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Levying the Tax and Limitation

Reference Number: MTAS-1129
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: November 13, 2018
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In Home Rule chartered-cities

  • The tax is levied by ordinance with approval by a two-thirds vote of the legislative body at two consecutively scheduled meetings or upon the approval of a majority of the voters in a municipal referendum. The referendum is held by the county election commission upon a petition of 10 percent of the qualified voters who voted in the municipality in the most recent gubernatorial election.
  • The tax levy is limited to 5 percent.
  • The tax levy is not pre-empted by, and is in addition to, any county tax. See T.C.A. § 67-4-1402.

In private act-chartered cities and most general law cities (mayor-aldermanic, city manager-commission, and modified manager-council charters):

  • The tax is authorized by private acts of the Tennessee General Assembly. The private act must be ratified by a two-thirds vote of the authorized membership of the municipality’s legislative body or approved by a majority of those voting in a referendum held for that purpose, the method to be prescribed by the private act.
  • Generally, there is no limit on the tax. However, after May 12, 1988, if a county has levied a hotel-motel tax, the city cannot levy such a tax in any amount. Conversely, if the city has levied a hotel-motel tax, the county may not levy such a tax within the city in any amount.

Note: MTAS legal consultants advise that general law charters may be supplemented with a private act as long as the act is consistent with state general laws and the general law charters.