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Evaluation: Recording Information

Reference Number: MTAS-1411
Reviewed Date: 12/08/2020

Recording Information and Impressions
What should happen at the conclusion of an interview? The most important immediate step is to record, while it is fresh in your mind, information and impressions that you obtained during the interview. During an interview session with more than one interviewer, you should immediately record your information while the other interviewer(s) are asking questions.

To record information on and impressions of each candidate at the conclusion of the interview, it is suggested that you use a simple form such as an interview assessment form. This form provides a 10-point checklist and space for your personal comments.

Completion of the interview assessment form is the first post-interview step in moving toward a selection decision. It is the next item in a series that began with construction of the job design profile. Then there was the job description, the job advertisement, the resume checklist, the pre-interview questionnaire and pre-interview assessment form, the interview questions and now the interview assessment form. All of these are part of the same cloth. They represent progressive steps in the process. Each is a working tool to be used at a different stage.

The post-interview assessment provides an opportunity to rank the candidate in the major areas of concern and incorporates the rankings that were made on the pre-interview assessment form.

Through a thorough consideration of all written and verbal communication, you will finally achieve a preliminary ranking of candidates. In some situations, there will be a clear preference. In other situations, follow-up interviews may be required to arrive at first, second and third preferences.