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Job Description (Created: 2002-09-27; Reviewed: 2021-05-04 )

Job description for the position of Janitor.
Job Analysis Questionnaire
Job Description (Created: 2001-08-24; Reviewed: 2021-05-04 )

Questionnaire used to define jobs, based on equipment used, essential functions, activities performed, supervisory responsibilities, qualifications, and knowledge required.
Johnson City Animal Shelter Director Comparisons
Survey (Created: 2015-10-15; Reviewed: 2021-03-29 )

MTAS collected salary, jurisdiction, and departmental information for the position of animal shelter director from seven Tennessee cities.
Johnson City: Structure of Leisure Services Review 2005
Report/Study (Created: 2005-04-11; Reviewed: 2021-06-21 )

The purpose of the study was to identify possible areas of improvement in the structural arrangement of leisure services.
Judge Interim Appointment
General (Created: 2014-11-24; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

MTAS was asked about an upcoming leave of absence of the town judge on a planned one-year sabbatical.
Judge Salary and Benefits Survey
Survey (Created: 2021-04-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

Twelve Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding what salary and benefits are offered to their sitting judges.
Judge's Oath of Office
Form (Created: 2014-08-27; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

MTAS provided information about Tennessee law on the taking and administration of the oath of office by newly elected judges.
Judges' and Mayors' Authority to Perform Marriages
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-12-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

MTAS was asked who has the authority to solemnize/perform marriages.
Jurisdiction of Juvenile Court Judge and Skateboarding as a Traffic Violation
Legal Opinion (Created: 2006-03-10; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

MTAS was asked what options the juvenile court judge has relative to disposing juvenile traffic cases and whether skateboarding in public ways other than highways and streets is a traffic violation.
Jury Trials
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-11-26; Reviewed: 2021-07-28 )

MTAS was asked whether jury trials may be held by the Muncipal Court.