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Sample Completed Job Design Profile

Reference Number: MTAS-1570
Reviewed Date: 08/14/2023

Position of Public Works Director

(Describe the position as you see it. What is the public works director’s job?)

Oversees budgetary operations and prepares budgets as required; promulgates regulations to ensure proper organization and use of personnel; plans and directs activities of the public works department; performs administrative activities of the public works department; coordinates formal and on-the-job training programs for recruits and personal development; keeps records and prepares reports, including personnel reports; develops and recommends policy options and alternatives for consideration by the city manager and the city council.

Knowledge of public works operations, including construction, engineering, maintenance, office and business procedures; ability to plan, organize, schedule, coordinate, and direct public works functions, including streets, solid waste, water and sewer utilities, and engineering; knowledge of and experience in the application of management and supervisory principles and practices as applied to municipal government; knowledge of and experience in municipal procedures relating to finance, personnel, purchasing, office operations, risk management and public relations; knowledge of and experience in managing occupational hazards and safety precautions; knowledge of the principles and practices of engineering and construction, particularly as applied to municipal functions; ability to efficiently prepare and maintain thorough and accurate reports and records; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, the news media, employees, external agencies and organizations, the city manager, and the city council.

(Indicate the level of education and experience required and desired for each item.)

Degree: Required Desired
B.S. Engineering X  
M.S. Engineering   X
B.A. Public Administration    
M.A. Public Administration    
B.S. Business Administration    
M.B.A. Business Administration    


Experience As
Public Works Director
Required Desire
More than 10 years   X
More than 5 years X  
More than 1 year    


Experience As
An Assistant Director or Division Head
Required Desired
More than 10 years    
More than 5 years    
More than 1 year    

OTHER EXPERIENCE: (Specify)_____________________________


(Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 the five most important professional characteristics that you want the new director to have.)

Administrative Skills _______1____________
Analytical Skills ________________________
Business Minded ______________________
Communication Skills _______5___________
Cost Conscious _______________________
Democratic Decision Maker ______________
Detailed Oriented ______________________
Engineering Skills _________2___________
Independent Decision Maker _____________
Objective ____________________________
Organization Skills _____________________
People Oriented _______________________
Planning Skills ____________4__________
Policy Development Skills _______________
Productivity Oriented ___________________
Public Relations Skills _________________
Quality Conscious __________3__________
Results Oriented ______________________
Team Player _________________________
Technically Oriented ___________________
Other _______________________________


(Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 the five most important personal characteristics that you want the new director to have.)

Alert _______________________________
Ambitious ___________________________
Assertive ____________________________
Cautious ____________________________
Confident ____________________________
Conservative __________________________
Considerate __________________________
Cooperative ___________3______________
Creative _____________________________
Decisive ____________________________
Deliberate ___________________________
Friendly _____________________________
Flexible ______________5______________
Forthright ___________________________
Honest _____________1_______________
Humble ____________________________
Innovative _____________4_____________
Intellectual __________________________
Mature ______________________________
Open _______________________________
Other _______________________________
Outgoing ____________________________
Patient _____________________________
Persistent ___________________________
Practical ____________________________
Prompt _____________________________
Reliable __________2_________________
Resourceful _________________________
Sensitive ___________________________
Stable _____________________________
Tactful _____________________________
Tolerant ___________________________
Unprejudiced _______________________
Versatile ___________________________
Well Organized ______________________
Other ______________________________


List the five most important challenges or job targets that the new public works director will face. For example, develop a five-year street improvement program, reorganize the department, improve employee productivity, etc.

1. Address high fuel costs and long-range planning for use of new alternative fuels for fleets

2. Street repaving schedule.

3. Reorganize the public works department and hire assistant director.

4. Research and apply for grant funding opportunities for public works.

5. Make plans to relocate the equipment/vehicle storage area to a new facility within the next three years.