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Records Request Denial Letter

Reference Number: MTAS-454
Reviewed Date: 09/19/2022


(Insert Agency Name and Address)

(Insert Date)

Dear Sir or Madam:

On (insert date) this office received your open records request to inspect/receive copies of (insert type of records). After reviewing the request, this office is unable to provide you with either all or part of the requested record(s). The basis for this denial is:

_____ No such record(s) exist.

_____  This office is not the records custodian for the requested record(s).

_____  Additional information is needed to identify the requested record(s):








_____ The following law (citation and brief description why access is denied):


_____ Tenn. Code Ann. Section: ______________


_____ Court Rule: _________________________


_____ Common Law Provision _______________


_____ Federal Law (HIPAA, FERPA, etc.) ______


If you have any additional questions, please contact (insert contact Person and phone number).







(Record Custodian's signature and title with contact information)