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The 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace [ebook] : empowering organizations by encouraging people / Gary Chapman & Paul White.

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People, by Gary Chapman and Paul White, brings the love language concept to the workplace. This book will teach you how to improve job satisfaction, create more positive relationships between managers and employees, and decrease burnout rates. How? By teaching you to effectively communicate appreciation to employees, co-workers, and team members. This new edition contains brand-new content including: New chapter on how companies ""engage"" and ""appreciate"" remote workers, virtual teams, and other employ.
Chapman, Gary
White, Paul
10. The Difference between Recognition and Appreciation; 11. Your Potential Blind Spot: Your Least Valued Language; 12. Appreciation with Remote Employees and Virtual Teams; 13. Generational Differences and Other FAQs; 14. How Appreciation Works in Different Settings; 15. Does a Person's Language of Appreciation Ever Change?; 16. Overcoming Your Challenges; 17. What If You Don't Appreciate Your Team Members?; 18. Now It's Your Turn; Notes; About the Authors; More from the Authors
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