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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Tennessee Clerks & Recorders

This information is provided to MTAS by each municipality and is intended for general informational purposes only. MTAS does not independently verify the information contained herein. While this agency makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information, the agency does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of this information. Information contained herein should be verified prior to use.

Adams Ms. Lisa Jernigan
City Clerk, Adams
(615) 696-2593
Adams Ms. Anna Luke
City Recorder, Adams
(615) 696-2593
Adamsville Ms. LeAnne McDaniel
City Recorder, Adamsville
(731) 632-1401
Alamo Ms. Amanda Harris
City Recorder, Alamo
(731) 696-4515
Alamo Ms. Marcy Laxton
City Clerk, Alamo
(731) 696-4515
Alcoa Ms. Kimberly Wade
City Recorder, Alcoa
(865) 380-4773
Alexandria Ms. Liz Tetlow, CMFO
City Recorder, Alexandria
Finance Officer, Alexandria
(615) 529-2171
Algood Ms. Ann Flatt
City Recorder, Algood
City Court Clerk, Algood
(931) 537-9545 Ext. 1550
Allardt Ms. Robin Terry
City Clerk, Allardt
(931) 879-7125
Allardt Ms. Marilyn J. Beaty
City Recorder, Allardt
(931) 879-7125
Altamont Mrs. Wendy Bess
City Recorder, Altamont
(931) 692-3971
Ardmore Ms. Mary Prier
City Recorder, Ardmore
(931) 427-2124
Arlington Ms. Brittney Owens
Town Recorder, Arlington
Treasurer, Arlington
(901) 867-2620
Ashland City Ms. Alicia Martin
Town Recorder, Ashland City
(615) 792-4211 Ext. 5235
Athens Ms. Leslie McKee
City Clerk, Athens
(423) 744-2702
Atoka Ms. Debbie Pickard
Town Recorder, Atoka
(901) 837-5300
Atwood Mrs. Amanda Browning
City Recorder, Atwood
(731) 662-7689
Auburntown Ms. Janice Fletcher
City Recorder, Auburntown
(615) 464-4513
Baileyton Ms. Jessica Brown
City Recorder, Baileyton
Human Resources Director, Baileyton
(423) 234-6911
Baneberry Ms. Nancy Zander
City Recorder, Baneberry
(865) 674-0124
Bartlett Ms. Penny Medlock, CAP, PM
City Clerk, Bartlett
(901) 385-6449
Baxter Ms. Sharon Carlile
City Recorder, Baxter
(931) 858-4111 Ext. 1
Bean Station Ms. Barbara S. Wolfe
Town Recorder, Bean Station
(865) 993-3177
Beersheba Springs Ms. Marsha Knight
City Recorder, Beersheba Springs
(931) 692-3107
Bell Buckle Ms. Janet Robinson
Town Clerk, Bell Buckle
Town Recorder, Bell Buckle
(931) 389-9513
Belle Meade Mr. Rusty Terry
City Recorder, Belle Meade
(615) 297-6041
Bells Ms. Alicia Pigue, CMFO
City Recorder, Bells
City Court Clerk, Bells
(731) 663-2334
Benton Ms. Debbie Swigert
City Recorder, Benton
Human Resources Director, Benton
(423) 338-5733
Berry Hill Ms. Tamberly D. Coleman
City Recorder, Berry Hill
Court Clerk, Berry Hill
(615) 292-5531
Berry Hill Ms. Cheri Holmes, CMFO
City Clerk, Berry Hill
(615) 292-5531
Bethel Springs Ms. Shonque Sanders
City Recorder, Bethel Springs
(731) 934-7266
Big Sandy Ms. Maria Austin
City Clerk/Recorder, Big Sandy
City Court Clerk, Big Sandy
(731) 593-3213
Blaine Ms. Elizabeth "Liz" White
City Clerk, Blaine
City Recorder, Blaine
Human Resources Director, Blaine
(865) 933-1240
Bluff City Ms. Sharon Greene
City Recorder, Bluff City
Finance Director, Bluff City
(423) 538-7144
Bolivar Mrs. Carri Beth Rhea
City Clerk/Recorder, Bolivar
(731) 658-2020
Braden Ms. Lisa Tapp
City Recorder, Braden
(901) 594-5380
Bradford Ms. Johnna Alexander
City Recorder, Bradford
(731) 742-3465
Brentwood Ms. Holly Earls
City Recorder, Brentwood
(615) 371-0060
Brighton Ms. Leah Hayse
Town Clerk, Brighton
(901) 476-8661
Brighton Ms. Tammy French
Town Clerk, Brighton
(901) 476-8661
Brighton Ms. Tammy McKinney
Town Recorder, Brighton
(901) 476-8661
Bristol VACANT
City Recorder, Bristol
Finance Director, Bristol
Brownsville Mrs. Sherry Batchelor
City Clerk, Brownsville
(731) 772-1212
Bruceton Ms. Holly Watts
Clerk, Bruceton
Secretary, Bruceton
(731) 586-2401
Bruceton Ms. Sheryl Todd
City Clerk, Bruceton
(731) 586-2401
Bruceton Ms. Annie M. Hand, CMFO
City Recorder, Bruceton
Finance Director, Bruceton
(731) 586-2401
Bulls Gap Mr. Michael Solomon
City Administrator, Bulls Gap
City Recorder, Bulls Gap
City Court Clerk, Bulls Gap
(423) 235-5216
Burlison Ms. Pamela Cochran
City Recorder, Burlison
(901) 475-9068
Burns Ms. Kimberly K. Leady
City Clerk, Burns
City Court Clerk, Burns
(615) 446-2851
Byrdstown Mr. Johnny Sells
City Recorder, Byrdstown
(931) 864-6215
Calhoun Ms. Rebecca Jones
City Recorder, Calhoun
(423) 336-2348
Camden Ms. Angie Holland
City Clerk, Camden
City Recorder, Camden
(731) 584-4656
Carthage Ms. Danielle Bane
City Recorder, Carthage
(615) 735-1881 Ext. 200
Carthage Ms. Julie Davenport
City Clerk, Carthage
(615) 735-1881 Ext. 201
Caryville Ms. Trecia Kindred
City Recorder, Caryville
(423) 562-9478
Cedar Hill Ms. Melissa Ellis
City Clerk/Recorder, Cedar Hill
(615) 696-4802
Celina Ms. Timeka Garrison
City Recorder, Celina
City Court Clerk, Celina
(931) 243-2115
Centerville Ms. June Horner
City Recorder, Centerville
(931) 729-4246
Chapel Hill Mr. Phillip Dye
Town Recorder, Chapel Hill
(931) 364-7632
Chapel Hill Ms. Sandy Westmoreland
Court Clerk, Chapel Hill
Town Clerk II, Chapel Hill
(931) 364-4136
Chapel Hill Ms. Denise Carlton
Town Clerk I, Chapel Hill
(931) 364-7632
Charleston Ms. Janet Newport
City Court Clerk, Charleston
City Recorder, Charleston
(423) 336-1483
Charlotte Ms. Jennifer Carlew
Library Director, Charlotte
City Recorder, Charlotte
(615) 789-4184
Chattanooga Ms. Nicole Gwyn
City Clerk, Chattanooga
(423) 643-7170
Church Hill VACANT
City Recorder, Church Hill
Clarksburg Ms. Leigh Grice
City Recorder, Clarksburg
(731) 986-5547
Clarksville Ms. Lisa Canfield
City Clerk, Clarksville
(931) 648-6121
Cleveland Mr. Shawn McKay
Assistant City Manager/CFO, Cleveland
City Clerk, Cleveland
Finance Director, Cleveland
City Recorder, Cleveland
(423) 472-4551
Clifton Ms. Samantha Haines
City Clerk, Clifton
(931) 676-3370
Clifton Ms. Barbara A. Culp
City Recorder, Clifton
(931) 676-3370
Clinton Ms. Regina Ridenour
City Recorder, Clinton
(865) 457-0424
Coalmont Ms. Tisha Miller
City Recorder, Coalmont
(931) 592-9373
Collegedale Mrs. Kristi Wheeler
City Recorder, Collegedale
(423) 468-1996 Ext. 1
Collierville Ms. Lynn S. Carmack
Town Clerk, Collierville
(901) 457-2212
Collinwood Ms. Cynthia Kephart
City Recorder, Collinwood
(931) 724-9107
Coopertown Mrs. Emily McKellar
City Recorder, Coopertown
CMFO, Coopertown
(615) 382-4470 Ext. 214
Copperhill Ms. Shannon Arthur
City Recorder, Copperhill
City Court Clerk, Copperhill
(423) 496-5141
Cornersville Mr. Taylor Brandon
Town Administrator, Cornersville
Town Recorder, Cornersville
(931) 293-4482
Cottage Grove Ms. Carolyn Kaminski
City Recorder, Cottage Grove
(731) 247-3987
Covington Ms. Tina Dunn
Treasurer, Covington
City Recorder, Covington
(901) 476-9613
Cowan Ms. Mary Pearson
City Recorder, Cowan
(931) 967-7318
Crab Orchard Ms. Gerri Norris
Finance Director, Crab Orchard
City Recorder, Crab Orchard
(931) 484-2815
Cross Plains Ms. Tammy Covington
City Court Clerk, Cross Plains
City Recorder, Cross Plains
(615) 654-2555
Crossville Ms. Valerie Hale, CMC
City Clerk, Crossville
(931) 456-5680
Crump Mrs. Pamela "Pam" R. Hardy
City Recorder, Crump
City Administrator, Crump
Chief Financial Officer, Crump
City Court Clerk, Crump
(731) 632-4224
Cumberland City Ms. Kristane Mathis
City Clerk, Cumberland City
(931) 827-2000
Cumberland City Ms. Cheryl Milliken
City Court Clerk, Cumberland City
City Recorder, Cumberland City
(931) 827-2000
Cumberland Gap Ms. Linda Moyers, CMC, CMFO
City Recorder, Cumberland Gap
(423) 869-3860
Dandridge Ms. Cathy Dixon
Town Recorder, Dandridge
(865) 397-7420
Dayton Ms. Michelle Horton
City Recorder, Dayton
(423) 775-1817
Decatur Mrs. Laura Smith
City Recorder, Decatur
(423) 334-5716
Decaturville Ms. Lindsey Montgomery
City Court Clerk, Decaturville
City Recorder, Decaturville
(731) 852-2034
Dickson Mr. Chris Norman
Administrative Assistant, Dickson
City Recorder, Dickson
(615) 441-9508
Dover Ms. Carla Anderson
City Clerk, Dover
(931) 232-5907
Dowelltown Mr. Darry Driver
City Recorder, Dowelltown
(615) 536-5524
Doyle Ms. Lori Sparks
City Recorder, Doyle
(931) 657-2459
Dresden Ms. Jennifer Branscum
City Recorder, Dresden
(731) 364-2270
Ducktown Ms. Sheryl Miller
City Clerk, Ducktown
City Recorder, Ducktown
(423) 496-3546
Dunlap Mr. Norman D. Hatfield, CMFO
City Recorder, Dunlap
(423) 949-2115
Dyer Mr. Nathan Reed
City Recorder, Dyer
(731) 692-3767
Dyersburg Mr. Scott Ball
City Recorder, Dyersburg
(731) 288-7610
Eagleville Ms. Katy Sanderson
City Clerk, Eagleville
Court Clerk, Eagleville
(615) 274-2922
Eagleville VACANT
City Recorder, Eagleville
Finance Director, Eagleville
(615) 274-2922
East Ridge Ms. Janet Middleton
City Recorder, East Ridge
(423) 867-7711
Eastview Ms. Debbie Sanders
City Recorder, Eastview
(731) 645-3428
Elizabethton Mr. Preston T. Cobb
Finance Director, Elizabethton
City Clerk, Elizabethton
(423) 547-6231
Elizabethton Ms. Jennifer Arnold
Deputy City Clerk, Elizabethton
Executive Assistant to City Manager, Elizabethton
(423) 547-1516
Elkton Ms. Kasidy Shaw
City Recorder, Elkton
(931) 468-2506
Englewood Ms. Angie Napier
City Court Clerk, Englewood
City Recorder, Englewood
(423) 887-7224
Enville Ms. Patricia Cates
City Recorder, Enville
(731) 688-5125
Erin Ms. Angela Neilson
City Recorder, Erin
(931) 289-4108
Erwin Mr. Todd Wilcox
City Recorder, Erwin
(423) 743-6231
Estill Springs Ms. Kelly M. Hall
City Court Clerk, Estill Springs
City Clerk, Estill Springs
(931) 649-5188
Estill Springs Ms. Tina Smith
City Recorder, Estill Springs
(931) 649-5188
Ethridge Ms. Julie K. Yokley
City Recorder, Ethridge
(931) 829-2150
Fairview Ms. Brandy Johnson
City Recorder, Fairview
(615) 799-2484 Ext. 132
Farragut Ms. Allison Myers
Town Recorder, Farragut
(865) 966-7057
Finger Ms. Theresa Robinson
City Recorder, Finger
(731) 610-6746
Franklin Ms. Lanaii Benne
City Recorder, Franklin
(615) 791-3217
Franklin Ms. Angie Johnson
Deputy City Recorder, Franklin
(615) 550-6707
Friendship Ms. Debra Butler
City Recorder, Friendship
City Court Clerk, Friendship
(731) 677-2396
Friendsville Ms. Janet Ledbetter, CMFO
City Recorder, Friendsville
(865) 995-2831 Ext. 102
Gadsden Mrs. Alicia Pigue
City Recorder, Gadsden
(731) 784-2235
Gainesboro Ms. Darla Pippin
Town Recorder, Gainesboro
(931) 268-9315
Gainesboro Ms. Lisa Dodson
Town Clerk, Gainesboro
(931) 268-9315
Gallatin Ms. Connie W. Kittrell
City Recorder, Gallatin
Municipal Judge, Gallatin
(615) 451-5895
Gallaway Ms. Diane Carpenter
City Recorder, Gallaway
(901) 867-3333
Gates Mrs. Rebecca Lovelace
City Clerk, Gates
(731) 836-7501
Gates Ms. Lisa Harding
City Recorder, Gates
(731) 836-7501
Germantown Ms. Michele Betty
City Clerk, Germantown
City Recorder, Germantown
(901) 757-7251
Gibson Ms. Rebecca Byars
City Clerk, Gibson
City Court Clerk, Gibson
(731) 787-6501
Gibson Mr. Riley Thomas
City Recorder, Gibson
(731) 787-6501
Gilt Edge Ms. Shanna Holloway
City Recorder, Gilt Edge
(901) 476-9402
Gleason Ms. Marsha Hatley
City Recorder, Gleason
City Court Clerk, Gleason
(731) 648-5547
Goodlettsville Ms. Allison Baker
City Recorder, Goodlettsville
(615) 851-2234
Goodlettsville Ms. Rachel Hoover
City Clerk, Goodlettsville
(615) 851-2209
Gordonsville Ms. Leigh Boles
City Clerk, Gordonsville
(615) 683-8282
Gordonsville Mr. Michael Ray
City Recorder, Gordonsville
(615) 683-8282 Ext. 3
Grand Junction Ms. Lorie Rice, CMFO
City Recorder, Grand Junction
City Court Clerk, Grand Junction
(731) 764-2871
Graysville Mrs. Renee A. Suttles
Accounts Payable Clerk, Graysville
Municipal Clerk, Graysville
(423) 772-9242
Graysville Ms. Kimberly F. Devillier
City Recorder, Graysville
Interim Public Works Director, Graysville
(423) 775-9242
Greenback Ms. Deborah Bowman
City Recorder, Greenback
(865) 856-2224
Greenbrier Mrs. Stephanie Peterson Toland
City Recorder, Greenbrier
(615) 643-4531
Greeneville Ms. Lora Young
Finance Director, Greeneville
City Recorder, Greeneville
(423) 639-7105
Greenfield Ms. Jerica Spikes
City Recorder, Greenfield
(731) 235-2330
Gruetli-Laager Ms. Deborah Woodlee
City Recorder, Gruetli-Laager
(931) 779-5147
Guys Ms. Megan Rinehart
City Recorder, Guys
(731) 239-4700
Halls Ms. Tammy Lewis
City Court Clerk, Halls
City Recorder, Halls
(731) 836-9653
Harriman Ms. Theresa Beard
City Clerk, Harriman
(865) 882-9414
Harrogate Ms. Sherry Goode
Municipal Clerk, Harrogate
City Court Clerk, Harrogate
(423) 869-0211
Harrogate Ms. Debra England
City Recorder, Harrogate
CMFO, Harrogate
(423) 869-0211
Henderson Mr. Jim E. Garland, CMFO
City Recorder, Henderson
City Court Clerk, Henderson
Information Systems Director, Henderson
(731) 983-5000
Hendersonville Ms. Annette Hunter, CMFO
City Recorder, Hendersonville
(615) 822-1000
Henning Ms. Amanda Adkerson
City Recorder/Administrator, Henning
(731) 738-2997
Henry Ms. Sonya Clayton
City Recorder, Henry
(731) 241-0163
Hickory Valley Ms. Loretta Bell
City Recorder, Hickory Valley
CMFO, Hickory Valley
(731) 764-2947
Hohenwald Ms. Jane Wayland
City Clerk, Hohenwald
(931) 796-2231
Hollow Rock Ms. Sharon Mann
City Recorder, Hollow Rock
City Court Clerk, Hollow Rock
(731) 586-7773
Hollow Rock Ms. Kathie Walch
City Clerk, Hollow Rock
(731) 586-7773
Hornbeak Ms. Crystal Roberson
City Recorder, Hornbeak
(731) 538-9626
Hornsby Ms. Melissa Wilson
Alderman, Hornsby
City Recorder, Hornsby
(731) 609-2056
Humboldt Ms. Marquita Patterson
City Clerk, Humboldt
Human Resource Director, Humboldt
(731) 784-2511
Huntingdon Ms. Kim Carter
Town Recorder, Huntingdon
Risk Management Director, Huntingdon
(731) 986-2900
Huntland Mr. Doug Porter
City Recorder, Huntland
(931) 469-0283
Huntsville Ms. Wendy Buttram
City Recorder, Huntsville
(423) 663-3471
Jacksboro Ms. Emma L. Caldwell
Town Recorder, Jacksboro
(423) 562-9312
Jackson Mr. Bobby Arnold
City Recorder, Jackson
Finance Director, Jackson
(731) 425-8278
Jamestown Ms. Darlene Ray
City Clerk, Jamestown
(931) 879-8815
Jamestown Ms. Jessica Brown
City Clerk, Jamestown
(931) 879-8815
Jamestown Ms. Brittany Winningham
City Clerk/Recorder, Jamestown
(931) 879-8815
Jasper Ms. Paula Turney, CMFO
City Recorder, Jasper
(423) 942-3180
Jefferson City Ms. Monica Myers
City Recorder, Jefferson City
(865) 475-9071
Jellico Ms. Marsha Bruce
City Recorder, Jellico
(423) 784-6351
Johnson City Ms. Janet Jennings
City Recorder, Johnson City
Finance Director, Johnson City
(423) 434-6033
Jonesborough Mr. Robert Anderson
Town Recorder, Jonesborough
(423) 753-1030
Kenton Ms. Sonya Ervin
City Clerk, Kenton
(731) 749-5767
Kenton Ms. Shayna Jackson
City Recorder, Kenton
(731) 749-5767
Kimball Ms. Sharon Case
Town Clerk, Kimball
City Court Clerk, Kimball
CMFO, Kimball
(423) 837-7040
Kimball Mrs. Tonia May
City Recorder, Kimball
Human Resources Director, Kimball
CMFO, Kimball
(423) 837-7040
Kingsport Ms. Angela "Angie" Marshall
City Clerk, Kingsport
(423) 229-9384
Kingsport Ms. Lisa Winkle
City Recorder, Kingsport
Finance Director, Kingsport
(423) 229-9431
Kingston Ms. Kelly Jackson
Administrative Assistant to the City Manager, Kingston
City Clerk, Kingston
(865) 717-4642
Kingston Ms. Marsha Marshall
Purchasing Agent, Kingston
City Clerk, Kingston
(865) 376-6584 Ext. 1103
Kingston Springs Ms. Doris Neil
City Clerk, Kingston Springs
(615) 952-2110 Ext. 1
Kingston Springs Ms. Jamie Dupre
City Recorder, Kingston Springs
(615) 952-2110 Ext. 9
Knoxville Mr. Will Johnson
City Recorder, Knoxville
(865) 215-2044
La Grange Ms. Vickie Thompson
City Recorder, La Grange
(901) 878-1246
Lafayette Mrs. Kristie Renee Talley
City Recorder, Lafayette
(615) 666-2194
LaFollette Mr. Stan Foust
City Clerk, LaFollette
Interim City Administrator, LaFollette
(423) 563-0719
Lakeland Ms. Debra Murrell
City Recorder, Lakeland
City Court Clerk, Lakeland
(901) 857-2716
Lakesite Ms. Jodi P. LaCroix, CMC
City Recorder, Lakesite
City Court Clerk, Lakesite
(423) 842-2533
La Vergne Mr. Bruce E. Richardson
City Administrator, La Vergne
City Recorder, La Vergne
(615) 287-8634
Lawrenceburg Ms. Linda Adair, CMFO
City Recorder, Lawrenceburg
(931) 762-4459 Ext. 104
Lenoir City Mr. Jim Wilburn
Treasurer, Lenoir City
City Recorder, Lenoir City
(865) 986-2715
Lewisburg Ms. Pam Davis
City Recorder, Lewisburg
(931) 359-1544
Lexington Mr. Cody C. Wood
City Recorder, Lexington
Chief Financial Officer, Lexington
(731) 968-6657
Linden Ms. Bethaney Dabbs
City Clerk, Linden
(931) 589-2736
Linden Ms. Kristy Tucker
City Recorder, Linden
(931) 589-2736
Livingston Mr. Curtis Hayes
Mayor, Livingston
City Recorder, Livingston
(931) 823-1269
Livingston Ms. Phyllis Looper
Finance Office Manager, Livingston
City Clerk, Livingston
(931) 823-1269
Lobelville Ms. Cristal Odom
City Recorder, Lobelville
(931) 593-2285
Lobelville Ms. Brenda Pace
City Clerk, Lobelville
(931) 593-2285
Lookout Mountain Ms. Belinda Allen
Town Recorder, Lookout Mountain
Town Court Clerk, Lookout Mountain
(423) 821-1226
Loretto Ms. Jennifer Augustin
City Recorder, Loretto
(931) 853-6797
Loudon Mrs. Melissa Huskin
City Recorder, Loudon
(865) 458-7572
Louisville Mr. Michael G. Long
Town Recorder, Louisville
(865) 681-1983
Luttrell Ms. Courtney Luttrell
City Recorder, Luttrell
(865) 992-0870
Lynnville Ms. Tonya Holley
Town Recorder, Lynnville
(931) 527-3158
Madisonville Ms. Sherri McCrary
City Recorder, Madisonville
City Judge, Madisonville
(423) 442-9416
Martin Ms. Kelly Wilson
City Recorder, Martin
(731) 587-3126
Maryville Ms. Sherri Phillips
City Recorder, Maryville
(865) 273-3452
Mason Ms. Lureatha Harris
City Court Clerk, Mason
City Recorder, Mason
(901) 294-7806
Maury City Mrs. Camera Bonds
City Clerk, Maury City
(731) 656-2119
Maury City Mrs. Jennifer Bautista
City Recorder, Maury City
CMFO, Maury City
City Court Clerk, Maury City
(731) 656-2119
Maynardville Ms. Gina Singletary
City Recorder, Maynardville
Human Resources Director, Maynardville
(865) 992-3821
McEwen Ms. Angie Baker
City Clerk, McEwen
(931) 582-6211
McEwen Ms. Vickie Ethridge
City Recorder, McEwen
(931) 582-6211
McKenzie Mrs. Jennifer Waldrup
City Recorder, McKenzie
(731) 352-2292
McLemoresville Ms. Barbara Younger
City Recorder, McLemoresville
(731) 986-9440
McMinnville Ms. Shirley Durham
City Recorder, McMinnville
(931) 473-1200
Medina Ms. Kim Gilley
City Recorder, Medina
City Court Clerk, Medina
(731) 783-3913
Medon Mr. Paul White
City Recorder, Medon
(731) 422-6237
Memphis Ms. Valerie Snipes
City Recorder, Memphis
(901) 636-6223
Michie Ms. Janice Durbin
City Recorder, Michie
(731) 239-3680
Middleton Ms. Teri Yopp
City Recorder, Middleton
Water Operator, Middleton
Utility Clerk, Middleton
(731) 376-8409
Milan Ms. Autumn Stewart
City Recorder, Milan
(731) 686-3301
Milledgeville Ms. Margie Alexander
City Recorder, Milledgeville
(731) 687-3011
Millersville Ms. Holly L. Murphy
City Recorder, Millersville
Assistant City Manager, Millersville
(615) 859-0880 Ext. 103
Millington Ms. Karen Findley
City Clerk, Millington
(901) 873-5701
Minor Hill Ms. Ashley Stogner
City Court Clerk, Minor Hill
City Recorder, Minor Hill
(931) 565-3113
Mitchellville Ms. Barbara Canida
City Recorder, Mitchellville
(615) 325-6020
Monteagle Ms. Debbie Taylor
City Recorder, Monteagle
(931) 924-2265
Monterey Mr. JJ Reels
City Recorder, Monterey
(931) 839-3770
Morrison Ms. Rhonda Sparkman
Town Recorder, Morrison
(931) 635-2363
Moscow Ms. LaShonda Lindsay
City Recorder, Moscow
(901) 877-3584
Mosheim Ms. Kelle Lowery
City Recorder, Mosheim
(423) 422-4051
Mount Pleasant Ms. Loretta Garner
City Recorder, Mount Pleasant
Finance Director, Mount Pleasant
(931) 379-7717
Mountain City Mr. David "Bud" Crosswhite
Interim City Recorder, Mountain City
(423) 727-2916
Mt. Juliet Ms. Sheila Luckett
City Recorder, Mt. Juliet
Deputy City Manager, Mt. Juliet
(615) 754-2552 Ext. 210
Munford Mrs. Sherry Yelvington
City Recorder, Munford
(901) 837-5955
Murfreesboro Ms. Jennifer Brown
Finance Director, Murfreesboro
City Recorder, Murfreesboro
Treasurer, Murfreesboro
(615) 893-5210
Nashville (Davidson County) Ms. Diana Alarcon
NDOT Director, Nashville (Davidson County)
(615) 862-8760
Nashville (Davidson County) VACANT
Municipal Clerk, Nashville (Davidson County)
(615) 862-6770
New Hope Mr. Garrett Rogers
City Recorder, New Hope
(423) 837-7487
New Johnsonville Ms. Valorie Logan
Clerk, New Johnsonville
(931) 535-2715
New Johnsonville Ms. Brandy Vann
City Recorder, New Johnsonville
CMFO, New Johnsonville
(931) 535-2715
New Market Ms. Gloria Larrance
City Recorder, New Market
(865) 475-3018
New Tazewell Ms. Kimberly Mabe
City Recorder, New Tazewell
(423) 626-5242
Newbern Mr. Jason G. Roberts
City Court Clerk, Newbern
City Recorder, Newbern
Treasurer, Newbern
(731) 627-3221
Newport Ms. Regina Thornton
Deputy City Recorder, Newport
(423) 623-7323
Newport Ms. Christina Matthews
Finance Director, Newport
City Recorder, Newport
(423) 623-7323
Niota Ms. Jeannie Anderson
City Recorder, Niota
(423) 568-2584
Nolensville Ms. Montique Luster
Town Recorder, Nolensville
(615) 776-6691
Normandy Ms. Rhonda Comstock
City Recorder, Normandy
(931) 639-4900
Norris Ms. Sandy Johnson
City Recorder, Norris
(865) 494-7645
Oak Ridge Ms. Beth Hickman
City Clerk, Oak Ridge
(865) 425-3411
Oakdale Ms. Tammy Helton
City Clerk, Oakdale
(423) 369-4400
Oakdale Ms. Monica Miller
City Recorder, Oakdale
(423) 369-4400
Oakland Ms. Yvonne Bullard, CMFO
Town Recorder, Oakland
(901) 465-8523 Ext. 105
Obion Ms. Sheila Scobey
City Clerk, Obion
(731) 536-6242
Obion Ms. Jana Fluty, CMFO
City Recorder/Administrator, Obion
(731) 536-6242
Oliver Springs Mr. Joseph Van Hook
City Recorder, Oliver Springs
City Judge, Oliver Springs
(865) 435-1145
Oneida Ms. Betty Matthews
City Recorder, Oneida
Treasurer, Oneida
(423) 569-4295
Orlinda Ms. Nancy J. Johnson
City Clerk, Orlinda
City Recorder, Orlinda
(615) 654-3366
Palmer Ms. Alicia Layne
City Recorder, Palmer
(931) 779-3247
Paris Ms. Traci Shannon
City Recorder, Paris
Finance Director, Paris
(731) 641-1406
Parker's Crossroads Mr. Steve K. McDaniel
City Manager, Parker's Crossroads
City Recorder, Parker's Crossroads
(731) 968-1220
Parrottsville Ms. Jayne Ragan
City Recorder, Parrottsville
(423) 623-9380
Parsons Ms. Colleen Lawlor
City Recorder, Parsons
CMFO, Parsons
City Court Clerk, Parsons
(731) 847-6358
Pegram Ms. Tina Morehead
Town Recorder, Pegram
(615) 646-0773
Pegram Ms. Cindy Beirnes
Town Clerk, Pegram
(615) 646-0773
Philadelphia Ms. Shelley Hendrix, CMFO
City Recorder, Philadelphia
(865) 388-8820
Pigeon Forge Ms. Mable O. Ellis
City Clerk, Pigeon Forge
(865) 453-9061
Pikeville Ms. Debra Barnett, CMFO
City Court Clerk, Pikeville
City Recorder, Pikeville
(423) 447-2919
Piperton Ms. Beverly Holloway
City Recorder, Piperton
(901) 853-4830 Ext. 3
Plainview Ms. Mary Ann Brantley
City Recorder, Plainview
City Court Clerk, Plainview
(865) 992-5841
Pleasant Hill Ms. Kellie Dodson
Town Clerk, Pleasant Hill
(931) 277-3813
Pleasant View Ms. Lisa Parker
Treasurer, Pleasant View
City Recorder, Pleasant View
(615) 746-0600 Ext. 102
Portland Ms. Patricia Keen
City Recorder, Portland
(615) 325-6776 Ext. 261
Powells Crossroads Mrs. Missy Layne
City Recorder, Powells Crossroads
(423) 658-6582
Pulaski Mr. Terry W. Harrison
City Recorder, Pulaski
City Administrator, Pulaski
Finance Director, Pulaski
Building and Zoning Official, Pulaski
(931) 363-2516
Puryear Ms. Verla Smith
City Recorder, Puryear
City Court Clerk, Puryear
(731) 247-5362
Ramer Ms. Hannah Boehler
City Recorder, Ramer
City Court Clerk, Ramer
City Manager, Ramer
(731) 645-7564
Red Bank Ms. Tracey Perry
City Recorder, Red Bank
(423) 877-1103
Red Boiling Springs Ms. Jessica Miller
City Clerk/Recorder, Red Boiling Springs
(615) 699-2011
Ridgely Ms. Rachel Graham
City Court Clerk, Ridgely
City Recorder, Ridgely
(731) 264-5182
Ridgetop Ms. Jannet Beasley
City Clerk, Ridgetop
(865) 859-0596
Ridgetop Ms. Kelly Rider, CMFO
City Recorder, Ridgetop
City Court Clerk, Ridgetop
(615) 859-0596
Ripley Ms. Donna Buckner
City Recorder, Ripley
(731) 635-4000
Rives Ms. LaVonda Humphries, CMFO
City Recorder, Rives
(731) 536-5689
Rockford Mr. Bailey Whited
City Manager, Rockford
City Recorder, Rockford
(865) 970-9665
Rockwood Ms. Becky Ruppe
City Recorder/Administrator, Rockwood
(865) 354-0611 Ext. 821
Rockwood Ms. Christy Hughes
City Clerk, Rockwood
(865) 354-0611 Ext. 813
Rocky Top Ms. Kari Bates
City Recorder, Rocky Top
(865) 426-2838
Rogersville Mr. Glenn Hutchens, CMFO
City Recorder, Rogersville
(423) 272-7497
Rossville Ms. Karen Pennington
City Recorder, Rossville
Court Clerk, Rossville
(901) 853-4681
Rutherford Ms. Donna Stricklin
City Recorder, Rutherford
(731) 665-7166
Rutledge Ms. Stacy Harbin, CMFO
City Recorder, Rutledge
(865) 828-4513
Saltillo Ms. Venida Jackson
City Recorder, Saltillo
(731) 687-3292
Sardis Mr. Wayne Scott
City Recorder, Sardis
(731) 858-2246
Saulsbury Ms. Jan Ward
Alderman, Saulsbury
City Recorder, Saulsbury
(731) 764-3078
Savannah Ms. Daniell Phillips
City Recorder, Savannah
(731) 925-3300 Ext. 131
Scotts Hill Ms. Christian Anglin
City Clerk, Scotts Hill
(731) 549-3175
Scotts Hill Ms. Tara Anglin
City Clerk/Recorder, Scotts Hill
(731) 549-3175
Selmer Mrs. Kimberly Brigance
City Clerk, Selmer
(731) 645-3241
Selmer Ms. Ann E. Henderson
City Recorder, Selmer
(731) 645-3241
Sevierville Ms. Lynn McClurg
City Recorder, Sevierville
Finance Director, Sevierville
(865) 453-5504
Sharon Mrs. Becky Hames
City Recorder, Sharon
(731) 456-2122
Shelbyville Ms. Lisa Smith
City Recorder, Shelbyville
(931) 684-2691
Signal Mountain Ms. Jennifer Broomfield
Finance Director, Signal Mountain
Town Recorder, Signal Mountain
(423) 886-2177 Ext. 205
Silerton Ms. Rita Crowley
Treasurer, Silerton
City Recorder, Silerton
(731) 751-9774
Slayden Mr. Roger D Harrison
City Recorder, Slayden
(615) 763-6320
Smithville Mr. Hunter Hendrixson
Treasurer, Smithville
City Recorder, Smithville
(615) 597-4745
Smyrna Ms. Amber Hobbs
Town Clerk, Smyrna
(615) 267-5028
Sneedville Ms. Gail Collins
City Recorder, Sneedville
(423) 733-2254
South Carthage Mrs. Paige Key
City Recorder, South Carthage
(615) 735-2727 Ext. 2
South Fulton Ms. Jackie Potter
City Recorder, South Fulton
(731) 479-2151
South Pittsburg Mrs. Heather Pickett
City Recorder, South Pittsburg
(423) 837-5012
South Pittsburg Mrs. Candy Lancaster
City Clerk, South Pittsburg
(423) 837-5012
Sparta Ms. Jennifer Roberts
City Clerk, Sparta
(931) 836-3248
Sparta Ms. Tonya R. Tindle
City Recorder, Sparta
Interim City Manager, Sparta
(931) 836-3248
Spencer Ms. Crystal Crain
City Recorder, Spencer
(931) 946-2351
Spring City Ms. Brenda Dodson
City Recorder, Spring City
(423) 365-6441
Spring Hill Ms. April Goad
City Recorder, Spring Hill
(931) 486-2252 Ext. 206
Springfield Ms. Lisa Crockett
City Recorder, Springfield
Finance Director, Springfield
(615) 382-2200
Springfield Ms. Kimberly Brickles
City Clerk, Springfield
(615) 382-2200
St. Joseph Ms. Joan Nelson, CMFO
City Manager, St. Joseph
City Recorder, St. Joseph
City Court Clerk, St. Joseph
(931) 845-4141
Stanton Ms. Twilla Moss
City Recorder, Stanton
(731) 548-2565
Sunbright Ms. Cheryl Collins
City Recorder, Sunbright
(423) 346-3480
Sunbright Mrs. Darlene Wallace
City Clerk, Sunbright
(423) 628-5260
Surgoinsville Ms. Pamela Mullins
City Recorder, Surgoinsville
(423) 345-2213
Sweetwater Ms. Jessica Morgan
City Recorder, Sweetwater
City Court Clerk, Sweetwater
(423) 337-6979
Tazewell Mrs. Robin Sorke
City Recorder, Tazewell
CMFO, Tazewell
(423) 626-5104
Tellico Plains Ms. Debra J. Burris
City Clerk, Tellico Plains
(423) 253-2333
Tellico Plains Ms. Jo Cagle
City Recorder, Tellico Plains
(423) 253-2333
Tennessee Ridge Ms. Leslie Rucker, CMFO
City Recorder, Tennessee Ridge
City Court Clerk, Tennessee Ridge
(931) 721-3385
Thompson's Station Ms. Regina Fowler
City Recorder, Thompson's Station
(615) 794-4333
Three Way Ms. Susan Rogers
City Recorder, Three Way
City Court Clerk, Three Way
(731) 784-7782
Tiptonville Ms. Fran Hearn
City Clerk, Tiptonville
City Court Clerk, Tiptonville
City Recorder, Tiptonville
(731) 253-9922
Toone Ms. Shirley Futtrell
City Recorder, Toone
(731) 658-9770
Townsend Ms. Gayla Webb
City Recorder, Townsend
(865) 448-6886
Tracy City Ms. Roxanna Fults
City Recorder, Tracy City
(931) 592-6213
Trenton Ms. Leigh Ann Reynolds
City Recorder, Trenton
(731) 855-2013
Trezevant Ms. Kathy Edwards
City Recorder, Trezevant
City Court Clerk, Trezevant
(731) 669-4831
Trimble Ms. Christina Simpson
City Recorder, Trimble
(731) 297-3955
Troy Mr. Johnny McTurner
City Manager, Troy
City Recorder, Troy
(731) 536-4745
Troy Ms. Lora Wilson
Clerk, Troy
(731) 536-4745
Troy Ms. Lindy Bell
City Clerk, Troy
(731) 536-4745
Tullahoma Ms. Rosemary Golden
City Recorder, Tullahoma
(931) 455-2648 Ext. 112
Tusculum Mr. Randy Harley
City Recorder, Tusculum
(423) 638-6211
Unicoi M. Debbie B. Kessler
City Recorder, Unicoi
(423) 743-7163
Union City Ms. Tracy Gore
City Clerk, Union City
(731) 885-1341
Viola Ms. Holly Mcbride
City Recorder, Viola
Vonore Ms. Sabrena Norris
City Recorder, Vonore
(423) 884-6211
Walden Ms. Stacy Stewart
Town Recorder, Walden
(423) 886-4362
Wartburg Ms. Courtney Collins
City Recorder, Wartburg
(423) 346-2323
Wartrace Ms. Kathy Tyson
Town Recorder, Wartrace
(931) 389-6144
Wartrace Ms. Kimberley Kass
Town Clerk, Wartrace
(931) 389-6144
Watertown Ms. Lisa Baines
City Clerk, Watertown
(615) 237-3326
Watertown Ms. April Lamberson
City Recorder, Watertown
(615) 237-3326
Waverly Ms. Kayla Thomas
City Recorder, Waverly
(931) 296-2101
Waynesboro Ms. Paige Jackson
City Recorder, Waynesboro
(931) 722-5458
Westmoreland Ms. Kelly Templeton
Clerk, Westmoreland
(615) 644-3850
Westmoreland Ms. Keshia Troutt
Finance Director, Westmoreland
City Recorder, Westmoreland
(615) 644-3850
White Bluff Ms. Melody Lewis, CMFO
City Recorder, White Bluff
(615) 797-3131
White House Mr. Derek Watson
City Clerk/Recorder, White House
Administrative Services Director, White House
(615) 672-4350 Ext. 2111
White Pine Ms. Alyson Susong
City Recorder, White Pine
City Judge, White Pine
City Court Clerk, White Pine
(865) 674-2556
Whiteville Ms. Angelous Simmons
City Recorder, Whiteville
(731) 254-8523
Whitwell Ms. Carol Condra
City Recorder, Whitwell
(423) 658-5151
Williston Ms. Marilyn Conery
City Recorder, Williston
(901) 465-4173
Winchester Ms. Teena Waggoner
City Recorder, Winchester
(931) 967-4771
Winfield Ms. Robyn McBroom
City Recorder, Winfield
(423) 569-6139
Woodbury Ms. Charlene Odom
City Recorder, Woodbury
(615) 563-4221
Woodland Mills Ms. Norma Fowler
Treasurer, Woodland Mills
City Recorder, Woodland Mills
(731) 885-8754
Yorkville Ms. Melissa Bargery
City Recorder, Yorkville
(731) 643-6110