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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Codification Services and Fees

Reference Number: MTAS-1041
Reviewed Date: 08/23/2023

MTAS provides two classes of codification services: an annual update service and a complete code service.

The annual update service includes updating the city’s code once a year by incorporating all of the ordinances adopted during the past year and any amendments made to the city’s charter. All cities that take advantage of this service will pay an annual fee of two hundred dollars ($200),* which includes the web-hosting of the charter and full code as well as ten (10) copies of the updated pages. Additional copies will be invoiced separately based on our actual costs for duplication, dividers, and shipping. When a city that has a web-hosted code by MTAS submits ordinances to update the code, the city will be charged twenty-one dollars ($21) per page* based on the number of pages that are modified by the ordinances. For cities who do not have an MTAS web-hosted code, the city will be charged twenty-five dollars ($25) per page* based on the number of pages that are modified by the ordinances. The per-page fee allows for a cost that is based on the amount of work done on each update. MTAS will invoice cities for updates when the work is completed and sent to the city.

The second service is for the creation of a complete code, which includes new codes from scratch, all conversions and re-codification of old MTAS codes and any conversion of a code prepared by a private code company. Charges for complete codes services are based on population because of the relative work load and the ability of the city to pay. MTAS will send an invoice to cities for fifty percent (50%) of the cost of a complete code when we are ready to begin work on the code, usually three to four months before completion. MTAS will invoice cities for the remaining 50 percent upon delivery. Once your complete code is adopted by the city, the city should begin the annual update service listed above by sending MTAS all ordinances passed since the code was adopted. The first update should be scheduled one year after final reading on your code-adopting ordinance. The code will be web-hosted by MTAS with no additional charge for one year from the date of adoption.

Modifications to the city charter are not subject to the per page charge. The following charges went into effect in July 2012:

Population Complete Code Annual Update With Web Hosting Annual Update Without Web Hosting
0–2,000 $3,500 $200 + $21 per page $25 per page
2,001–5,000 $4,800 $200 + $21 per page $25 per page
5,001–10,000 $7,300 $200 + $21 per page $25 per page
10,001–15,000 $9,300 $200 + $21 per page $25 per page
15,001–25,000 $13,000 $200 + $21 per page $25 per page
25,001–50,000 $14,500 $200 + $21 per page $25 per page
50,001 and over $18,000 $200 + $21 per page $25 per page

*Fees are subject to change. For more information, please contact the MTAS codification staff at (865) 974-0411.