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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Job Description

Reference Number: MTAS-1569
Reviewed Date: 08/14/2023

The emphasis in effective recruiting should always be on quality. A truckload of mediocre applicants will not accomplish the goal of finding the single candidate that best fits your job design profile. The job design profile is an important working tool in recruitment and selection. It will be used and referred to at several points during the process. Writing the job description is the first practical use of the information generated through the job design profile; the next step is the first application.

The job description is the principal means for conveying to the applicant pool your expectations and requirements for the job. It should be well organized and understandable. An acceptable format would include information presented within categories such as:

  • General definition and nature of the job
  • Essential duties and work performed
  • Required knowledge and skills
  • Desired qualifications
  • Special requirements

The job description must meet American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for reasonable accommodations for the position. Much of the information you included in the job description will be derived from the job design profile. Once the job description has been developed, it can be used as a recruitment tool. Potential applicants typically are recruited through two methods — advertisement and personal contact. An accurate and complete job description is essential for both methods. It is, in a real sense, an advertising technique and, at the same time, a professionally acceptable means for you to communicate with potential applicants.