McHenry
Building Inspector, South Carthage
(931) 265-7054
Spring Hill Mr. Chris Brooks
Code Enforcement Director, Spring Hill
Building Official, Spring Hill
(931) 486-2252 Ext. 214
Surgoinsville Mr. Eddie McNally
Code Enforcement Officer, Surgoinsville
(423) 345-2213
Sweetwater Mr. Chuck Whited
Code Enforcement Officer, Sweetwater
(423) 337-9678
Tazewell Mr. Baron Kennedy
Building Official, Tazewell
(423) 626-5104
Thompson's Station Mr. Richard King
Building Official, Thompson's Station
(615) 794-4333
Tiptonville Mr. Burt Burkett
Building Inspector, Tiptonville
(731) 253-9922
Trenton Mr. Ricky Bailey
Building Inspector, Trenton
Planning Director, Trenton
(731) 855-7663
Tusculum Mr. Jim Riley
Building Inspector, Tusculum
(423) 235-6200
Unicoi M. Dwight Harrell
Building Inspector, Unicoi
(423) 743-7162
Vonore Mr. Chuck Whited
Building Inspector, Vonore
(423) 884-6211
Wartburg Mr. Steve W. Davis
Building Inspector, Wartburg
(423) 346-2323
Waverly Mr. Larry L. Lescure
Code Enforcement Director, Waverly
(931) 296-2101 Ext. 302
Westmoreland VACANT
Building Inspector, Westmoreland
(615) 644-3382
Westmoreland VACANT
Code Enforcement Officer, Westmoreland
(615) 644-3382
White Bluff Mr. Roy Frizsell
Code Enforcement Officer, White Bluff
(615) 797-3131
White House Mr. Addam McCormick
Planning and Codes Director, White House
(615) 672-4350 Ext. 2119
Winchester Mr. Patrick Sanders
Codes Official, Winchester
Building Official, Winchester
(931) 962-8973