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The Recorder's Job

Reference Number: MTAS-1011
Reviewed Date: 06/28/2022

The recorder's duties under RONR are to:

  1. Keep a record of the minutes
  2. Keep on file all committee reports
  3. Keep the official membership roll and call role where it is required
  4. Make the minutes available
  5. Furnish the governing body with documents necessary for them to do their jobs
  6. Furnish delegates with credentials (not applicable to small governing bodies)
  7. Sign all certified copies of acts of the governing body
  8. Maintain minute books and have the current minute book on hand at each meeting
  9. Send notice of the next meeting to the elected officials
  10. Prepare the agenda (order of business) for each meeting for the use of the mayor
  11. Call a meeting to order in the absence of the mayor and vice mayor and manage the election of a mayor pro tem for that meeting.