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Reference Number: MTAS-1168
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: May 20, 2021
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The city may pay for certain entertainment expenses provided that the:

A. Entertainment is appropriate in the conduct of city business;

B. Entertainment is approved by the CAO;

C. Group or individuals involved are identified; and

D. Documentation is attached to the expense form to support the entertainment expense claims.

To request reimbursement for authorized entertainment expenses, be sure to include with the expense reimbursement form:

A. Required receipts. All requests must be supported by original receipts from the vendor (restaurant, caterer, ticket office, etc.) Reasonable tips and gratuities included on the receipt by the vendor are reimbursable.

B. A disclosure and explanation statement, explaining the purpose of the entertainment and identifying the group and the number of people entertained (or individual names listed if not a recognized group).

If the CAO is the person filing the claim, then it must be approved by the governing board before the finance officer authorizes payment.


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