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Oak Hill 2020 Neighborhood Meetings: Report to the Commission
Report/Study (Created: 2014-03-19; Reviewed: 2021-07-08 )

The purpose of the meetings was to help establish priorities for future city services and to identify options regarding the city's future finances.
Oath of Office for a Codes Inspector
Form (Created: 2013-12-05; Reviewed: 2021-05-07 )

MTAS was asked for an example of a form to be completed at the swearing in of a codes inspector.
Oath of Office for Municipal Planning Commission Members
Legal Opinion (Created: 2007-05-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-26 )

MTAS was asked whether members of a municipal planning commission must take an oath of office.
Obese Employee Is Unable to Perform the Major Functions of the Job
General (Created: 2013-08-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

MTAS was asked what to do when an obese employee is unable to perform the major functions of the job.
Obligation of Town to Honor Renewal Provision in a Lease
Legal Opinion (Created: 2007-11-02; Reviewed: 2021-06-25 )

MTAS was asked whether the Town is obligated to honor a renewal provision in a lease.
Obtaining Credit Reports for Police & Fire Applicants: An MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2014-08-08; Reviewed: 2021-05-07 )

MTAS asked 15 cities whether they obtain credit reports during the hiring process for police officers and firefighters.
Off-Duty Responsibility of Police Officers
General (Created: 2002-01-11; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

A statement of the off-duty responsibility of police officers.
Office Efficiency Review
Report/Study (Created: 2015-03-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-26 )

MTAS was engaged to conduct an office efficiency review for the purpose of identifying enhancements to office processes and procedures.
Office Manager
Job Description (Created: 2002-09-25; Reviewed: 2021-05-07 )

Job description for the position of Office Manager under the Department of Utilities.
On Premise Liquor and Beer Hours with Privilege Tax Statute
General (Created: 2014-11-10; Reviewed: 2021-07-21 )

MTAS was asked how the successful referendum to authorize liquor by the drink will affect the hours when beer may be sold for on-premises consumption in an establishment holding both a city beer permit and Tennessee ABC liquor by the drink license.
On-Boarding Software Survey
Survey (Created: 2017-10-01; Reviewed: 2021-05-24 )

Twenty-one Tennessee cities were surveyed to find out if they use onboarding software for new employee orientation.
On-the-Job Injury and Police/Fire Recruits Survey
Survey (Created: 2017-07-18; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

A survey of selected cities regarding on-the-job injuries related to police and fire recruits.
One Way Street Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 2015-05-05; Reviewed: 2020-05-04 )

An ordinance template to convert Smith Street into a one-way street, in the town of Volopolis City, Tennessee.
One-Way Street in Front of School
Legal Opinion (Created: 1997-05-01; Reviewed: 2020-05-04 )

MTAS was asked whether the one-way street in front of the school can be made a 'not through street,' so that the business owner and the two or three other property owners whose access to their property is inconvenienced when school starts and when it ends each day can drive against the one way traffic to reach their property.
Oneida and Winfield Collection System
Report/Study (Created: 2005-09-12; Reviewed: 2021-06-22 )

MTAS was asked for assistance in the possible takeover of the Winfield sewer system by Oneida.
Online Training in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2019-03-22; Reviewed: 2019-03-22 )

Twelve Tennessee cities were contacted to find out if they provide employee training online and what types are offered.
Open Burning Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 2006-11-08; Reviewed: 2021-05-20 )

A sample open burning ordinance.
Open Meetings Act Question
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-05-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-21 )

MTAS was asked whether an "intervention" meeting of board of mayor and aldermen, in which focus is team building and better relations among board members, is subject to the Open Meetings Act.
Open-Air Fires and Unattended Fires
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-02-12; Reviewed: 2021-05-20 )

MTAS was asked for an opinion on brush burning operations.
Opening Mail by Municipal Offices and Officers
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-02-02; Reviewed: 2021-05-18 )

MTAS was asked whether the city can adopt a policy of having one person or office open all mail that comes to the city or city offices before it is routed to the addressee.
Oral Interview Questions for Entry Level Firefighter
General (Created: 2006-05-19; Reviewed: 2021-05-20 )

MTAS was asked to provide sample oral interview questions for an entry level firefighter.
Ordinance Abandoning Part of a City Street in Smithville
Ordinance (Created: 2004-06-02; Reviewed: 2020-12-16 )

MTAS was asked to review proposed changes to accommodate a drive through for a drug store.
Ordinance Abolishing the Beer Board
Ordinance (Created: 2004-04-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-21 )

An ordinance abolishing the beer board and appointing the board of mayor and aldermen as the beer board.
Ordinance Adopting by Reference State Traffic Offenses and Rules of the Road
Ordinance (Created: 2007-02-19; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

An ordinance of the Town of Bean Station adopting by reference state traffic offenses and rules of the road.
Ordinance Adopting Regulations for Extending Sewer Services
Ordinance (Created: 2004-05-19; Reviewed: 2021-06-23 )

MTAS was asked to prepare a sewer extension ordinance.
Ordinance Adopting the International Building Code
Ordinance (Created: 2004-10-08; Reviewed: 2021-04-28 )

An ordinance of the Town of Mountain City adopting the 2003 edition of the International Building Code.
Ordinance Adopting the Property Tax Freeze Program
Ordinance (Created: 2008-06-19; Reviewed: 2021-07-26 )

An ordinance adopting the property tax freeze program for elderly low-income homeowners as authorized in state law.
Ordinance Allowing Leashed Dogs on a Particular Section of the Tusculum Linear Trail
Ordinance (Created: 2019-04-24; Reviewed: 2021-07-08 )

The City of Tusculum has developed a Linear Trail Project and has previously prohibited animals of all kinds from being on the trail. This ordinance allows leashed dogs to be on a certain section of the Linear Trail.
Ordinance Amending Historic Zoning Regulations
Ordinance (Created: 2007-12-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

An ordinance to amend the Cumberland Gap Code regarding historic zoning regulations.
Ordinance Amending the Beer Ordinance Regulating the Sale of Beer
Ordinance (Created: 2009-07-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-21 )

MTAS was asked to create a new license class and review a proposed ordinance amendment to allow a hotel to serve, but not sell, beer.
Ordinance Amending the Fiscal Year Budget
Ordinance (Created: 2010-09-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-26 )

An ordinance of the City of Townsend, Tennessee amending the fiscal year 2009-2010 budget.
Ordinance Amending Title 15, Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code of the Town of Dandridge to Establish Two Hour Parking Limits on Designated Streets and at Designated Times
Ordinance (Created: 2001-08-03; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

Ordinance establishing parking limits on designated streets of Dandridge.
Ordinance and Permit Regulating Short-term Rentals in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2019-12-10; Reviewed: 2021-06-22 )

An ordinance and permit form regulating short-term rentals in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.
Ordinance Authorizing Employees of the Town of Centerville to Contribute Accumulated Sick Leave to Employees Who Have Experienced Serious Illness or Injury and Regulating Such Contributions
Ordinance (Created: 2001-08-03; Reviewed: 2021-05-13 )

Ordinance authorizing employees to contribute accumulated sick leave to other employees.
Ordinance Authorizing Governing Bodies to Appropriate Revenues from Natural Gas Utility System to Chambers of Commerce or Economic and Community Organizations for Economic Development Purposes
Ordinance (Created: 2018-06-15; Reviewed: 2021-06-22 )

These can be used by municipal governing bodies that have natural gas utility systems or a board that has control over a municipal natural gas utility system for purposes of appropriating money to a chamber of commerce or economic and community organization. The legislation does not allow money to be appropriated for these purposes in Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Metro Nashville.
Ordinance Changing the Official Depository of City Funds
Ordinance (Created: 2007-11-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-26 )

An ordinance to amend the city's code regarding the town's official depository for town funds.
Ordinance Contracting the Town Limits of Palmer, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2004-09-28; Reviewed: 2021-05-05 )

MTAS was asked to prepare a de-annexation or contraction ordinance.
Ordinance Designating the City Officials Authorized to Declare a State of Emergency
Ordinance (Created: 2005-01-12; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

An ordinance that states which officials may declare a state of emergency.
Ordinance Establishing a Debt Policy for the Town of Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2012-02-21; Reviewed: 2021-04-23 )

The purpose of this debt policy is to establish a set of parameters by which debt obligations will be undertaken by the Town of Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee.
Ordinance Establishing a Driver Education Course and Providing for Its Operation
Ordinance (Created: 2005-05-12; Reviewed: 2020-11-12 )

An ordinance that establishes a traffic school.
Ordinance Establishing a Driver Education Program
Ordinance (Created: 2008-08-13; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

MTAS was asked for assistance in adopting a driver education course.
Ordinance Establishing a Fire Department for the City of Columbia, Tennessee, and Repealing Title 7 Chapter 1 of the Columbia Municipal Code
Ordinance (Created: 2001-08-03; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

Ordinance establishing Columbia, Tennessee's, fire department.
Ordinance Establishing a Fire Department for the Town of Anytown, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2001-09-21; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

This guide, which was revised in 2017, is to be used in writing an ordinance to create a fire department.
Ordinance Establishing a Public Arts Commission
Ordinance (Created: 2008-10-29; Reviewed: 2021-06-09 )

An ordinance of the Town of Linden establishing a public arts commission.
Ordinance Establishing a Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Program (three versions)
Ordinance (Created: 2002-09-09; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

MTAS was asked to write ordinances that would provide equipment replacement program alternatives.
Ordinance Establishing an Office of Administrative Hearing Officer
Ordinance (Created: 2011-10-11; Reviewed: 2021-05-06 )

An ordinance to create the office of Administrative Hearing Officer to hear certain building and property code violations.
Ordinance Establishing Compensation for Members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
Ordinance (Created: 2006-05-01; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

An ordinance of the the Town of Mountain City, Tennessee establishing compensation for the members of the board of mayor and aldermen.
Ordinance Establishing Procedures and Requirements for the Carrying of Pagers or Other Electronic Communications Devices
Ordinance (Created: 2006-01-26; Reviewed: 2021-04-15 )

An ordinance and accompanying letter addressing the procedures and requirements for carrying electonic communications devices, including pagers.
Ordinance Establishing Robert's Rules of Order
Ordinance (Created: 2006-12-14; Reviewed: 2021-07-21 )

An ordinance establishing Robert's Rules of Order as the official set of procedures for conducting business at meetings of the board of mayor and aldermen.
Ordinance Establishing Rules and Regulations at the Samburg Ball Park
Ordinance (Created: 2003-07-03; Reviewed: 2021-06-21 )

An ordinance to prohibit alcoholic beverages, beer, fireworks, fires, and firearms in the Samburg Ball Park.
Ordinance Establishing Speed Limits in a Certain Area
Ordinance (Created: 2005-08-31; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

An ordinance establishing the speed limit in a certain area and lowering the speed limit on a particular street.
Ordinance Establishing Standards and Limits Regarding the Adjustment of Utility Bills Due to Leaks and Filling Pools
Ordinance (Created: 2011-08-22; Reviewed: 2021-04-09 )

This ordinance allows up to two billing adjustments per calendar year relating to leaks and swimming pools.
Ordinance for Disposal of Animal Waste
Ordinance (Created: 2020-07-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-08 )

A municipal ordinance to amend Title 10, Chapter 2 of the Niota code regarding the disposal of animal waste.
Ordinance for Removal of Vegetation and Debris from Overgrown and Dirty Lots
Ordinance (Created: 2007-11-06; Reviewed: 2021-06-09 )

An ordinance to amend the town's code by adding regulations for removal of vegetation and debris from overgrown and dirty lots.
Ordinance in Conflict with Charter and General Law
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-04-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-21 )

An ordinance limiting the power of taxation conflicts with the charter and general law.
Ordinance Increasing Membership in Municipal Planning Commission
Ordinance (Created: 2008-05-27; Reviewed: 2021-07-26 )

An ordinance regarding the creation and membership of the municipal planning commission.
Ordinance Increasing the Local Option Sales Tax from 2.25% to 2.75% in the Town of Estill Springs, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2002-08-07; Reviewed: 2021-05-20 )

MTAS was asked to provide an ordinance increasing the local option sales tax.
Ordinance Increasing the Pay for the Office of Aldermen of the City of Sparta, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2002-08-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

An ordinance to increase the pay of Aldermen in the City of Sparta.
Ordinance Levying a Litigation Tax for the City of Cowan, Tennessee.
Ordinance (Created: 2003-10-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-19 )

A sample ordinance for levying a municipal litigation tax.
Ordinance of the City of Cowan Designating the City Council as the Beer Board
Ordinance (Created: 2003-03-12; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

MTAS was asked to prepare an ordinance designating the city council as the beer board.
Ordinance of the City of Harrogate, Tennessee Providing for the Licensing and Regulation of Massage Parlors
Ordinance (Created: 2002-08-29; Reviewed: 2021-06-22 )

MTAS was asked to write an ordinance providing for the licensing and regulation of massage parlors.
Ordinance of the City of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Eliminating the Requirement for a Public Hearing When Amending the City's Personnel Policies
Ordinance (Created: 2014-04-08; Reviewed: 2021-07-21 )

It is no longer necessary to hold a public hearing when amending the City's Personnel Policies because amendments can only be changed by the City Commission in a duly called public meeting, and amendments are required in writing through adoption of a resolution or, in some cases, an ordinance.
Ordinance of the Town of Baileyton, Tennessee to Adjust Sewer Rates
Ordinance (Created: 2019-12-10; Reviewed: 2021-06-23 )

The Town of Baileyton, Tennessee passed an ordinance to adjust sewer rates.
Ordinance of the Town of Monterey, Tennessee, Prohibiting Heavy Truck Traffic
Ordinance (Created: 2014-05-22; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

An ordinance of the Town of Monterey, Tennessee, prohibiting heavy truck traffic on Crossville Street during school days from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Ordinance of the Town of Sneedville, Tennessee, Prohibiting Heavy Truck Traffic
Ordinance (Created: 2010-01-05; Reviewed: 2021-04-15 )

An ordinance of the Town of Sneedville, Tennessee, prohibiting heavy truck traffic on New Jail Street.
Ordinance Pertaining to the Location Restriction of Stores Selling Alcoholic Beverages at Retail
Ordinance (Created: 2005-06-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

An ordinance changing the distance restriction on liquor stores.
Ordinance Pertaining to the Maximum Amount for Purchases Without Public Advertisement and Competitive Bidding
Ordinance (Created: 2006-09-18; Reviewed: 2021-06-28 )

MTAS was asked for assistance in amending a purchasing ordinance to increase bid amounts.
Ordinance Prohibiting Animals or Skateboards on the Tusculum Linear Trail Project
Ordinance (Created: 2003-07-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-08 )

An ordinance prohibiting animals or skateboards on a linear trail.
Ordinance Prohibiting Heavy Vehicle Traffic on Most Streets
Ordinance (Created: 2008-05-15; Reviewed: 2021-04-15 )

An ordinance prohibiting tractor-trailor or trucks over 10,000 pounds in weight.
Ordinance Prohibiting Horses on Public Trails and Sidewalks
Ordinance (Created: 2004-10-08; Reviewed: 2021-06-21 )

An Ordinance of the Town of Mountain City, Tennessee prohibiting horses on public trails and sidewalks within the city.
Ordinance Prohibiting Placing Leaves within the Storm Sewerage System
Ordinance (Created: 2003-07-03; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

An ordinance prohibiting the placement of tree leaves, grass clippings, and other yard wastes within the storm sewerage system.
Ordinance Prohibiting the Sale and Regulating the Hours of Use of Fireworks within the Town
Ordinance (Created: 2008-08-14; Reviewed: 2021-05-21 )

An ordinance limiting the use of fireworks to the 4th of July holiday and New Year's Eve.
Ordinance Providing for Private Collection of Bulk Refuse
Ordinance (Created: 2011-05-27; Reviewed: 2021-04-15 )

An ordinance for solid waste permits.
Ordinance Providing for the Maintenance of Public Street Rights-of-Ways Abutting Private Property within the City
Ordinance (Created: 2007-09-24; Reviewed: 2021-06-09 )

An ordinance making it the responsibility of property owners or occupants of property adjacent to public street rights-of-way to keep that property clean and mowed.
Ordinance Publication Requirement
Legal Opinion (Created: 1996-08-08; Reviewed: 2021-06-22 )

MTAS was asked whether an ordinance must be published if the city's charter contains no ordinance publication requirement.
Ordinance Regarding the Regulation of Cats and Dogs
Ordinance (Created: 2009-06-30; Reviewed: 2021-07-08 )

An ordinance to amend Chapter 1 of Title 10 of the New Tazewell Code Book regarding the regulation of cats and dogs.
Ordinance Regarding Water and Sewer Main Extensions for the Town of Mountain City, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2001-08-03; Reviewed: 2021-06-23 )

Ordinance regarding water and sewer main extensions for Mountain City.
Ordinance Regulating Animal Waste
Ordinance (Created: 2010-03-25; Reviewed: 2021-07-15 )

An ordinance of the City of Lobelville regulating animal waste.
Ordinance Regulating Detached Garages and Other Accessory Structures
Ordinance (Created: 2020-10-15; Reviewed: 2021-04-28 )

A brief ordinance developed by MTAS to address the regulation of detached garages and other accessory structures.

Ordinance Regulating False Fire Alarms
Ordinance (Created: 2005-01-13; Reviewed: 2021-05-21 )

An ordinance defining false alarms and providing a schedule of notices, warnings, penalties, and costs.
Ordinance Regulating False Fire Alarms
Ordinance (Created: 2001-06-14; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

An ordinance to establish a process for discouraging false emergency alarms.
Ordinance Regulating Junk Vehicles
Ordinance (Created: 2007-11-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

An ordinance to amend the city's code, Title 13, by adding regulations of junk vehicles.
Ordinance Regulating Junked Vehicles on Public and Private Property
Ordinance (Created: 2012-06-04; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

MTAS was asked to prepare a junked vehicle ordinance for the Town of Estill Springs.
Ordinance Regulating Open Burning Within the City
Ordinance (Created: 2004-07-15; Reviewed: 2021-05-20 )

An ordinace for the open burning of materials not produced or used on the property.
Ordinance Regulating the Discharge of Firearms Within the City
Ordinance (Created: 2010-03-25; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

An ordinance of the City of Lobelville to regulate the discharge of firearms with the exception of hunting, regulated by the TWRA.
Ordinance Regulating the Placement of Infectious Waste in Garbage Collection Containers
Ordinance (Created: 2003-06-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

This ordinance makes it unlawful to discard needles and sharps and imposes a penalty for violation.
Ordinance Regulating the Placement or Construction of Buildings or Structures over Utility Mains and Stormwater Drains
Ordinance (Created: 2009-08-28; Reviewed: 2021-05-04 )

An ordinance regulating the placement or construction of buildings or structures over utility mains and stormwater drains.
Ordinance Requiring Vehicles to Stop for Pedestrians Who Are Crossing City Streets Where Lined and Marked Pedestrian Crossings Are Indicated
Ordinance (Created: 2004-04-13; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

An ordinance requiring vehicles to stop for pedestrians at pedestrian crossings.
Ordinance Restricting Failed Motions from Reintroduction
Ordinance (Created: 2008-01-07; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

An ordinance to amend the Town of Decatur Code pertaining to the re-introduction of failed motions to adopt ordinances and resolutions.
Ordinance Summons Form
Form (Created: 2004-12-10; Reviewed: 2021-06-18 )

MTAS was asked for guidance in preparing an ordinance summons.
Ordinance Terminating City-Provided Refuse Collection Services
Ordinance (Created: 2015-12-09; Reviewed: 2021-04-15 )

An ordinance of the City of Tusculum, Tennessee, terminating city-provided refuse collection services.
Ordinance to Add New Official Holidays and a Sick Leave Policy for Municipal Employees
Ordinance (Created: 2021-10-22; Reviewed: 2021-10-22 )

A sample ordinance to make Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Christmas Eve official holidays for municipal employees. The ordinance also adds a section to the city personnel policies to provide employees sick leave benefits.
Ordinance to Add Sections Regarding Internet, Cyber Security, and Sensitive Information to a Municipal Personnel Policy
Ordinance (Created: 2021-04-29; Reviewed: 2021-05-18 )

This ordinance, created for Cumberland Gap, Tennessee adds internet, cyber security and sensitive information sections to the town's personnel policies and procedures.
Ordinance to Adopt the International Building Code
Ordinance (Created: 2004-07-30; Reviewed: 2021-05-04 )

An ordinance to adopt the International Building Code of 2003 with SEISMIC deletions.

Since this draft ordinance was prepared the International Code Council (ICC) has prepared subsequent editions of the International Building Code (IBC) that include provisions for seismic considerations. It is recommended depending upon the edition of the IBC adopted by the jurisdiction and subsequent amendments as provided in the sample ordinance correctly reference sections and subsections of the IBC to ensure proper reference in the Ordinance.
Ordinance to Adopt Wastewater Regulations
Ordinance (Created: 2014-06-20; Reviewed: 2021-06-23 )

An ordinance adopting wastewater regulations, including: general wastewater regulations; fat, oil, and grease abatement; and enforcement and abatement.
Ordinance to Allow for the Partial Payment of Real Property Taxes
Ordinance (Created: 2010-09-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-20 )

A sample ordinance which allows a municipality to accept partial payment of local real property taxes.
Ordinance to Amend the Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy of the Town of Bluff City, Tennessee by Adding Sworn Police Officers to the List of Those Who May Be Randomly Tested
Ordinance (Created: 2015-05-21; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

MTAS was asked to create an ordinance that adds safety sensitive positions to random drug testing.
Ordinance to Amend the Meeting Time for the Board
Ordinance (Created: 2008-02-08; Reviewed: 2021-07-15 )

An ordinance to amend the New Tazewell code book pertaining to the meeting time for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
Ordinance to Change the Town Election Date
Ordinance (Created: 2007-05-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-26 )

An ordinance to change the town election date to the November general election date.
Ordinance to Control the Operation of Vehicles for Hire in the City of Erwin
Ordinance (Created: 2003-08-18; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

An ordinance and permit forms for operating taxicabs.
Ordinance to Create a Class of Beer Permits Which Can Be Granted to Caterers
Ordinance (Created: 2008-05-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

An ordinance amending the beer ordinance of the City of Martin to create a class of beer permits which can be granted to caterers.
Ordinance to Establish a Charge for False Emergency Alarms
Ordinance (Created: 2004-08-04; Reviewed: 2021-05-20 )

An ordinance to establish a charge for false emergency alarms which were not caused by a violent act of nature.
Ordinance to Establish a Purchasing Policy for the City of Rutherford, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2002-05-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-26 )

MTAS was asked to write an ordinance that would establish policies and procedures for the procurement of equipment, services, materials, and supplies for the operation of municipal government.
Ordinance to Establish Parking Limits on Designated Streets and at Designated Times
Ordinance (Created: 2015-08-12; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

An ordinance to establish parking limits on designated streets at designated times to allow city sanitation vehicles to collect solid waste.
Ordinance to Establish Refuse Collection Fees
Ordinance (Created: 2007-03-30; Reviewed: 2021-04-15 )

An ordinance to establish refuse collection fees in Title 17 of the municipal code.
Ordinance to Establish Uniform Purchasing and Property Disposal Policies for the Town of Rutherford, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2003-02-14; Reviewed: 2021-06-28 )

MTAS was asked to provide a uniform purchasing ordinance.
Ordinance to Prohibit Large Vehicles from Entering/Exiting Intersection
Ordinance (Created: 2009-07-01; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

An ordinance to prohibit trucks and other large vehicles from entering/exiting the intersection of State Route 33 and Little River Road.
Ordinance to Provide for Order, Safety, and Tranquility in the Streets of the Town of New Tazewell During Parades
Ordinance (Created: 2002-10-03; Reviewed: 2021-07-09 )

MTAS was asked to write an ordinance which would allow the town to recover security costs during parades and rallies.
Ordinance to Raise the Sales and Use Tax in the City of Dunlap from 2.25% to 2.75% and to Request a Referendum of the People to Approve the Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 2010-03-05; Reviewed: 2021-07-19 )

The ordinance is one that increases the City of Dunlap's portion of the local option sales tax to the maximum 2.75% upon a successful referendum.
Ordinance to Regulate Junked Vehicles
Ordinance (Created: 2003-07-03; Reviewed: 2021-07-09 )

An ordinance prohibiting the keeping of junked, abandoned, dilapidated, or discarded motor vehicles inside the corporate limits of the Town.
Ordinance to Repeal and Amend a Portion of ... the Personnel Policy Regarding Workers' Compensation
Ordinance (Created: 2001-08-03; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

Ordinance regarding workers' compensation.
Ordinance to Vacate a Part or All of a Street
Ordinance (Created: 2004-11-15; Reviewed: 2020-05-05 )

An ordinance to close all or part of a street.
Ordinance Violation and Appeal as a Civil Rather Than Criminal Proceeding
Legal Opinion (Created: 2005-02-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-28 )

MTAS was asked whether an appeal of an ordinance violation to circuit court by the defendant would be considered a civil or criminal matter.
Organization of Local Library Board
General (Created: 2002-11-25; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

MTAS was asked to assist Monteagle in determining how the local library board is organized, how the board is appointed, who can serve on the board, and to recommend the best way for Monteagle to make sure that its appropriation for library services is used properly.
Organizational Retreat for Parks and Recreation Department
Report/Study (Created: 2009-09-03; Reviewed: 2021-06-21 )

MTAS was asked to assist with an organizational retreat for staff.
Organizational Structure of Municipal Public Works Departments
Report/Study (Created: 2001-02-28; Reviewed: 2021-06-22 )

Letter detailing the organizational structure of a municipal public works department.
Orientation Workshop Agenda
General (Created: 2003-05-08; Reviewed: 2021-05-07 )

MTAS was asked to prepare an orientation workshop for the Town of Huntsville. Full text available in the MTAS library (City of Pikeville Orientation Booklet).
Ouster of Commissioner
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-09-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-16 )

MTAS was asked whether the City would have to use the procedure in Tennessee Code Annotated, ' 6-20-220, to oust a commissioner or whether the City could use the general ouster law (T.C.A. ' 8-47-101, et seq.).
Out-of-Rank/Class Pay Survey
Survey (Created: 2004-08-31; Reviewed: 2021-05-07 )

Twenty-three city departments were asked questions about compensating employees who work in a job with a higher classification.
Outdoor Display of Works of Art on City-Owned Property
Form (Created: 2004-01-28; Reviewed: 2021-06-09 )

An example from the City of Franklin of an application and procedures for placing artwork on public property.
Outside Utility Rate Discrimination
Legal Opinion (Created: 2009-05-19; Reviewed: 2021-04-23 )

MTAS was asked several questions related to charging outside utility customers higher rates than inside utility customers.
Overdue Parking Violations Notice Letter and Statute
Form (Created: 2011-12-07; Reviewed: 2021-07-28 )

MTAS was asked about the procedure for turning over unpaid parking tickets to a collection agency.
Overpayment of Fines, Taxes, and Costs to Municipal Courts
General (Created: 2014-05-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-28 )

MTAS was asked what the procedure should be whenever a municipal court receives an overpayment of the amount due to a municipal court.
Overriding the Decision of the Beer Board to Grant a Beer -- Permit
Legal Opinion (Created: 1998-12-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

MTAS was asked whether the city's governing body can override the decision of the beer board to grant a beer permit.
Overtime Compensation for E-911 Dispatchers
Legal Opinion (Created: 1998-03-26; Reviewed: 2021-07-23 )

MTAS was asked whether E-911 dispatchers qualify for the 207(k) exemption for the purpose of working them 43 hours a week before they are eligible for overtime compensation.
Overtime Compensation for Training Time for Police Officers
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-10-21; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

MTAS was asked whether cities must pay overtime with respect to police officers attending law enforcement training academy.
Overtime Compensation Response Summary Report
Survey (Created: 2010-03-23; Reviewed: 2021-05-07 )

Twenty-two cities were asked about compensation for overtime in compliance with the FLSA and premiums for on-call.
Overturning the Decision of the City Manager in Demoting the Police Chief
Legal Opinion (Created: 1993-12-08; Reviewed: 2021-08-19 )

MTAS was asked whether the city commission can overturn the decision of the city manager in demoting the police chief.
Overview of Municipal Certifications in Tennessee
Survey (Created: 2019-07-01; Reviewed: 2020-05-14 )

The Research and Information Center acquired information for a number of departments in Tennessee cities that require employees be certified in their fields.