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This information is provided to MTAS by each Tennessee municipality and is intended for general informational purposes only. MTAS does not independently verify the information contained herein. While this agency makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information, the agency does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of this information. Information contained herein should be verified prior to use.

Adamsville Scott Klinck
Public Works Director, Adamsville
(731) 632-4214 Ext. 23
Alcoa Ryan Trentham
Electric Director, Alcoa
(865) 380-4800
Algood Walt Bradshaw
Public Works Director, Algood
(931) 537-9545 Ext. 1590
Allardt Matthew "Matt" Campbell
Public Works Director, Allardt
(931) 879-7125
Ardmore VACANT
Public Works Director, Ardmore
Arlington Terry Perkins
Public Works Director, Arlington
(901) 867-4980
Ashland City Clint Biggers
Public Works Director, Ashland City
(615) 792-7553
Athens Ben Burchfield
Public Works Director, Athens
(423) 744-2769
Athens Eric Newberry
Utility Manager, Athens
(423) 745-4501
Atoka Wesley Yarbrough
Public Works Director, Atoka
(901) 837-5300
Bartlett Matt Crensaw
Public Works Director, Bartlett
(901) 385-5570
Baxter John Ramsey
Water Superintendent, Baxter
Public Works Director, Baxter
(931) 858-4142
Belle Meade Larry Smith
Public Works Director, Belle Meade
(615) 297-6041
Bolivar Jim Nuckolls
Utility Services Director, Bolivar
(731) 658-2020
Bolivar Tony Kirk
Electric Manager, Bolivar
(731) 658-5257
Brentwood Todd Hoppenstedt
Public Works Director, Brentwood
(615) 371-0080
Bristol Will Witcher
Director of Utility Services, Bristol
(423) 989-5566
Brownsville Jerry Mc Clinton
Public Works Director, Brownsville
(731) 772-1212
Brownsville Russ Stoots
Utilities Manager, Brownsville
(731) 772-8845
Bruceton Brian A. Edwards
Public Works Director, Bruceton
(731) 586-2401
Carthage Leslie Fisher
Public Works Supervisor, Carthage
(615) 735-6015
Celina Austin Goad
Public Works Director, Celina
(931) 243-2115
Chattanooga Mark Heinzer
Director of Wastewater Resources, Chattanooga
(423) 643-7499
Chattanooga William Pitcairn
Public Works Administrator, Chattanooga
(423) 643-6012
Church Hill Jason Light
Public Works Director, Church Hill
(423) 357-7199
Clarksville Mark Riggins
Utility Manager, Clarksville
(931) 645-1654
Cleveland Tommy Myers
Public Works Director, Cleveland
(423) 472-2851
Cleveland Tim Henderson
Utility Manager, Cleveland
(423) 472-4521
Clifton Austin Clark
Public Works Director, Clifton
Wastewater Manager, Clifton
(931) 676-3702
Clinton Dwayne Wilkerson
Public Works Director, Clinton
(865) 457-6495
Clinton Greg Fay
Utilities Manager, Clinton
(865) 457-9232 Ext. 201
Collegedale Eric Sines
Public Works Director, Collegedale
Sewer Manager, Collegedale
(423) 396-3135
Collierville John Fox
Public Utilities Director, Collierville
(901) 457-2810
Collierville VACANT
Utility Manager, Collierville
Collinwood Ricky Bratton
Utility Manager, Collinwood
(931) 724-9107
Columbia Jeff DeWire
Public Works Director, Columbia
(931) 388-8650
Cookeville Mary Beth Elrod
Director of Public Works, Cookeville
(932) 520-5247
Covington David Gray
Public Works Director, Covington
(901) 476-9613
Covington Calvin Johnson
Utility Manager, Covington
(901) 476-0583
Cowan Kenny Henshaw
Utility Manager, Cowan
(931) 967-1922
Cross Plains Tommy Jackson
Fire Chief, Cross Plains
Public Works Director, Cross Plains
(615) 654-2555
Crossville Billy Martin
Utility Manager, Crossville
(931) 484-7631
Cumberland City Michael Perrigo
Public Works Director, Cumberland City
(931) 827-2000
Dandridge Donald Whaley
Public Works Superintendent, Dandridge
(865) 397-5101
Dayton Steve Clift
Electric Manager, Dayton
(423) 775-1818
Decatur Jerry Harris
Public Works Director, Decatur
(423) 334-5716
Decaturville Chad Keeton
Public Works Director, Decaturville
(731) 852-2034
Dickson David Travis
Public Works Director, Dickson
(615) 441-9508
Dover Charles Parks, Sr
City Administrator, Dover
Utility Supervisor, Dover
(931) 232-5907
Dresden Josh Lassiter
Public Works Director, Dresden
(731) 364-3386