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Amendments to Building Codes

Reference Number: MTAS-1095
Reviewed Date: 11/17/2022

Building Codes Adopted by Reference
Amendments to building codes published by original publisher may be adopted either by ordinance.[7] or by administrative regulations.[8] Regardless of which method is used to adopt published amendments to codes, the governing body must take affirmative action to either accept or reject each specific amendment to a particular code.[9] The statute does not provide for automatic adoption of future published amendments, nor will an ordinance adopted to incorporate "all future amendments" comply with the statute.[10] For cities that enforce their own local building construction safety standards under T.C.A. Title 68, Chapter 120, building codes adopted by reference must be current within seven years of the date of the latest editions.[11] The local standards must be at least as stringent as those adopted by the state fire marshal, or the fire marshal's standards apply to the city.[12] The local standards may not conflict with any provision of T.C.A. Title 68, Chapter 120.[13]

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