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Open Records Procedures

Reference Number: MTAS-444
Reviewed Date: 07/11/2022

Tennessee law allows municipalities to adopt reasonable rules and regulations relating to accessing public records. Every municipality was statutorily required to have a public records policy adopted by July 1, 2018. The policy was, at a minimum, required to include:

  1. The process for making requests to inspect public records or receive copies of public records and a copy of any required request form;
  2. The process for responding to requests, including redaction practices;
  3. A statement of any fees charged for copies of public records and the procedures for billing and payment; and
  4. The name or title and the contact information of the individual or individuals within such governmental entity designated as the PRRC.

MTAS developed a sample public records resolution to assist municipalities in adopting a policy. The sample resolution is found here: Sample Resolution Adopting a Public Records Policy | MTAS (