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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Tennessee Municipal Community and Economic Development Officials

This information is provided to MTAS by each municipality and is intended for general informational purposes only. MTAS does not independently verify the information contained herein. While this agency makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information, the agency does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of this information. Information contained herein should be verified prior to use.

Alcoa Mr. Jeremy Pearson
City Planner, Alcoa
(865) 380-4730
Arlington Mr. Jeremy Credeur
Town Planner, Arlington
(901) 867-3449
Athens Mr. Anthony Casteel
Community Development Director, Athens
Planning Director, Athens
(423) 744-2750
Baneberry Mr. Tom Carter
Planning Commission Chairman, Baneberry
(865) 674-0124
Bartlett Ms. Kim Taylor
Planning Director, Bartlett
(901) 385-6417
Bolivar Mr. Dylan Hill
Community Development Director, Bolivar
(731) 658-2020
Brentwood Mr. Jeff Dobson
Planning Director, Brentwood
(615) 371-2204
Burns Mr. Greg Hogin
Planning Director, Burns
(615) 476-7345
Clarksville Mr. Jeffrey Tyndall
Planning Director, Clarksville
(931) 645-7448
Cleveland Mr. Joel E. Prince
Planning and Codes Coordinator, Cleveland
(423) 284-4402
Collegedale Mr. Kelly "Andrew" Martin
Planning and Economic Development Director, Collegedale
(423) 468-1869
Collierville Mr. Jamie Groce
Town Planner, Collierville
(901) 457-2367
Collierville Mr. John Duncan
Economic Development Director, Collierville
(901) 457-2200
Columbia Ms. Kellye Murphy
Tourism and Marketing Director, Columbia
(931) 560-1510
Cookeville Ms. Melinda Keifer
Economic & Community Development Coordinator, Cookeville
(931) 520-5226
Crossville Mr. Kevin Dean
Planning Director, Crossville
(931) 456-6172
Elizabethton Ms. Logan Engle
Planning Director, Elizabethton
Economic Development Director, Elizabethton
(423) 542-1502
Fairview VACANT
City Planner, Fairview
(615) 799-1585
Farragut Mr. Mark Shipley
Community Development Director, Farragut
(865) 966-7057
Fayetteville Ms. Kristi Gentry
Planning and Codes Coordinator, Fayetteville
(931) 433-6154
Franklin Mr. Vernon Gerth
Assistant City Administrator - Community and Economic Development, Franklin
(615) 550-6671
Gallatin Mr. Bill McCord
Planning Director, Gallatin
(615) 451-5895
Gallatin Mr. James Fenton
Economic Development Director, Gallatin
(615) 451-5940
Garland Mr. Edward McClain
Planning Director, Garland
(901) 476-1710
Gatlinburg Mr. David W. Ball
Planning Director, Gatlinburg
(865) 436-7792
Germantown Ms. Sarah Goralewski
Planning Division Manager, Germantown
(901) 751-7281
Germantown Mr. Cameron Ross
Economic & Community Development Director, Germantown
(901) 757-7273
Greeneville Mr. Randy Davenport
Planning Director, Greeneville
(423) 787-6199
Hendersonville Mr. Keith Free
Planning Director, Hendersonville
(615) 264-5316
Hendersonville Mr. Roddy Kirk
Economic Development / Mayoral Assistant, Hendersonville
(615) 264-5329
Jackson Mr. Stan Pilant
Planning Director, Jackson
(731) 425-8282
Kingsport Mr. John Rose
Economic Development Director, Kingsport
(423) 229-9485
Kingston Springs Mrs. Sharon Armstrong
City Planner, Kingston Springs
(615) 952-2110
Knoxville Ms. Becky Wade
Community Development Director, Knoxville
(865) 215-2865
Knoxville Mr. Gerald Green
Planning Director, Knoxville
(865) 215-2000
La Grange Mr. Jordan Northcross
Planning Director, La Grange
(901) 878-1246
LaFollette Mr. Joe Bolinger
Planning Commission Chairman, LaFollette
(423) 562-4961
Lakeland Mr. Paul Luker
Planning Director, Lakeland
(901) 867-2717
La Vergne Mr. Tom Broeker
Economic Development Director, La Vergne
(615) 287-8651
Lebanon Mr. Paul Corder
City Planner, Lebanon
(615) 443-2824
Lebanon Ms. Sarah Haston
Economic Development Director, Lebanon
(615) 444-2805 Ext. 2120
Lewisburg Mr. Greg Lowe
Economic Development Director, Lewisburg
(931) 359-1544
Martin Mr. Brad Thompson
Community Development Director, Martin
(731) 588-2507
Maryville Ms. Angie Luckie
Economic & Community Development Coordinator, Maryville
Public Services Director, Maryville
(865) 273-3504
Maryville Mr. Jordan Clark
City Principal Planner, Maryville
(865) 273-3520
Memphis Mr. Richard "Rick" S. Copeland
Planning & Development Director, Memphis
(901) 576-7197
Milan Ms. Allyson Wadley Harris
Economic & Community Development Director, Milan
(731) 686-3301
Millersville Mr. Andrew Pieri
Building and Planning Director, Millersville
(615) 859-0880
Morristown Mr. Steve Neilson
Economic & Community Development Director, Morristown
(423) 581-0100
Mount Pleasant Mr. Ted Howell
Community Services Director, Mount Pleasant
Street Superintendent, Mount Pleasant
(931) 379-3419
Mount Pleasant Mr. Rodney Howell
Director of Planning and Zoning, Mount Pleasant
Building and Planning Director, Mount Pleasant
Community Development Director, Mount Pleasant
(931) 379-7717
Mt. Juliet Mrs. Jennifer Hamblen
City Planner, Mt. Juliet
(615) 754-2552 Ext. 236
Mt. Juliet Mr. Kenny Martin
Economic Development Director, Mt. Juliet
(615) 754-2552 Ext. 213
Munford VACANT
Community Development Director, Munford
Murfreesboro Mr. Greg McKnight
Planning Director, Murfreesboro
(615) 893-6441
Nashville (Davidson County) Mr. Courtney Pogue
Economic and Community Development, Nashville (Davidson County)
(615) 862-6021
New Hope Mr. John Griffith
Planning Director, New Hope
(423) 837-8666
Newport Mr. Gary Carver
Planning Director, Newport
(423) 623-7323 Ext. 222
Nolensville Mr. Brent Schultz
Planning Director, Nolensville
(615) 776-6688
Oak Ridge Mr. Wayne Blasius
Community Development Director, Oak Ridge
(865) 425-3531
Paris Ms. Jennifer Morris
Planning and Codes Director, Paris
(731) 641-1410
Pegram Mr. Gene Hannah
Planning Commission Chairman, Pegram
(615) 646-0773
Piperton Mr. Brett Morgan
City Planner, Piperton
(901) 853-4830
Portland Ms. Denise M. Geminden
Community Development Director, Portland
(615) 325-6776 Ext. 246
Scotts Hill Mr. David Austin
City Planner, Scotts Hill
(731) 549-3175
Shelbyville Mr. Shane Hooper
Economic Development Director, Shelbyville
(662) 231-8961
Somerville Ms. Mendi Donnelly
Community Development Director, Somerville
(901) 465-7301
Spring Hill Mr. Calvin Abram
Planning Director, Spring Hill
(931) 486-2252 Ext. 233
Springfield Mr. David Brewer
City Engineer, Springfield
Planning Director, Springfield
(615) 382-2200
Tazewell Mr. Gary Johnson
Planning Commission Chairman, Tazewell
(423) 626-5104
Thompson's Station Mr. Micah Wood
Town Planner, Thompson's Station
(615) 794-4333 Ext. 3
Trenton Mr. Ricky Bailey
Building Inspector, Trenton
Planning Director, Trenton
(731) 855-7663
Tullahoma Mr. Winston Brooks
Community Development Director, Tullahoma
(931) 455-2282
Tullahoma Mr. Thom Robinson
Economic Development Director, Tullahoma
(931) 455-2282
Unicoi M. Erica Malpass
Community Planner, Unicoi
(423) 722-5117
Union City Mr. Jim Temple
Director of Codes and Planning, Union City
(731) 885-0918
Waverly Mr. Richard A. Rice
Planning Director, Waverly
(931) 296-3491
White House Mr. Addam McCormick
Planning and Codes Director, White House
(615) 672-4350 Ext. 2119