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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Information Tools

MTAS Information Tools Graphic
MTAS provides more than 10,000 items in our databases of news, knowledge, reference and collected materials. The Information Tools provided on this menu offer you, our customer, the ability to drill down into specific databases or search just this portion of the website.

Information Tools include:

  • Knowledgebase: sample documents such as ordinances, surveys, RFPs, and job descriptions
  • The MORe database: an information wiki of former publications, hot topics, and technical bulletins produced by MTAS staff
  • Municipal Resource Links: materials shared by MTAS, state and federal agencies, and municipal associations
  • Library Catalog: books, articles, videos, and other materials from our library collection
  • Event Calendar: upcoming events at MTAS and within Tennessee associations
  • New Website Posts: a repository for our releases, website headlines, and twitter feed
  • MTAS Newsletter: a look back at previous newsletters