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Confidentiality of Municipal Employees' Personal Information

Reference Number: MTAS-1222
Reviewed Date: 08/29/2023

While the personnel file of a municipal employee is a public record, some of its contents is confidential and must be redacted prior to public release. T.C.A. 10-7-504(f) makes the following information of a municipal employee, or former employee, or applicant to such position, or of any law enforcement officer and his or her immediate family confidential:

  • Home telephone and personal cell phone numbers;
  • Bank account and individual health savings account, retirement account and pension account information; provided, that nothing shall limit access to financial records of a governmental employer that show the amounts and sources of contributions to the accounts or the amount of pension or retirement benefits provided to the employee or former employee by the governmental employer;
  • Social security number;
  • Residential street address;
  • Driver license information except where driving or operating a vehicle is part of the employee's job description or job duties or incidental to the performance of the employee's job;
  • Emergency contact information;
  • Personal, nongovernment issued, email address.

Information that is confidential must be redacted whereever possible.