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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Online Training Classes

Here are some example curriculum on K@TE - these curriculum are available at a discounted price for taking multiple courses.
All courses are taken online and can be taken day or night. Pay with credit card or simply request an invoice.

Writing Expert
which includes the following courses; Writing Articles, Writing Case Studies, Writing Customer Service Emails, Writing in Plain English, Writing with Impact, Writing Speeches, Tips for Writing Business Emails, and Organizing an Outline. Cost - $150.00
Communications Fundamentals which includes the following courses; Communication Tips, Communicating with Confidence, Creating and Giving Business Presentations, Time Management Tips: Communication, Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues, Communicating Across Cultures, Crisis Communication, Communicating with Charisma, and Communicating with Transparency. Cost - $100.00
Public Relations: Communicating with the Public which includes the following courses; Delivery Tips for Speaking in Public, Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking, Public Relations Foundations: Media Training, Public Relations Foundations, Writing a Press Release, Impromptu Speaking, Performing under Pressure, Managing Your Anxiety While Presenting, and Creating and Giving Business Presentations. Cost - $75.00.
** Every course is also available to take individually with a slight cost as well. To find an individual course in K@TE you can search for the title from the first login welcome page and it will allow you to register.
To sign up for a new curriculum or any online course login to your K@TE account at where you can purchase via credit card or request an invoice.

  • Social Media: Learning the Basics - 8 hrs CMFO (Other) - read more on K@TE.
  • Social Network: Your City and Marketing Series - 11.5 hrs CMFO (Other) - read more on K@TE.
  • Time after Time: Time Management Foundations - 7 hrs CMFO (Other) - Time management courses to help lay the groundwork for a more efficient work day.
  • Computer Security Introduction - Learn about basic security matters for everyone who uses a computer and the internet, phishing and whaling, and malware.

Course prices vary - price is on description and will show up in your cart when course is selected.

Questions about Online Training or Logging in to K@TE?

Online courses will not work without an email address. Please contact us if you need to add one or change your email address.
First time taking an online course? Take a look at this document.

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Frequently asked questions.

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