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Amendments to Change Motions

Reference Number: MTAS-1009
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: January 17, 2019
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1. After a main motion is made and seconded, and debate has begun, an elected official may suggest a change to the legislation with another motion: I move to amend the ordinance by… and striking out, inserting, or substituting a word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph.

2. Another member: I second the motion to amend.

3. Mayor: It has been proposed to amend Ordinance ________________________ to read as follows… The mayor states the main motion and amendment so it is understood how the amendment changes the legislation. The amendment changes the motion. The amendment is handled in the same way as a main motion.

4. The mayor opens the floor to debate on the amendment: Is there any discussion?

5. Question: If there is no further discussion, the amendment is...

6. Vote: All in favor of the amendment... The mayor announces the outcome: The amendment is carried (or defeated). The motion now before the governing body is… (the motion plus the amendment, if carried).


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