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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Tennessee Municipal Fire Department Leadership

This information is provided to MTAS by each municipality and is intended for general informational purposes only. MTAS does not independently verify the information contained herein. While this agency makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information, the agency does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of this information. Information contained herein should be verified prior to use.

Adams Mr. Ray Brown
Fire Chief, Adams
(615) 696-2593
Adamsville Mr. Kenny Newell
Fire Chief, Adamsville
(731) 632-1401
Alamo Mr. Neal Towater
Fire Chief, Alamo
(731) 696-4481
Alcoa Mr. Roger Robinson
Fire Chief, Alcoa
(865) 380-4999
Alexandria Mr. John Partridge
Fire Chief, Alexandria
(615) 529-2171
Algood Mr. Victor Jones
Public Works Director, Algood
Fire Chief, Algood
(931) 537-9055
Allardt Mr. Larry Cooper
Fire Chief, Allardt
(931) 879-7125
Altamont Mr. Jake Broadway
Fire Chief, Altamont
(931) 692-2737
Ardmore Mr. Tim Toone
Fire Chief, Ardmore
(931) 427-2124
Arlington Mr. Jim Harvill
Fire Chief, Arlington
(901) 867-8905
Ashland City Mr. Chuck Walker
Fire Chief, Ashland City
(615) 792-4211 Ext. 230
Athens Mr. Brandon Ainsworth
Fire Chief, Athens
(423) 744-2760
Atoka Mr. Justin McMillian
Fire Chief, Atoka
(901) 837-5322
Atwood Mr. Joey Pryor
Fire Chief, Atwood
(731) 662-7689
Auburntown Mr. Chris Singleton
Fire Chief, Auburntown
(615) 631-9701
Baileyton Mr. Jay Wilhen
Fire Chief, Baileyton
(423) 234-6911
Baneberry Mr. James "Donny" Williford
Fire Chief, Baneberry
(865) 674-2022
Bartlett Mr. Tommy Gately
Fire Chief, Bartlett
(901) 385-5536
Baxter Mr. Matt White
Fire Chief, Baxter
(931) 858-2621
Beersheba Springs Mr. Jackie Eubanks
Commissioner, Beersheba Springs
Fire Chief, Beersheba Springs
(931) 692-3166 or 235-3166
Bell Buckle Mr. Ronnie Lokey
Fire Chief, Bell Buckle
(931) 389-9566
Bells Mr. Wayne Jernigan
Fire Chief, Bells
(731) 663-2334
Bethel Springs Mr. David McCullar
Fire Chief, Bethel Springs
(731) 610-4140
Big Sandy Mr. Larry Waters
Fire Chief, Big Sandy
(731) 593-3213
Bolivar Mr. Lynn Price
Fire Chief, Bolivar
(731) 658-9545
Braden Mr. Steve L. Davis
Fire Chief, Braden
(901) 594-5100
Bradford Mr. Joe Alexander
Fire Chief, Bradford
(731) 742-3465
Brentwood Mr. Brian Goss
Fire Chief, Brentwood
(615) 371-0170
Brighton Mr. Ricky Russell
Fire Chief, Brighton
(901) 476-8661
Bristol Mr. Mike Carrier
Fire Chief, Bristol
(423) 989-5701
Brownsville Mr. David Smith
Fire Chief, Brownsville
(731) 772-1212
Bruceton Mr. James Sloan
Fire Chief, Bruceton
(731) 586-7532
Bulls Gap Mr. Charles Johnson
Fire Chief, Bulls Gap
(423) 235-5216
Burns Mr. Nathan Stringer
Fire Chief, Burns
(615) 446-2851
Calhoun Mr. Evan Thomas
Fire Chief, Calhoun
Camden Mr. Jeff Pierce
Fire Chief, Camden
(731) 584-4656
Carthage Mr. Joe Hiett
Fire Chief, Carthage
(615) 735-0843
Caryville Mr. Eddie Hatmaker
Fire Chief, Caryville
(423) 562-9478
Celina Mr. Josh Wheeler
Fire Chief, Celina
(931) 243-2115
Centerville Mr. Alfred Baltz
Fire Chief, Centerville
(931) 729-4246
Chapel Hill Mr. Matt Stout
Fire Chief, Chapel Hill
(931) 364-7632
Charleston Mr. Shawn Fairbanks
Fire Chief, Charleston
(423) 728-7067
Charlotte Mr. Ben Killeberew
Interim Fire Chief, Charlotte
(615) 789-4184
Chattanooga Mr. Philip Hyman
Fire Chief, Chattanooga
(423) 643-5601
Church Hill Mr. Luke Wood
Fire Chief, Church Hill
(423) 357-6666
Clarksville Mr. Freddie D. Montgomery, Jr.
Fire Chief, Clarksville
(931) 645-7456
Cleveland Mr. Bobby Gaylor
Fire Chief, Cleveland
(423) 476-6713
Clifton Mr. Lindsay Roberts
Fire Chief, Clifton
(931) 676-3370
Clinton Mr. Jeff Little
Fire Chief, Clinton
(865) 457-2131
Coalmont Mr. Gene Richard
Fire Chief, Coalmont
(931) 592-9370
Collierville Mr. John Selberg
Fire Chief, Collierville
(901) 457-2487
Columbia Mr. Stephen Ortero
Fire Marshal, Columbia
(931) 560-1740
Columbia Mr. Ty Cobb
Fire Chief, Columbia
(931) 560-1700
Columbia Mr. Nick Brown
Deputy Fire Chief-Emergency Management, Columbia
(931) 698-5373
Cookeville Mr. Benton Young
Fire Chief, Cookeville
(931) 520-5236
Copperhill Mr. Bryan Todd
Fire Chief, Copperhill
(423) 496-5141
Cornersville Mr. Matt Fox
Fire Chief, Cornersville
(931) 293-4482
Covington Mr. Richard Griggs
Fire Chief, Covington
(901) 476-2578
Cowan Mr. Charles T. Myers
Fire Chief, Cowan
(931) 703-3300
Cross Plains Mr. Tommy Jackson
Fire Chief, Cross Plains
Public Works Director, Cross Plains
(615) 654-2555
Crossville Mr. Chris South
Fire Chief, Crossville
(931) 456-6496
Crump Mr. Mark Kennedy
Fire Chief, Crump
(731) 926-6724
Cumberland City Mr. David Dunlap
Fire Chief, Cumberland City
Alderman, Cumberland City
(931) 827-2000
Cumberland Gap Ms. Kayla Gordon
Fire Chief, Cumberland Gap
(423) 869-3860
Dandridge Mr. Andy Riley
Fire Chief, Dandridge
(865) 397-3192
Dayton Mr. Chuck Suttles
Fire Chief, Dayton
(423) 775-8402
Decatur Mr. Ty Ratcliff
Fire Chief, Decatur
(423) 334-5716
Decaturville Mr. Jeremy Inman
Fire Chief, Decaturville
(731) 852-2034
Decherd Mr. Daniel Meaker
Fire Chief, Decherd
(931) 967-4339
Dickson Mr. Richard Greer
Fire Chief, Dickson
(615) 446-6331
Doyle Mr. Jason Sparks
Fire Chief, Doyle
(931) 657-2459
Dresden Mr. Paul Hutcheson
Fire Chief, Dresden
(731) 364-2270
Dyer Mr. Brandon Rudd
Fire Chief, Dyer
(731) 692-3767
Dyersburg Mr. Brett Sipes
Fire Chief, Dyersburg
(731) 288-7614
Eagleville Mr. Jonathan Armstrong
Fire Chief, Eagleville
(615) 274-2922
East Ridge Mr. Mike Williams
Fire Chief, East Ridge
(423) 867-7711
East Ridge Mr. Mike Flynn, Sr.
Deputy Fire Chief, East Ridge
(423) 867-7100
Eastview Mr. Elvis Butler
Mayor, Eastview
Fire Chief, Eastview
(731) 645-3428
Elizabethton Mr. Barry Carrier
Fire Chief, Elizabethton
(423) 547-6390
Elkton Mr. Payton Blade
Fire Chief, Elkton
(931) 468-2506
Englewood Mr. Billy Roach
Fire Chief, Englewood
(423) 887-7224
Enville Mr. Thomas Gilham
Fire Chief, Enville
(731) 608-0696
Erin Mr. Danny Warren
Fire Chief, Erin
(931) 289-4108
Erwin Mr. James D. Bailey
Fire Chief, Erwin
(423) 743-5201
Estill Springs Mr. David Pendergraff
Fire Chief, Estill Springs
(931) 649-5188
Ethridge Mr. Nathan Keeton
Fire Chief, Ethridge
City Manager, Ethridge
(931) 829-2150
Etowah Mr. Adam Hafley
Fire Chief, Etowah
(423) 263-9044
Fairview Mr. Scott Hughes
Fire Chief, Fairview
(615) 799-0701
Fayetteville Mr. Tony Kimbrough
Fire Chief, Fayetteville
(931) 433-6563
Finger Mr. Steve Stoll
Fire Chief, Finger
(731) 934-4677
Franklin Mr. Glenn Johnson
Fire Chief, Franklin
(615) 791-3270
Friendship Mr. Casey Burnett
Mayor, Friendship
City Judge, Friendship
Fire Chief, Friendship
(731) 677-2310
Gadsden Mr. Charlie Burleson
Fire Chief, Gadsden
(731) 613-0533
Gainesboro Mr. Paul Stafford, Jr.
Fire Chief, Gainesboro
(931) 268-9315
Gallatin Mr. Jeff Beaman
Fire Chief, Gallatin
(615) 452-2771
Gallatin Ms. Elizabeth Bednarcik
Fire Marshal, Gallatin
(615) 452-2771
Gallaway Mr. Michael Till
Fire Chief, Gallaway
(901) 317-7915
Garland Mr. Wayne Richard Wolfe
Fire Chief, Garland
(901) 687-8288
Gatlinburg Mr. Charlie Cole
Fire Chief, Gatlinburg
(865) 436-5112
Germantown Mr. Eric Grizzard
Fire Chief, Germantown
Emergency Management Director, Germantown
(901) 757-7279
Gibson Mr. Jerry Privett
Fire Chief, Gibson
(731) 787-6501
Gilt Edge Mr. Brandon Fletcher
Fire Chief, Gilt Edge
(901) 476-9402
Gleason Mr. Mark Stafford
Fire Chief, Gleason
(731) 648-5547
Goodlettsville Mr. Kenneth Reeves
Fire Chief, Goodlettsville
(615) 851-3478
Grand Junction Mr. Buddy Cantrell
Fire Chief, Grand Junction
(731) 764-2871
Graysville Mr. Robert Pilkington
Fire Chief, Graysville
(423) 775-9242
Greenbrier Mr. Kyle Hamill
Fire Chief, Greenbrier
(615) 643-4531
Greeneville Mr. Alan Shipley
Fire Chief, Greeneville
(423) 638-4243
Greenfield Mr. Bob Dudley
Fire Chief, Greenfield
(731) 235-2644
Gruetli-Laager Mr. Allen Joslyn
Fire Chief, Gruetli-Laager
Alderman, Gruetli-Laager
(931) 779-5148
Guys Mr. Perry Stricklin
Fire Chief, Guys
(731) 239-4700
Halls Mr. Donald Gooch
Fire Chief, Halls
(731) 836-9653
Harriman Mr. Brad Daniels
Fire Chief, Harriman
(865) 882-3072
Harrogate Mr. Justin Cupp
Fire Chief, Harrogate
(423) 869-0211
Hartsville (Trousdale County) Mr. Jay Woodard
Fire Chief, Hartsville (Trousdale County)
(615) 347-5060
Henderson Mr. William Doug Acred
Fire Chief, Henderson
(731) 989-5664
Hendersonville Mr. Scotty Bush
Fire Chief, Hendersonville
(615) 822-1119
Hendersonville Mr. Mike Holt
Deputy Fire Chief, Hendersonville
(615) 822-1119
Henning Mr. Al Stankey
Fire Chief, Henning
(901) 268-5537
Henry Mr. Keith Qualls
Fire Chief, Henry
(731) 241-0163
Hickory Valley Mr. Duane Lax
Alderman, Hickory Valley
Fire Chief, Hickory Valley
(731) 659-2514
Hohenwald Mr. Steve Vineyard
Fire Chief, Hohenwald
(931) 796-2241
Hollow Rock Mr. Bobby Brotherton
Alderman, Hollow Rock
Fire Chief, Hollow Rock
(731) 586-7773
Hornbeak Mr. Robert Reavis
Fire Chief, Hornbeak
(731) 538-9626
Hornsby Mr. Russ Kelly
Fire Chief, Hornsby
(731) 609-7411
Huntland Mr. Troy Gamble
Fire Chief, Huntland
Alderman, Huntland
(931) 469-0283
Huntsville Mr. Nathan Daggs
Fire Chief, Huntsville
(423) 663-3473
Jacksboro Mr. Jason Shetterly
Fire Chief, Jacksboro
(423) 562-9842
Jackson Mr. Darryl Samuels
Fire Chief, Jackson
(731) 425-8118
Jamestown Mr. Larry Cooper
Fire Chief, Jamestown
(931) 879-8815
Jasper Mr. Chris Reston
Fire Chief, Jasper
(423) 942-3825
Jefferson City Mr. Robert Lee Turner, Jr.
Fire Chief, Jefferson City
(865) 475-3616
Jellico Mr. Mark Bell
Fire Chief, Jellico
(423) 784-6123
Johnson City Mr. David Bell
Fire Chief, Johnson City
(423) 975-2840
Jonesborough Mr. Phil Fritts
Fire Chief, Jonesborough
(423) 753-1047
Kenton Mr. Scott Reeves
Fire Chief, Kenton
(731) 749-5800
Kimball Mr. Jeff Keef
Fire Chief, Kimball
(423) 837-7040
Kingsport Mr. Scott Boyd
Fire Chief, Kingsport
(423) 229-9444
Kingston Mr. Willie Gordon
Fire Chief, Kingston
(865) 376-2936 Ext. 1043
Kingston Springs Mr. Eugene Ivey
Police Chief, Kingston Springs
Fire Chief, Kingston Springs
(615) 952-2110
Knoxville Mr. Stan Sharp
Fire Chief, Knoxville
(865) 595-4480
La Grange Mr. Doug Jackson
Fire Chief, La Grange
(901) 878-1246
LaFollette Mr. Jimmy Pack
Fire Chief, LaFollette
(423) 562-3340
La Vergne Mr. Ronny Beasley
Fire Chief, La Vergne
(615) 287-5832
Lawrenceburg Mr. Jay Moore
Fire Chief, Lawrenceburg
(931) 762-7327
Lebanon Mr. Jason Baird
Fire Chief, Lebanon
(615) 443-2903
Lenoir City Mr. Richard Martin
Fire Chief, Lenoir City
(865) 986-2715
Lewisburg Mr. Larry Williams
Fire Chief, Lewisburg
(931) 359-4544
Lexington Mr. Jeff Middleton
Interim Fire Chief, Lexington
(731) 968-6657
Linden Mr. Shaun Evans
Fire Chief, Linden
(931) 589-2736
Livingston Mr. Rocky Dial
Fire Chief, Livingston
(931) 823-2853
Lobelville Mr. Chris O'Guin
Fire Chief, Lobelville
(931) 306-7189
Lookout Mountain Mr. Charles Wells
Fire Chief, Lookout Mountain
(423) 821-1226
Loretto Mr. Barry Luffman
Fire Chief, Loretto
(931) 853-6797
Loudon Mr. Mike Brubaker
Fire Chief, Loudon
(865) 408-0408
Lynchburg (Moore County) Mr. Mark Neal
Fire Chief, Lynchburg (Moore County)
(931) 759-7270
Madisonville Mr. John F. Tallent
Fire Chief, Madisonville
(423) 442-2212
Manchester Mr. George Chambers
Fire Chief, Manchester
(931) 728-4652
Martin Mr. Jamie Summers
Fire Chief, Martin
(731) 587-4919
Maryville Mr. Tony Crisp
Police Chief, Maryville
Fire Chief, Maryville
Public Safety Director, Maryville
(865) 273-3800
Mason Mr. Charles Jenkins
Fire Chief, Mason
(731) 460-9750
Maury City Mr. Henry King
Fire Chief, Maury City
(731) 656-2119
Maynardville VACANT
Fire Chief, Maynardville
(865) 992-3821
McEwen Mr. Jesse Crump
Fire Chief, McEwen
(931) 582-6211
McKenzie Mr. Brian Tucker
Fire Chief, McKenzie
(731) 352-2292
McLemoresville Mr. Van Blackketter
Fire Chief, McLemoresville
(731) 986-9440
McMinnville Mr. Kendall Mayfield
Fire Chief, McMinnville
(931) 473-3435
Medina Mr. Jeff Rollins
Fire Chief, Medina
(731) 783-3913
Memphis Ms. Gina Sweat
Fire Director, Memphis
(901) 636-1400
Michie Mr. Tyler Wilson
Fire Chief, Michie
(731) 239-3680
Middleton Mr. Kevin Marcum
Fire Chief, Middleton
(731) 376-8409
Milan Mr. Steven Dillard
Fire Chief, Milan
(731) 686-3301
Millersville Mr. Brandon Head
Fire Chief, Millersville
(615) 859-0880
Millington Mr. Gary Graves
Fire Chief, Millington
(901) 873-5800
Minor Hill Mr. Corey Medley
Fire Chief, Minor Hill
(931) 565-3113
Mitchellville Mr. Chris Trammell
Fire Chief, Mitchellville
(615) 325-6020
Monteagle Mr. Travis Lawyer
Fire Chief, Monteagle
(931) 924-2265
Monterey Mr. Kevin Peters
Fire Chief, Monterey
(931) 839-2808
Morrison Mr. Arron Roberts
Fire Chief, Morrison
(931) 635-2363
Morristown Mr. Clark Taylor
Fire Chief, Morristown
(423) 585-4655
Moscow Mr. Tim Rice
Fire Chief, Moscow
(901) 877-3585
Mosheim Mr. James A Foshie
Fire Chief, Mosheim
(423) 823-0492
Mount Carmel Mr. Jason Byington
Fire Chief, Mount Carmel
(423) 444-1027
Mount Pleasant Mr. Phillip Grooms
Fire Chief, Mount Pleasant
(931) 379-3939
Mountain City Mr. Gary Stout
Fire Chief, Mountain City
(423) 727-8005
Mt. Juliet Mr. Joey Edwards
Deputy Fire Chief, Mt. Juliet
(615) 773-9830
Mt. Juliet Mr. Jamie Luffman
Fire Chief, Mt. Juliet
(615) 773-9830
Munford Mr. Jeremy Reeves
Fire Chief, Munford
(901) 837-5960
Murfreesboro Mr. Mark McCluskey
Interim Fire Chief, Murfreesboro
(615) 893-1422
Nashville (Davidson County) Mr. William Swann
Fire Chief, Nashville (Davidson County)
(615) 862-5424
New Hope Mr. Jerry Crosslin
Fire Chief, New Hope
(423) 837-8666
New Johnsonville Mr. Dale Allen
Fire Chief, New Johnsonville
(931) 535-2700
New Tazewell Mr. Josh Miracle
Fire Chief, New Tazewell
(423) 626-5242
Newbern Mr. Phillip Cottrell
Fire Chief, Newbern
(731) 627-3221
Newport Mr. Jeremy Shelton
Fire Chief, Newport
(423) 613-4047
Niota Mr. Harrison Slack
Fire Chief, Niota
(423) 568-2584
Nolensville Mr. David Windrow
Fire Chief, Nolensville
(615) 776-3633
Normandy Mr. Brian Bruce
Fire Chief, Normandy
(931) 212-3676
Oak Ridge Mr. Travis Solomon
Fire Chief, Oak Ridge
(865) 425-3520
Oakland Mr. Steve Walls
Fire Chief, Oakland
(901) 465-2448
Obion Mr. Joshua Holdeman
Fire Chief, Obion
(731) 536-6242
Oliver Springs Mr. Justin Bailey
Fire Chief, Oliver Springs
(865) 257-2560
Oneida Mr. Michael Stringer
Fire Chief, Oneida
(423) 569-9440
Orlinda Mr. Dusty Johnson
Fire Chief, Orlinda
(615) 654-3366
Palmer Mr. Eric Birdwell
Fire Chief, Palmer
(931) 779-3249
Paris Mr. Michael Williams, Sr.
Fire Chief, Paris
(731) 641-1402
Parsons Mr. Wes Woodward
Fire Chief, Parsons
Police Chief, Parsons
Emergency Service Director, Parsons
(731) 847-6358
Pegram Mr. Brent Stuart
Fire Chief, Pegram
(615) 646-6800
Petersburg Mr. Bobby Jett
Fire Chief, Petersburg
(931) 659-9826
Philadelphia Mr. Bobby Shubert
Fire Chief, Philadelphia
(865) 591-1192
Pigeon Forge Mr. Tony Watson
Fire Chief, Pigeon Forge
(865) 429-7381
Pikeville Mr. Paul H. Swafford
Fire Chief, Pikeville
(423) 447-2919
Piperton Mr. Thomas "Reed" R. Bullock
Fire Chief, Piperton
(901) 853-2195
Portland Mr. Sam Thornton
Fire Chief, Portland
(615) 325-5646 Ext. 305
Powells Crossroads Mr. Charles McEntyre
Fire Chief, Powells Crossroads
(423) 658-9000
Pulaski Mr. Don Collins
Fire Chief, Pulaski
(931) 424-4407
Puryear Mr. John Walters
Fire Chief, Puryear
(731) 247-5362
Ramer Mr. Jamie Robertson
Fire Chief, Ramer
(731) 645-7298
Red Bank Mr. Brent Sylar
Fire Chief, Red Bank
(423) 877-7252
Red Boiling Springs Mr. Randall Bray
Fire Chief, Red Boiling Springs
(615) 699-2500
Ridgely Mr. Charles Stewart
Fire Chief, Ridgely
(731) 264-5182
Ripley Mr. Tracey Worlds
Fire Chief, Ripley
(731) 635-2284
Rives Mr. David Kendall
Fire Chief, Rives
(731) 536-5689
Rockwood Mr. Matthew Crabtree
Fire Chief, Rockwood
(865) 354-3121
Rogersville Mr. David Jackson
Fire Chief, Rogersville
(423) 272-7497
Rossville Mr. Edgar Babian
Fire Chief, Rossville
(901) 853-4681
Rutherford Mr. Rob Rahm
Fire Chief, Rutherford
(731) 665-7507
Rutledge Mr. Chad McElhaney
Fire Chief, Rutledge
(865) 546-1485
Saltillo Mr. Kenneth "Kenny" Young
Fire Chief, Saltillo
(731) 607-7280
Samburg Mr. Kenneth Hogg
Fire Chief, Samburg
(731) 538-3235
Saulsbury Mr. Tony Bynum
Fire Chief, Saulsbury
(731) 764-2348
Savannah Mr. Steve Hughes
Fire Chief, Savannah
(731) 925-8257
Scotts Hill Mr. Adam Scott
Fire Chief, Scotts Hill
(731) 549-3175
Selmer Mr. Anthony Carr
Fire Chief, Selmer
(731) 646-1788
Sevierville Mr. Matt Henderson
Fire Chief, Sevierville
(865) 453-9276
Sharon Mr. Gary Eddings, Jr.
Fire Chief, Sharon
(731) 456-2717
Shelbyville Mr. Matt Doak
Fire Chief, Shelbyville
(931) 684-6241
Signal Mountain Mr. Eric Mitchell
Fire Chief, Signal Mountain
(423) 886-2177
Smithville Mr. Charles A. Parker
Fire Chief, Smithville
Emergency Management Director, Smithville
(615) 597-4141
Smyrna Mr. William "Bill" R. Culbertson
Fire Chief, Smyrna
(615) 459-9735
Sneedville Mr. James Trent
Fire Chief, Sneedville
(423) 733-2254
Soddy-Daisy Mr. Mike Guffey
Fire Chief, Soddy-Daisy
(423) 332-5323
Somerville Mr. Kel Blanton
Fire Chief, Somerville
(901) 465-3332
South Carthage Mr. Ricky Slack
Fire Chief, South Carthage
(615) 735-2727
South Fulton Mr. Dennis Pittman
Fire Chief, South Fulton
Sparta Mr. Kirk Young
Fire Chief, Sparta
(931) 738-7380
Spring City Mr. Kevin Hackler
Fire Chief, Spring City
(423) 365-6441
Spring Hill Mr. Kevin Glenn
Deputy Fire Chief, Spring Hill
(931) 486-2252 Ext. 449
Spring Hill Mr. V. Graig Temple
Fire Chief, Spring Hill
(931) 486-2252 Ext. 450
Springfield Mr. Jeffrey J. Glodoski
Fire Chief, Springfield
(615) 382-2200
St. Joseph Mr. Tom Bottoms
Fire Chief, St. Joseph
(931) 845-4141
Stanton Mr. Robert Dancy
Fire Chief, Stanton
(731) 772-1215
Sunbright Mr. Joey Stringfield
Fire Chief, Sunbright
(423) 628-5316
Surgoinsville Mr. Shane Surthers
Fire Chief, Surgoinsville
(423) 345-2213
Sweetwater Mr. John Anderson
Fire Chief, Sweetwater
(423) 337-6724
Tellico Plains Mr. Luther Walton
Fire Chief, Tellico Plains
(423) 253-2333
Tennessee Ridge Mr. Trenton Hearndon
Fire Chief, Tennessee Ridge
(931) 289-2911
Tiptonville Mr. John Parker Dean
Fire Chief, Tiptonville
(731) 253-9922
Fire Chief, Toone
(731) 658-9770
Townsend Mr. Don Stallions
Fire Chief, Townsend
(865) 448-6322
Trenton Mr. Terrence Elam
Fire Chief, Trenton
(731) 855-0522
Trezevant Mr. Doug Applegate
Fire Chief, Trezevant
(731) 669-4831
Trimble Mr. Brandon Coats
Fire Chief, Trimble
(731) 297-3955
Troy Mr. Mark Watson
Fire Chief, Troy
Public Safety Director, Troy
(731) 536-6397
Tullahoma Mr. Kenneth Pearson
Fire Chief, Tullahoma
(931) 455-2648
Union City Mr. Karl Ullrich
Fire Chief, Union City
(731) 885-4851
Vanleer Mr. Scotty Ingham
Fire Chief, Vanleer
(615) 763-2823
Vonore Mr. Daniel Amschler
Fire Chief, Vonore
(423) 884-6111
Wartrace Mr. Mike De Jesus
Fire Chief, Wartrace
(931) 389-6144
Watertown Mr. Blake Haun
Fire Chief, Watertown
(615) 237-3326
Waynesboro Mr. Douglas Gobbell
Fire Chief, Waynesboro
(931) 722-5458
Westmoreland Mr. Mark Jenkins
Fire Chief, Westmoreland
(615) 644-3303
White Bluff Mr. Eric Deal
Fire Chief, White Bluff
(615) 797-2781
White House Mr. Patrick McLaughlin
Fire Chief, White House
(615) 672-5338
White Pine Mr. Chad Cotter
Police Chief, White Pine
Fire Chief, White Pine
(865) 674-6568
Whiteville Mr. David Morris
Fire Chief, Whiteville
(731) 254-8523
Whitwell Mr. Todd Brown
Fire Chief, Whitwell
(423) 658-5151
Winchester Mr. Gary Greeson
Fire Chief, Winchester
(931) 967-2267
Winfield Mr. Adam Shinkle
Fire Chief, Winfield
(423) 569-6139
Woodbury Mr. Robert "Bob" DeWinter
Fire Chief, Woodbury
Yorkville Mr. Jon Murray
Fire Chief, Yorkville
(731) 643-6110