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Assigning a Citizen Request

Reference Number: MTAS-1446
Reviewed Date: 10/12/2018

Most commercial software packages will automatically assign the request to the appropriate department when the entry is added to the software. Some software packages automatically generate a hard copy of the work order for the appropriate department and prioritize each request by giving it a code number.

Once the information is properly routed, the department must be accountable to someone in city hall, ensuring follow-up. This can be done in two ways. In some cities with a centralized system, the department reports how the request is handled to the community services office, the mayor, the city manager's office, or to the location of the central number. In other cities, all information forwarded to the responsible department is also sent to the city council member for that constituency. As actions are taken, notations are added to the original service request or complaint.

Everyone involved should have access to the service request record and updates, thus maximizing status tracking. Several ARS packages can produce a case list of unresolved requests and complaints to be investigated by the relevant departments.