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Siting Telecommunications Towers

Reference Number: MTAS-752
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: December 01, 2016
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With the widespread use of cellular telephones and similar wireless electronics, cities are receiving an increasing number of requests from telecommunications companies to place antennas and towers in their communities. Many of these towers are quite large and can pose safety risks for neighboring residents and businesses. Communications towers may conflict with the aesthetics of the neighborhood and generate concerns from residents when applications are received at city hall.

A modern city should have a strategy in place before it considers a request from a telecommunications service to erect a tower. The strategy should recognize the important role that telecommunications services play in the community and not unduly prohibit tower construction. At the same time, however, the policy should assure that citizens will be protected against shoddy construction and ensure against an unreasonable proliferation of such antennas in the community.


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