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Original Author: O'Hara, Stephanie Allen
Date of Material: 11/02/2017

Records management--Open records
Records management--Open records--Municipal resolutions
Records management
Records management--Municipal resolutions
Records management--Open records--Laws and regulations
Municipal government--Municipal resolutions

Sample Resolution Adopting a Public Records Policy

Reviewed Date: 07/19/2021
MTAS created a sample resolution for Tennessee municipalities to use in order to adopt a public records policy that will provide economical and efficient access to public records as provided under the Tennessee Public Records Act ('TPRA') in Tenn. Code Ann. ' 10-7-501, et seq. by July 1, 2017. The sample resolution adopting a public records policy includes a public records policy, a public records request form, and a public record request response form. (updated 11/2/2017)

Reference Document(s)
file MTAS Municipal Public Records Request Policy_11_2017.docx
file MTAS Municipal Public Records Request Policy resolution_11_2017.pdf