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Reference Number: MTAS-2073
Reviewed Date: 10/12/2018

LinkedIn is an online social media networking service designed to connect professionals. Some unique features of LinkedIn are that it can be used as a recruiting tool, a marketing tool, or a sales tool. Microsoft completed its acquisition of LinkedIn in December 2016.[15] When you create your presence on LinkedIn, you have two options: creating a Company page or a Group page. The person tasked with creating and managing either type page must create a personal LinkedIn user account and complete the profile for that user. The Company page has additional requirements that must be met before the page becomes active. The personal profile must be at least 7 days old and have a profile strength of intermediate or higher. The person in your municipality tasked with creating the Company page will need to make several connections to other users on his/her personal profile, must be a current company employee with his/her current position listed in the experience section, and the municipality's email address must be added to the page and then confirmed by LinkedIn. Finally the municipality's email domain must be unique to the municipality.[16] If you are not able to meet all of the criteria required to establish a Company page, you can create a Group page instead. With a Group page, you can choose to make it an open group or a members-only group. Whether you create a Company page or a Group page, set more than one person as the administrator in order to have a backup for administrative duties for the page.