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Code Adopting Ordinance

Reference Number: MTAS-1040
Reviewed Date: 08/23/2023

The adopting ordinance on pages ORD-1 through ORD-4 should be numbered, dated, and signed immediately upon adoption. When the code is ready for adoption, the adopting ordinance should be treated as any other ordinance. It should be numbered and adopted accordingly.

Note that Section 2 of the adopting ordinance repeals "all ordinances of a general, continuing, and permanent application or of a penal nature not contained in the municipal code." Section 3 saves certain ordinances from repeal. Make sure that all ordinances that will be affected by Section 2 are in the code before final reading. Send all ordinances that you want to include in your municipal code to MTAS. You will have to re-adopt any ordinances that are omitted from the code and repealed by the adopting ordinance. Ordinances passed after adoption, however, will be included in future code updates. If you have any question as to whether or not an ordinance should be in the code, ask your MTAS municipal management consultant.

The certificate of authenticity that appears in the back of the code must be certified by the recorder after the code is adopted. Please forward a copy of the adopting ordinance and certificate of authenticity to MTAS after the code has been adopted.