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350 tested strategies to prevent crime : a resource for municipal agencies and community group

In the past few years, there has been a groundswell of community partnerships to prevent crime and drug abuse. This compilation presents prevention strategies, rather than programs, to help communities focus on adapting and tailoring program ideas and crime prevention techniques to local needs and circumstances. The strategies described are real-life approaches rather than textbook theories. Each strategy is illustrated with program examples. The 350 strategies are grouped into the following categories: (1) public education; (2) community mobilization; (3) youth programs and dropout prevention; (4) law-enforcement and community links; (5) safe and attractive public places in cities and in schools; (6) economic development; (7) violence; (8) drugs; (9) bias crimes; and (10) property crime. Chapters highlight key components, partnerships, and obstacles for each strategy. A reference bibliography concludes each chapter, and a resource guide provides information on 109 groups with resources and program examples.
SCOPE collection.