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E-mail and Open Records Law
Legal Opinion (Created: 2001-09-05; Reviewed: 2021-07-20 )

MTAS was asked whether the Tennessee Public Records Law applies to e-mail sent by a city official.
E-mail Distribution By City and City-Wide Wifi Analytics Disclosure
General (Created: 2017-01-12; Reviewed: 2021-04-26 )

MTAS responds to questions regarding emails distributed by the city to residents and the legal risks of installing wireless internet connections in a downtown area of the city.
Economic Development Assessment Form
Form (Created: 2009-04-01; Reviewed: 2021-06-18 )

An economic development assessment survey form.
Economic Development Director
Job Description (Created: 2004-01-19; Reviewed: 2021-04-28 )

A job description for the position of Economic Development Director.
Economic Development Director Job Description
Job Description (Created: 2016-09-14; Reviewed: 2021-06-18 )

A job description for the position of Economic Development Director.
Economic Development Review of the Fayetteville-Lincoln County, Tennessee Joint Industrial Board
Report/Study (Created: 2010-03-31; Reviewed: 2021-06-18 )

MTAS was asked to provide an economic development review, which is intended to review the organization, operations, and strategies that may assist in promoting economic development.
Education Funding as It Relates to the Distribution of the County Property Tax and Wheel Tax Revenues
General (Created: 2014-06-26; Reviewed: 2021-06-21 )

The county may direct that wheel tax revenues be used to support the county school system, thereby allowing the county to reduce the property tax levy dedicated for school purposes. MTAS was asked about the impact of such a change on county revenues received by the school system and school maintenance of effort issues.
Education Revenues
Legal Opinion (Created: 2004-11-23; Reviewed: 2021-06-21 )

MTAS was asked to research the sharing by county of certain education funds.
Educational Assistance in Tennessee Cities and Selected Airports
Survey (Created: 2020-10-06; Reviewed: 2021-06-15 )

An online survey was sent to 111 email addresses for human resources directors and other positions holding these responsibilities. A total of 66 responses were received regarding educational assistance for city and airport employees in the state.
Educational Assistance Survey
Survey (Created: 2017-01-24; Reviewed: 2021-05-07 )

Thirteen cities were asked several questions about educational assistance opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and requirements for employees to participate in their educational assistance programs.
Effect of the Mayor's Veto
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-08-27; Reviewed: 2021-07-07 )

MTAS was asked to analyze the law governing the mayor's veto power.
Effective Council Meetings Course Manual
General (Created: 2003-11-11; Reviewed: 2021-06-25 )

Course manual for City University Course.
Effective Date of the Incorporation of a City
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-03-03; Reviewed: 2021-05-14 )

MTAS was asked when the incorporation of a city is considered effective.
Elected Official Acknowledgement of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy
Form (Created: 2017-01-11; Reviewed: 2021-06-25 )

A signature form for use by elected officials who receive and read the town's ethics policy.
Election of Municipal Court Clerk
Legal Opinion (Created: 1992-12-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

MTAS was asked whether Barrett requires the clerk of a municipal court exercising concurrent jurisdiction to be elected.
Election of Municipal Judges with Concurrent General Sessions Jurisdiction
Legal Opinion (Created: 1998-11-18; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

MTAS was asked whether the City can provide for the election of the city judge in the April city election.
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Fire Resource Information
General (Created: 2021-04-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

The author of this document explains the number of all electric and hybrid vehicles are on the road with the number of them expected to increase. The listed resources are provided to assist fire departments and other first responders with their local training program on electric and hybrid vehicle fires.
Electric System Director Job Description
Job Description (Created: 2005-02-14; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

Job description and management responsibilities for the position of Electric System Director.
Electrical Operating Superintendent
Job Description (Created: 2002-09-26; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

Job description for the position of Electrical Operating Superintendent.
Electrical Technician
Job Description (Created: 2002-09-26; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

Job description for the position of Electrical Technician.
Eligibility of Chamber of Commerce Employees for City-Provided Benefits
Legal Opinion (Created: 2019-09-01; Reviewed: 2021-04-21 )

A legal opinion was requested of MTAS addressing whether individuals who work for the local Chamber of Commerce are legally eligible for benefits provided to employees of the city.
Eliminating the Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements in the 2012 International Building Code and International Residential Code
General (Created: 2016-08-23; Reviewed: 2021-05-28 )

MTAS was asked whether it is permissible to eliminate the carbon monoxide detector requirements in the 2012 IBC and IRC and if that complies with standards adopted by the State Fire Marshal.
Emergency Management Director Survey Results
Survey (Created: 2016-03-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

Twenty-nine cities and organizations were asked whether they have an emergency management director and salary information for that position.
Emergency Management for Municipalities in Tennessee
General (Created: 2009-02-12; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

MTAS was asked whether a city should have an emergency management director.
Emergency Medical Services Executive Director
Job Description (Created: 2012-10-04; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

Job description for the position of the Executive Director of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
Emergency Right of Way Press Release Template
Form (Created: 2014-05-15; Reviewed: 2020-10-07 )

This is a resource for a local fire department to use to raise community awareness of the need for drivers to yield to emergency vehicles and to move over for stopped emergency vehicles.
Employee Benefit Survey
Survey (Created: 2016-08-11; Reviewed: 2021-05-07 )

Twenty-seven cities were asked questions about pay in lieu of vacation policies, vacation accrual policies, cash payment of unused sick leave at retirement,
Employee Firearms Resolution Model
Resolution (Created: 2019-12-10; Reviewed: 2021-07-30 )

This document is a sample resolution Tennessee cities can use with regards to employees carrying a firearm.
Employee Handbook Information
General (Created: 2013-09-09; Reviewed: 2021-05-18 )

MTAS was asked about the benefits of having an employee handbook; includes two examples of handbooks.
Employee Performance Evaluations in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-04-29; Reviewed: 2021-04-30 )

Twenty-two Tennessee cities responded for a request for information regarding their methods for employee performance evaluations.
Employee Safety Measures
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-10-01; Reviewed: 2021-06-15 )

MTAS was asked to address several personnel safety issues.
Employee Seeking Promotion Treated Like Other Candidates
General (Created: 2012-07-19; Reviewed: 2021-04-28 )

MTAS was asked whether there is any protection of the candidacy information of an employee who is seeking a promotion.
Employee Service Awards for Retirement and Employee Recognition Programs: MTAS Library Survey
Survey (Created: 2010-06-24; Reviewed: 2021-05-18 )

Sixteen cities were asked about employee recognition programs and service awards for retiring personnel.
Employee Surety Bonds
Survey (Created: 2021-03-07; Reviewed: 2021-06-25 )

Nine Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding what positions in city government are required to have a surety bond and what the required amounts are for those bonds.
Employee Testing Survey and Results
Survey (Created: 2014-05-19; Reviewed: 2021-04-28 )

MTAS was asked to prepare an employment testing survey to determine if Tennessee cities conduct pre-employment testing for police, fire, and public safety dispatch applicants; includes the responses of the fifteen participants.
Employees Subject to Summary Dismissal by the Mayor
Legal Opinion (Created: 2005-02-15; Reviewed: 2021-04-28 )

MTAS was asked which among certain personnel in the city occupy at will positions of employment subject to summary termination by the mayor.
Employing Minors in Establishments That Sell Beer
Legal Opinion (Created: 1992-08-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-15 )

MTAS was asked whether minors may be employed in establishments that sell beer.
Employment Agreement between the Town of Baileyton, Tennessee, and a Wastewater Treatment Operator
General (Created: 2012-06-14; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

The town wishes to employ an individual for a period of one year in order to determine if they are capable of operating the Town's wastewater treatment plant, a highly regulated facility which must be operated to exact regulations as required by state, local, and federal agencies.
Employment Agreement for City Manager
General (Created: 2005-12-14; Reviewed: 2021-06-28 )

An employment agreement between the city and the city manager.
Employment Contracts between City Manager and Department Heads
Legal Opinion (Created: 1993-05-20; Reviewed: 2021-07-08 )

MTAS was asked whether the Commissioners of the City may enter into an "employment agreement" with the Chief of Police.
Encryption of Radio Signals
General (Created: 2001-03-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-12 )

Encryption will keep eavesdroppers from being able to listen to radio transmissions as they happen, but official recordings of the transmissions are public records.
Enforcing Municipal Ordinances Outside the City Limits
Legal Opinion (Created: 1996-08-19; Reviewed: 2021-04-29 )

MTAS was asked whether it may enforce its ordinances dealing with tall grass, junk cars, and dangerous buildings within one mile of the city limits.
Engineer Codes Official
Job Description (Created: 2002-09-25; Reviewed: 2021-04-19 )

Job description for the position of Engineer/Codes Official.
Engineer/Sewer/Codes Official
Job Description (Created: 2003-06-26; Reviewed: 2021-04-28 )

A job description for the position of Engineer/Sewer/Codes Official.
Engineering Technician (1)
Job Description (Created: 2002-08-02; Reviewed: 2021-04-15 )

Job description for the position of Engineering Technician for the City of Belmont.
Englewood Debt Management Policy
General (Created: 2011-09-20; Reviewed: 2021-04-22 )

MTAS was asked to customize the model debt policy based on a percentage of expenditures.
Enhancing the Economic Vitality of the Central Business District
General (Created: 2015-12-11; Reviewed: 2021-06-18 )

MTAS provided several approaches that have been successfully employed in other Tennessee cities to accomplish this objective.
Ensuring Effective Municipal Service Delivery to Diverse Constituents: Preparing Tennessee Cities to Serve Changing Communities
Report/Study (Created: 2015-12-05; Reviewed: 2017-06-05 )

The purpose of this MTAS-sponsored research study is three-fold, 1) identify current diversity initiatives (e.g. training programs, resources, and programming) within Tennessee municipalities that prepare local government employees to serve diverse populations, 2) identify existing service delivery initiatives that serve diverse local constituents in Tennessee municipalities (e.g. language materials, etc.), 3) identify future diversity-related training and resources most beneficial to the municipality in serving diverse constituents. The central research question is, 'In what ways can Tennessee municipalities better prepare to serve an increasingly diverse public?'
Entitlement of the City to In Lieu of Taxes from an Electric System
Legal Opinion (Created: 1995-06-06; Reviewed: 2021-07-01 )

MTAS was asked whether the city is entitled to in lieu of taxes from an electric system with respect to the system's property in the city.
Entry Level Firefighter Job Description
Job Description (Created: 2005-07-01; Reviewed: 2021-05-21 )

A job description for an entry level firefighter for the City of Dayton.
Establishing a Debt Policy and a Fund Balance Policy for the Town of Altamont
Ordinance (Created: 2011-09-14; Reviewed: 2021-04-22 )

MTAS was asked to provide ordinances to establish a debt policy and a fund balance policy for the Town of Altamont.
Establishing an Economic Development Program
General (Created: 2003-03-24; Reviewed: 2021-06-18 )

The City of Medina requested MTAS to assist in establishing an economic development program.
Establishing Municipal Boundaries When Annexation Records Are Not Available
General (Created: 2011-05-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-21 )

MTAS was asked to assist in determining municipal boundaries for Altamont, Tennessee with missing annexation records.
Establishment of a City Environmental Court
Legal Opinion (Created: 2009-06-24; Reviewed: 2021-07-27 )

MTAS was asked about the establishment of an environmental court in the city and the organizational implications such a court would have on the existing city court.
Evaluating an RFP/RFQ for Consulting Services
Form (Created: 2015-08-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-29 )

This RFP evaluation scoresheet is a template that can be modified for projects other than selecting consulting services.
Evaluation of City Manager
Form (Created: 2019-12-11; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

This is a form that can be used to evaluate a City Manager in any town or city in Tennessee.
Eviction Notices
General (Created: 2006-12-18; Reviewed: 2021-06-28 )

MTAS assisted in writing an eviction notice and a request to vacate to the tenants in a city-owned building.
Example of a Monthly Administrative Report
Report/Study (Created: 2013-12-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-08 )

MTAS was asked for an example of a monthly administrative report that a city manager might present to the mayor and city council.
Excess Funds in Public Improvement Bond
General (Created: 2014-01-08; Reviewed: 2021-04-22 )

MTAS was asked whether excess funds that remained from a public improvement bond called to complete required subdivision work should be returned to the surety company.
Exclusive Franchises for Sewer Treatment Services
Legal Opinion (Created: 2001-02-16; Reviewed: 2021-04-22 )

There is sufficient authority for this town to grant an exclusive franchise for sewer service to one entity.
Executive Secretary City Manager's Office
Job Description (Created: 2002-09-24; Reviewed: 2021-04-26 )

Job description for the position of Executive Secretary City Manager's Office.
Executive Secretary II for Engineering and Development Services
Job Description (Created: 2002-09-24; Reviewed: 2021-04-28 )

Job description for the position of Executive Secretary II for Engineering and Development Services.
Exempt and Non-Exempt Cities Under the State Fire Marshal's Building and Fire Code
General (Created: 2003-10-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-22 )

MTAS was asked the difference between an exempt and nonexempt city under the State Fire Marshal's Building and Fire Code.
Exemption from Application of the State Fire Marshal's Minimum Statewide Standards under T.C.A. 68-120-101
General (Created: 2014-03-27; Reviewed: 2021-05-14 )

MTAS was asked whether the town is authorized to issue building permits and conduct inspections on the new county elementary school.
Exotic Animals Law in Tennessee
Legal Opinion (Created: 2001-10-08; Reviewed: 2021-07-16 )

MTAS was asked if Tennessee has an exotic animals law and if private property owners are prohibited from keeping pythons.
Expending Municipal Funds to Relocate Sewer, Water, and Gas Mechanical Equipment at the Request of a Property Owner
Legal Opinion (Created: 1995-01-11; Reviewed: 2021-05-27 )

MTAS was asked about the legality of expending municipal funds to relocate sewer, water and gas mechanical equipment at the request of a property owner who wishes to backfill his property.
Extraterritorial Arrests
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-06-14; Reviewed: 2021-05-12 )

MTAS was asked under what authority police officers have the right to arrest and pursue defendants outside the territorial limits of the city.