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Dealing with workplace violence : a guide for agency planners

This handbook, developed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Handbook Management and the Interagency Working Group on Violence in the Workplace, is the result of a cooperative effort of many Federal agencies sharing their expertise in preventing and dealing with workplace violence. It is intended to assist those who are responsible for establishing workplace violence initiatives at their agencies. However, we anticipate that its usefulness will extend well beyond the planning phase since many of the sections provide information that can be helpful for managers and specialists as they deal with difficult workplace violence situations.
Part I: (1) Basic Steps of Program Development; (2) Development of Written Policy Statement; (3) Prevention Part II: Case Studies Part III: (1) Fact Finding/Investigating; (2) Threat Assessment; (3) Employee Relations Considerations; (4) Employee Assistance Program Considerations; (5) Workplace Security; (6) Organizational Recovery After an Incident Part IV: Resources
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