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Automated Request Systems

Reference Number: MTAS-1450
Reviewed Date: 10/12/2018

By using the chief components outlined in this report, your city can develop an efficient automated request system. Computers are a growing necessity as vendors continue expanding their software to include capabilities municipalities need. MTAS does not endorse the following automated request systems, but includes them as examples of the packages that are available for request tracking. A brief summary of what each offers is included.

CarteGraph seems to be designed with a focus on public works and integrating ESRI’s ArcGIS systems. It offers tools within its products for managing both internal and external service requests. You can create standard operating procedures for each request received. You are then able to monitor the requests and complaint status. The software will also allow you to log phone numbers and addresses for constituents.

Tyler Technologies
Tyler Technologies offers EnerGov. EnerGov is specifically designed to automate and centrally connect critical processes, including land use planning and project review, regulatory management, inspections, code enforcement, citizen requests, asset management, work order management and more. One of the modules is Energov Citizen Self Service software is designed to manage citizen requests.

QScend Technologies, Inc.
This system is a hosted web-based system. It provides a wide variety of features and offers reports by street or district. It also links multiple occurrences of the same complaint and stores everything in a database.

Additional information is available at each vendor’s website.