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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Tennessee Municipal Managers & Administrators

This information is provided to MTAS by each municipality and is intended for general informational purposes only. MTAS does not independently verify the information contained herein. While this agency makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information, the agency does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of this information. Information contained herein should be verified prior to use.

Adamsville Ms. Kara Hill
City Administrator, Adamsville
(731) 632-1401
Alcoa Mr. Mark L. Johnson
City Manager, Alcoa
(865) 380-4795
Algood Mr. Keith Morrison
City Administrator, Algood
(931) 537-9545 Ext. 2060
Arlington Ms. Catherine "Cathy" Durant, CMFO
Town Administrator, Arlington
(901) 867-2620
City Manager, Athens
(423) 744-2702
Athens Mr. Michael "Mike" Keith
Finance Director, Athens
Interim City Manager, Athens
(423) 744-2712
Atoka Mr. Marc Woerner
Town Administrator, Atoka
(901) 837-5300
Baneberry Dr. Thomas Nuzzi
City Manager, Baneberry
(865) 674-0124
Bartlett Mr. Steve Sones
City Administrator, Bartlett
(901) 385-6444
Belle Meade Mrs. Beth Reardon
City Manager, Belle Meade
(615) 297-6041
Berry Hill Mr. Joseph "Joe" C. Baker
City Manager, Berry Hill
(615) 292-5531
Bluff City Mr. Jeff Broyles
Mayor, Bluff City
Town Manager, Bluff City
(276) 274-3548
Braden Mr. Jere Rogers
City Manager, Braden
(901) 594-5100
Brentwood Mr. Kirk Bednar
City Manager, Brentwood
(615) 371-0060
Brentwood Mr. Jay Evans
Assistant City Manager, Brentwood
(615) 371-0060
Bristol Mr. Bill Sorah
City Manager, Bristol
(423) 989-5501
Bulls Gap Mr. Michael Solomon
City Administrator, Bulls Gap
City Recorder, Bulls Gap
City Court Clerk, Bulls Gap
(423) 235-5216
Calhoun Mr. Joe Bryan
City Manager, Calhoun
(423) 336-2348
Centerville Mr. Erik Hassell
City Superintendent, Centerville
(931) 729-4246
Chapel Hill Mr. Danny Bingham
Town Administrator, Chapel Hill
(931) 364-7632
Charleston Ms. Caroline F. Geren
City Manager, Charleston
(423) 336-1483
Cleveland Mr. Shawn McKay
Assistant City Manager/CFO, Cleveland
City Clerk, Cleveland
Finance Director, Cleveland
City Recorder, Cleveland
(423) 472-4551
Cleveland Mr. Joe Fivas
City Manager, Cleveland
(423) 472-4551
Cleveland VACANT
Assistant City Manager/Operations, Cleveland
(423) 472-4551
Clifton Mr. Doug Kibbey
City Manager, Clifton
(931) 676-3370
Clinton Mr. Roger Houck
City Manager, Clinton
(865) 457-0424
Collegedale Mr. Wayon Hines
City Manager, Collegedale
(423) 396-3135
Collegedale Ms. Michelle Toro
Assistant City Manager, Collegedale
Chief Financial Officer, Collegedale
(423) 468-1863
Collierville Mr. James H. Lewellen
Town Administrator, Collierville
(901) 854-7779
Collierville Mr. Adam Hamric
Assistant Town Administrator, Collierville
(901) 457-2219
Collinwood Mr. Gary Victory
City Manager, Collinwood
Sewer Operator, Collinwood
(931) 724-9107
Columbia Mr. Tony Massey
City Manager, Columbia
(931) 560-1510
Cookeville Mr. James Mills
City Manager, Cookeville
(931) 520-5240
Cornersville Mr. Taylor Brandon
Town Administrator, Cornersville
Town Recorder, Cornersville
(931) 293-4482
Cross Plains Mr. Chip Hellmann
City Manager, Cross Plains
(615) 654-2555
Crossville Mr. Greg Wood
City Manager, Crossville
(931) 484-7060
Crump Mrs. Pamela "Pam" R. Hardy
City Recorder, Crump
City Administrator, Crump
Chief Financial Officer, Crump
City Court Clerk, Crump
(731) 632-4224
Dandridge Mr. Matt Rudder
Town Administrator, Dandridge
Finance Director, Dandridge
(865) 397-7420
Dayton Mr. Thomas "Tommy" W. Solomon
City Manager, Dayton
(423) 775-1817
Decherd Mr. Rex Clark
City Administrator, Decherd
(931) 967-5181
Dickson Mr. Rydell Wesson
City Administrator, Dickson
(615) 441-9508
Dover Mr. Charles Parks, Sr
City Administrator, Dover
Utility Supervisor, Dover
(931) 232-5907
Ducktown VACANT
City Manager, Ducktown
(423) 496-3546
Eagleville Ms. Hellyn Riggins
City Manager, Eagleville
(615) 274-2922
East Ridge VACANT
City Manager, East Ridge
East Ridge Mr. Scott Miller
Interim City Manager, East Ridge
(423) 867-7711
Elizabethton Mr. Daniel Estes
City Manager, Elizabethton
(423) 542-1507
Englewood Mr. Robert "Joe" Cline
Town Manager, Englewood
(423) 887-7224
Ethridge Mr. Nathan Keeton
Fire Chief, Ethridge
City Manager, Ethridge
(931) 829-2150
Etowah Mr. Russell J. Blair
City Manager, Etowah
(423) 453-5534
Fairview Mr. Scott Collins
City Manager, Fairview
(615) 387-6084
Farragut Mr. David Smoak
Town Administrator, Farragut
(865) 966-7057
Fayetteville Mr. Kevin Owens
City Administrator, Fayetteville
(931) 433-6154
Forest Hills Mr. Mark Hill
City Manager, Forest Hills
(615) 372-8677
Franklin Mr. Mark Hilty
Assistant City Administrator - Public Works, Franklin
(615) 791-3217
Franklin Mr. Eric Stuckey
City Administrator, Franklin
(615) 550-6605
Franklin Ms. Kristine Brock
Assistant City Administrator, Franklin
Chief Financial Officer, Franklin
(615) 791-1457
Franklin Mr. Vernon Gerth
Assistant City Administrator - Community and Economic Development, Franklin
(615) 550-6671
Friendsville VACANT
City Administrator, Friendsville
(865) 995-2831
Gallaway Ms. Angela Leifer
City Manager, Gallaway
(901) 867-3333
Gatlinburg Mr. Greg Patterson
Assistant City Manager, Gatlinburg
(865) 436-1400
Gatlinburg Ms. Cindy Cameron Ogle
City Manager, Gatlinburg
(865) 436-1400
Germantown Mr. Andy Sanders
City Administrator, Germantown
(901) 757-7201
Goodlettsville Mr. Timothy "Tim" Ellis
City Manager, Goodlettsville
(615) 851-2211
Goodlettsville Ms. Julie J. High
Finance Director, Goodlettsville
Assistant City Manager, Goodlettsville
(615) 851-2201
Greeneville Ms. Cathy Osborne
Assistant City Administrator, Greeneville
(423) 639-7105
Greeneville Mr. Todd Smith
City Administrator, Greeneville
(423) 639-7105
Harriman Mr. Scott Mason
City Manager, Harriman
(865) 882-9414
Henning Ms. Amanda Adkerson
City Recorder/Administrator, Henning
(731) 738-2997
Jefferson City Mr. James Gallup
City Manager, Jefferson City
(865) 475-9071
Johnson City Mr. Randy Trivette
Assistant City Manager, Johnson City
(423) 434-5718
Johnson City Mr. Charlie Stahl
Assistant City Manager, Johnson City
(423) 434-6003
Johnson City Ms. Cathy Ball
City Manager, Johnson City
(423) 434-6002
Jonesborough Mr. Glenn Rosenoff
Town Administrator, Jonesborough
(423) 753-1030
Kingsport Ms. Jessica Harmon
Assistant City Manager, Kingsport
(423) 229-9381
Kingsport Mr. Michael Borders
Assistant City Manager, Kingsport
(423) 229-9400
Kingsport Mr. Chris McCartt
City Manager, Kingsport
(423) 229-9372
Kingston Mr. David Bolling
City Manager, Kingston
(865) 376-6584 Ext. 1115
Kingston Springs Mr. John Lawless
City Manager, Kingston Springs
(615) 952-2110 Ext. 8
LaFollette Mr. Stan Foust
City Clerk, LaFollette
Interim City Administrator, LaFollette
(423) 563-0719
Lakeland Mr. Michael Walker
City Manager, Lakeland
(901) 867-2717
Lakesite Ms. Kirsten Ert
City Manager, Lakesite
(423) 842-2533
La Vergne Mr. Bruce E. Richardson
City Administrator, La Vergne
City Recorder, La Vergne
(615) 287-8634
La Vergne Mr. Kyle Brown
Assistant City Administrator, La Vergne
(615) 213-8700
Lawrenceburg Mr. Richard "Dick" McKinley
City Administrator, Lawrenceburg
(931) 762-4459 Ext. 101
Lenoir City Ms. Amber Scott
City Administrator, Lenoir City
(865) 986-2715
Lewisburg Mr. Roy "Barn" Haislip
City Manager, Lewisburg
(931) 359-1544
Loretto Mr. Jesse Turner
City Administrator, Loretto
(931) 853-6797
Loudon Mr. Ty Ross
City Manager, Loudon
(865) 458-2033
Madisonville Mr. Tracey Green
Street Superintendent, Madisonville
City Administrator, Madisonville
(423) 371-1022
Maryville Mr. Roger Campbell
Assistant City Manager, Maryville
(865) 273-3401
Maryville Mr. Greg McClain
City Manager, Maryville
(865) 273-3401
Maynardville Mr. Robert Colvin
Interim City Manager, Maynardville
(865) 992-3821
McMinnville Mr. Nolan Ming
City Administrator, McMinnville
(931) 473-1204
Memphis Mr. Doug McGowen
Chief Operating Officer, Memphis
City Manager, Memphis
(901) 636-6558
Middleton Mr. Jimmy Simpson, Jr.
City Administrator, Middleton
CMFO, Middleton
(731) 376-8409
Millersville Ms. Holly L. Murphy
City Recorder, Millersville
Assistant City Manager, Millersville
(615) 859-0880 Ext. 103
Millersville Mr. Scott Avery
City Manager, Millersville
(615) 859-0880
Millington Mr. Ed Haley
City Manager, Millington
(901) 873-5701
Morristown Mr. Larry Clark
Assistant City Administrator, Morristown
(423) 585-4617
Morristown Mr. Andrew Ellard
Assistant City Administrator, Morristown
(423) 585-4614
Morristown Mr. Anthony "Tony" Cox
City Administrator, Morristown
(423) 581-0100
Mount Carmel Ms. Emily Wood
Town Manager, Mount Carmel
CMFO, Mount Carmel
(423) 357-7311
Mount Pleasant Ms. Kate Collier
City Manager, Mount Pleasant
(931) 379-7717
Mt. Juliet Mr. Kenneth Martin
City Manager, Mt. Juliet
(615) 754-2552 Ext. 213
Murfreesboro Mr. Darren Gore
Assistant City Manager, Murfreesboro
Water Resources Director, Murfreesboro
(615) 890-0862
Murfreesboro Mr. Craig Tindall
City Manager, Murfreesboro
(615) 849-2629
Murfreesboro Mr. Gary Whitaker
Assistant City Manager, Murfreesboro
(615) 849-2629
Newport Mr. James Finchum
City Administrator, Newport
(423) 623-5556
Nolensville Mr. Victor Lay
Town Manager, Nolensville
(615) 776-3633
City Manager, Norris
(865) 494-7645
Oak Hill Mr. J. Steven Collie
City Manager, Oak Hill
(615) 371-8291
Oak Ridge Mr. Mark S. Watson
City Manager, Oak Ridge
(865) 425-3550
Oakland Mr. Jay Johnson
Town Manager, Oakland
(901) 465-8523
Obion Ms. Jana Fluty, CMFO
City Recorder/Administrator, Obion
(731) 536-6242
Oliver Springs Mr. Thomas McCormick
City Manager, Oliver Springs
(865) 435-7722
Orlinda Mr. Kevin Breeding
City Manager, Orlinda
(615) 654-3366
Paris Ms. Kim Foster
City Manager, Paris
(731) 641-1402
Parker's Crossroads Ms. Joan Scott
City Park Manager, Parker's Crossroads
(731) 431-2231
Parker's Crossroads Mr. Steve K. McDaniel
City Manager, Parker's Crossroads
City Recorder, Parker's Crossroads
(731) 968-1220
Parsons Mr. Lee Villaflor
City Administrator, Parsons
(731) 847-6358
Pigeon Forge Mr. Eric Brackins
Assistant City Manager, Pigeon Forge
(865) 453-9061
Pigeon Forge Ms. Earlene M. Teaster
City Manager, Pigeon Forge
(865) 453-9061
Piperton Mr. Stephen Steinbach
City Manager, Piperton
(901) 853-4830
Pittman Center Ms. Tammy Watts
City Administrator, Pittman Center
(865) 436-5499
Pulaski Mr. Terry W. Harrison
City Recorder, Pulaski
City Administrator, Pulaski
Finance Director, Pulaski
Building and Zoning Official, Pulaski
(931) 363-2516
Ramer Ms. Hannah Boehler
City Recorder, Ramer
City Court Clerk, Ramer
City Manager, Ramer
(731) 645-7564
Red Bank Mr. Martin Granum
City Manager, Red Bank
(423) 877-1103
Rockford Mr. Bailey Whited
City Manager, Rockford
City Recorder, Rockford
(865) 970-9665
Rockwood Ms. Becky Ruppe
City Recorder/Administrator, Rockwood
(865) 354-0611 Ext. 821
Rocky Top Mr. Michael Y. Foster, CMFO, CPM
City Manager, Rocky Top
(865) 426-2838
Savannah Mr. Blake Walley
Assistant City Manager, Savannah
(731) 925-3300
Savannah Mr. Garry Welch
City Manager, Savannah
(731) 925-3300 Ext. 101
Sevierville Mr. Russell Treadway
City Administrator, Sevierville
(865) 453-5504
Sevierville Ms. Tracy Baker
Assistant City Administrator, Sevierville
(865) 453-5504
Shelbyville Mr. Scott Collins
City Manager, Shelbyville
(931) 684-2691
Signal Mountain Ms. Elaine Brunelle
Town Manager, Signal Mountain
(423) 886-2177 Ext. 201
Smyrna Mr. Todd Spearman
Assistant Town Manager, Smyrna
(615) 267-5005
Smyrna Mr. Rex Gaither
Finance Director, Smyrna
Assistant Town Manager, Smyrna
(615) 267-5409
Smyrna Mr. Brian D. Hercules
Town Manager, Smyrna
(615) 267-5005
Soddy-Daisy Mr. Burt Johnson
City Manager, Soddy-Daisy
(423) 332-5323
Somerville Mr. Robert Turner
City Administrator, Somerville
(901) 465-9500
South Fulton Ms. Joyce Gray
City Manager, South Fulton
City Court Clerk, South Fulton
(731) 479-2151
South Pittsburg Mr. Gene Vess
City Administrator, South Pittsburg
(423) 837-5012
City Administrator, Sparta
(931) 836-3248
Sparta Ms. Tonya R. Tindle
City Recorder, Sparta
Interim City Manager, Sparta
(931) 836-3248
Spring City Ms. Stephania Motes
City Manager, Spring City
(423) 365-6441
Spring Hill Ms. Pam Caskie
City Administrator, Spring Hill
(931) 486-2252 Ext. 215
Spring Hill Mr. Dan Allen
Assistant City Administrator, Utilities, Spring Hill
(931) 981-8276
Spring Hill Mr. Tony Tolstedt
Assistant City Administrator, Spring Hill
(931) 486-2252
Springfield Mr. Ryan Martin
City Manager, Springfield
(615) 382-2200
Springfield Ms. Candice Tillman
Assistant City Manager, Springfield
(615) 382-2200
St. Joseph Ms. Joan Nelson, CMFO
City Manager, St. Joseph
City Recorder, St. Joseph
City Court Clerk, St. Joseph
(931) 845-4141
Tennessee Ridge Mr. Kenneth Dunavant
City Manager, Tennessee Ridge
(931) 721-3645
Thompson's Station Mr. Ken McLawhon
Town Administrator, Thompson's Station
(615) 794-4333
Townsend Mr. Danny Williamson, CMFO
City Manager, Townsend
Court Clerk, Townsend
(865) 448-6886
Trimble Mr. David H. Norsworthy
City Manager, Trimble
Public Works Director, Trimble
(731) 297-3955
Troy Mr. Johnny McTurner
City Manager, Troy
City Recorder, Troy
(731) 536-4745
Tullahoma Ms. Jennifer Moody
City Administrator, Tullahoma
(931) 455-2648
Union City Ms. Kathy Dillon
City Manager, Union City
Finance Director, Union City
(731) 885-1341
Walden Ms. Mariah Prescott
Town Administrator, Walden
(423) 886-4362
Watauga Ms. Monica Thomas
City Manager, Watauga
(423) 928-3490
Waynesboro Mr. John Hickman, CMFO
City Manager, Waynesboro
(931) 722-5458
White House Mr. Gerald Herman
City Administrator, White House
(615) 672-4350 Ext. 2105
Whitwell Mr. Lonnie Cleek
City Manager, Whitwell
(423) 658-5151
Winchester Ms. Beth Rhoton
City Administrator, Winchester
(931) 967-4771