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Author: Abdelrazek, Reem
Utility Extension Policies: Who Pays?
General (Created: 2006-07-24; Reviewed: 2021-07-22)

The purpose of this article is to present differing municipal practices of utility extension procedure and funding strictly for undeveloped land within city limits.
Author: Adams-O'Brien, Frances
2019 Court Cost Data
General (Created: 2019-12-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-22)

A list of the court costs for selected Tennessee cities.
A Review of Selected Tennessee Municipal Food Truck Ordinances
Survey (Created: 2021-04-06; Reviewed: 2022-04-22)

In April 2021, the MTAS Research and Information Center compiled a listing of municipal food truck ordinances across the state of Tennessee.
Actuarial Services Resource List
General (Created: 2021-08-06; Reviewed: 2021-09-15)

A list of contact information for companies that provide actuarial services in Tennessee. This list is provided for the user's convenience but does not indicate an endorsement of any listed firm.
After-Hours Reconnect Service for Water and Electric Service: MTAS Library Survey
Survey (Created: 2008-07-23; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

Ten utilities were asked questions about after hours reconnect services on the topics of staffing, dispatcher, trucks, and charges.
Animal Control in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2018-05-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

Seven Tennessee cities were surveyed to find out how animal control is managed.
Animal Shelter Operations Update
Survey (Created: 2018-08-15; Reviewed: 2021-04-26)

The Research and Information Center team surveyed three selected cities to update a survey requested by the city of Cleveland, Tennessee.
Backing Up Heavy Equipment: MTAS Research and Information Center Survey
Survey (Created: 2011-08-31; Reviewed: 2020-04-21)

Fifteen cities were asked about the safety methods they employ to reduce risks associated with backing up heavy equipment.
Basic Benefits for Police Officers in Selected West Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2014-01-10; Reviewed: 2021-07-02)

Four cities and counties were asked several questions about their compensation and benefits for their police officers.
Bed and Breakfast Regulation: MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2011-08-31; Reviewed: 2021-06-14)

MTAS asked five cities how they regulate bed and breakfast establishments through zoning ordinances, parking and signage regulations, and fire safety.
Bereavement Policies: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2010-06-29; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

Six cities were asked their bereavement policies for municipal employees.
Board and Committee Term Limits in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2019-06-01; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

Tennessee cities were surveyed to find out whether or not boards and committees have term limits and what are the limits for those committees.
Budget and Charitable Contributions in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2019-03-20; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

Eleven Tennessee cities were contacted to find out what their general fund operating budget and planned charitable contributions were in fiscal year 2019.
Building Inspectors in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2020-06-01; Reviewed: 2021-04-20)

A survey of selected cities regarding whether they have a building inspector on staff, and if not, do they contract for those services.
Citizen Advisory Board Handbooks
Survey (Created: 2017-05-01; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

The MTAS Research and Information Center surveyed five Tennessee cities to find out if they provide a handbook to their citizen advisory boards.
City Cemetery Policies and Charges Survey
Survey (Created: 2021-07-27; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

Survey of selected cities regarding cost of plots, policy on cremains, and infant burial.
City Manager Agreements, Severance Provisions, and Salary in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2020-12-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

A survey of selected cities in Tennessee regarding city manager/administrator agreements and salary. Data includes covers agreement/contract, length of contract/agreement, severance package, insurance, tenure of manager, salary and car allowance.
City Manager Salary for Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2020-05-27; Reviewed: 2021-07-07)

A survey of thirteen Tennessee cities to gather information on city manager salary, existence of contract or agreement, severance package, and tenure of current manager.
City Manager Salary, Employment Agreements, Retirement, Leave Benefits and Employee Paid Paternity Leave Survey
Survey (Created: 2021-11-10; Reviewed: 2022-03-03)

The MTAS Research and Information Center requested information from Tennessee municipalities that have a city manager government. The survey included questions on salary, employment agreements, severance packages, retirement benefits and leave provided for the city manager. The survey also gathered information on whether the selected municipalities offer paid parental leave as a benefit to all employees.
City Manager/Administrator Salary and Benefits in Selected Cities
Survey (Created: 2020-10-21; Reviewed: 2021-05-04)

Nine Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding salary and compensation for their City Manager/City Administrator roles. Data includes base salary, existence of contract or agreement, bonuses, insurance, leave and take home car/car allowance.
City Permits for Mass Gathering Events: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2013-07-31; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

Six cities were asked several questions about permits for special events and mass gatherings.
City Websites, Agendas, Minutes, and Credit Card Payments
Survey (Created: 2022-02-17; Reviewed: 2022-02-17)

A survey of one hundred sixteen cities with websites to determine which post their agendas and minutes and which can accommodate credit card payments.
Communication Director/Public Information Officer in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2019-11-01; Reviewed: 2021-12-08)

A survey of selected cities were surveyed to find out whether the city employs a communication director/public information officer and how that position fits into the overall structure of the city.
Communications Equipment on Publicly Owned Facilities
Survey (Created: 2013-11-30; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

Fifteen cities were asked about leasing space on public facilities, such as water towers, to for-profit companies.
Computer-aided Dispatch Software Survey
Survey (Created: 2020-11-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

A compilation of information from ten counties in Tennessee and the computer-aided dispatch software used in their 911 departments.
County to City Dispatch Charges Survey
Survey (Created: 2020-08-07; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

MTAS surveyed eighteen cities whose E-911 communications are handled by the county they are located in. Representatives of each city were asked about service cost and the formula used to determine the charge for each city.
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Local Government in Tennessee
General (Created: 2020-03-04; Reviewed: 2021-05-14)

A list of resources for local governments in Tennessee related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. This list will be updated regularly as resources become available. Note: Due to the variety and volume of information on this page, new resources that are more recently added to this page are indicated with RED type.

Development and Impact Fees in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2019-02-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-01)

A survey of selected cities regarding development or impact fees.
Do-It-Yourself City Street Paving: MTAS Library Survey
Survey (Created: 2011-06-14; Reviewed: 2020-10-07)

Twenty-two cities were asked whether their city performs DIY street paving and how they made their decision.
Dog Park Creation and Regulation
Survey (Created: 2014-11-18; Reviewed: 2021-06-01)

Eight cities were asked several questions about off-leash dog parks, including: use of a feasibility study; funding model; design guidelines; and, regulations or ordinances.
Drain Easements in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2019-02-01; Reviewed: 2020-07-08)

Nine Tennessee cities were surveyed to find out how they handle drainage easements.
Duties and Time Allocation for Street Department Employees: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2011-02-28; Reviewed: 2020-07-16)

Twelve cities were asked several questions about the duties and time allocation for their street department employees.
Educational Assistance in Tennessee Cities and Selected Airports
Survey (Created: 2020-10-06; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

An online survey was sent to 111 email addresses for human resources directors and other positions holding these responsibilities. A total of 66 responses were received regarding educational assistance for city and airport employees in the state.
Employee Performance Evaluations in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-04-29; Reviewed: 2021-04-30)

Twenty-two Tennessee cities responded for a request for information regarding their methods for employee performance evaluations.
Employee Service Awards for Retirement and Employee Recognition Programs: MTAS Library Survey
Survey (Created: 2010-06-24; Reviewed: 2021-05-18)

Sixteen cities were asked about employee recognition programs and service awards for retiring personnel.
Employee Surety Bonds
Survey (Created: 2021-03-07; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

Nine Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding what positions in city government are required to have a surety bond and what the required amounts are for those bonds.
Facilities Usage Policies and Procedures: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2005-06-15; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

Nine cities were asked about allowing park facilities or community centers to be used by concert venues or large events that are not city sponsored.
Fire Department Minimum Staffing Survey
Survey (Created: 2020-06-10; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

Selected Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding the staffing numbers in their fire departments.
Fire Hydrant Cost, Installation, and Maintenance in Selected Municipalities
Survey (Created: 2021-09-15; Reviewed: 2022-03-11)

Eight Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding the procedures and costs for installation of fire hydrants.
Fire Positions Exempted from Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System Mandatory Retirement at Age 60
Survey (Created: 2017-09-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-22)

A survey of selected cities to determine if their battalion chief or shift caption positions are exempted from the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System mandatory retirement for public safety positions at age 60.
Fire Shift Supervisor Survey
Survey (Created: 2014-12-04; Reviewed: 2021-05-20)

Eight cities responded to this survey that asks about the position that is responsible for the supervision of two or more fire stations and their crews.
First Responder Compensation Survey
Survey (Created: 2020-10-23; Reviewed: 2021-05-21)

Ten Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding compensation for experienced, certified and entry level first responders.
First Responders and Fireworks Incidents Survey
Survey (Created: 2020-08-21; Reviewed: 2021-05-21)

Six Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding first responders having fireworks shot or directed at them while on-duty.
Fleet Management: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2008-11-24; Reviewed: 2020-10-07)

Ten cities were asked several questions about their fleet management practices.
FMLA and Extended Leave of Absence: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2011-02-14; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

Twenty-three cities were asked about their FMLA policies and extended leave of absence policies.
Form of Government, Charter Type, District vs. At-Large Elections and Term Limits in Selected Council/Manager Municipalities
Survey (Created: 2019-11-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

The MTAS Research and Information Center team compiled election and term limit information for a number of selected Tennessee cities.
Health Insurance Provision in Cities with Less Than 10 Employees
Survey (Created: 2020-12-10; Reviewed: 2021-05-04)

Twelve cities responded to a request for information regarding whether or not they provide insurance benefits when there are less than 10 employees on the payroll.
Hotel/Motel Tax Usage in Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-10-25; Reviewed: 2022-03-02)

MTAS Tennessee cities and towns to find out whether or not a hotel/motel tax is collected, what the rate is in the city or town, are there any additional fees and how the funds are spent in their city.
Incentives for ASE and EVT Certifications for Fleet Technicians
Survey (Created: 2018-12-04; Reviewed: 2020-05-14)

Selected Tennessee cities were surveyed to find out if they offer incentives to their fleet technicians for getting an ASE or CVT certificates.
Insurance for Elected Officials
Survey (Created: 2020-06-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-09)

Ten Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding whether or not the city provides medical insurance to their elected officials.
Is There Empirical Evidence That Surveillance Cameras Reduce Crime?
Report/Study (Created: 2016-09-26; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

Based on the papers, articles, and reports reviewed, it seems that CCTV is most effective when combined with other crime reducing/deterring methods such as improved lighting, security guards, and defensible space.
Judge Salary and Benefits Survey
Survey (Created: 2021-04-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

Twelve Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding what salary and benefits are offered to their sitting judges.
Leasing City-Owned Facilities for Communications Equipment
Survey (Created: 2019-04-01; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

Twenty-one Tennessee officials were surveyed to find whether or not the cities lease space to companies to place communications equipment on public facilities such as water towers or a city owned communication tower.
Leave Accrual for Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2009-07-07; Reviewed: 2021-07-09)

Forty-two cities were asked several questions about annual and sick leave for their exempt and non-exempt employees.
Lien Use and Collection: A Survey Conducted for Chattanooga
Survey (Created: 2007-02-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-19)

Seven cities were asked about utilizing the lien provision of state law for recovering costs related to slum clearance and for overgrown lot clearance.
Limitations by Ordinance on the Number of Dogs/Cats per Residential Household
Survey (Created: 2021-11-15; Reviewed: 2022-03-11)

Twenty-one Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding their limits on the number of dogs and cats per residential household.
Local Property Tax Relief Programs in Selected Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-11-10; Reviewed: 2022-03-11)

Eighteen Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding whether or not the municipalities offer their citizens property tax relief.
Longevity Pay Benefits in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2020-06-04; Reviewed: 2021-05-24)

A survey of selected cities regarding whether they offer a longevity pay benefits and details on how that is provided.
Maryville Lineman Survey
Survey (Created: 2020-08-07; Reviewed: 2021-04-09)

Seven cities were identified in the MTAS City Directory as providing electric services to their communities. Two of the seven cities responded with data - Alcoa and Dayton. The following cities do not own their electric utilities and referred MTAS to the local utilities: Cleveland, Shelbyville and Springfield. Each of the utilities were contacted and to do ate we have not received the requested information.
Mayoral Compensation in Selected Small Cities with a Strong Mayor Form of Government
Survey (Created: 2020-01-22; Reviewed: 2021-07-30)

Nine Tennessee cities with a population of no more than 2,000 citizens and with a strong mayor form of government responded to a request for information regarding the mayor's compensation in their city.
Mayoral Compensation in Selected Small Cities with Strong Mayor Form of Government
Survey (Created: 2021-04-05; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

Tennessee cities with a strong mayor form of government responded to a request for information regarding mayoral salaries.
Memorializing in City Hall: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2009-09-30; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

Nine cities were asked about the practice of placing plaques, framed photos, etc. in the city council chamber or meeting room to honor or memorialize individuals. Includes sample policies and inductee form.
MTAS Golf Course Survey
Survey (Created: 2013-02-21; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

Four cities were asked several questions about their golf courses, including operations, funding, green fees, usage by local colleges and high schools, and number of rounds of golf played in FY 2012
MTAS Tax Sale Procedures Survey
Survey (Created: 2019-08-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-13)

Six Tennessee cities were surveyed to find out how sales on properties with delinquent taxes are handled.
Municipal Court Survey 2020
Survey (Created: 2020-10-20; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS conducted a statewide survey of municipal court clerk contacts available in the MTAS city directory. Survey invitations were sent to 234 contacts and 105 surveys were completed. Questions about municipal court operations are frequent and over the years MTAS has conducted several smaller surveys. This survey was an attempt to combine the previous surveys into one comprehensive resource.
Organizational Charts for Reporting Structure for Finance Director and Recorder Positions in Selected Cities
Survey (Created: 2022-02-04; Reviewed: 2022-03-11)

Eight Tennessee cities responded to a request for an organizational chart for the Finance Director and City Recorder in their municipalities.
Overview of Municipal Certifications in Tennessee
Survey (Created: 2019-07-01; Reviewed: 2020-05-14)

The Research and Information Center acquired information for a number of departments in Tennessee cities that require employees be certified in their fields.
Paid Leave Benefits in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-08-02; Reviewed: 2021-09-17)

Nine Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding their paid leave benefits for employees.
Paid Maternity Leave and Short-term Disability in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2020-11-20; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

Twelve cities responded to a request for information regarding paid maternity leave and short-term disability for their employees.
Parks and Facilities Fees
Survey (Created: 2018-09-01; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

Twelve Tennessee cities were asked about their fees for park and facilities usage and who handles them.
Parks and Recreation Director Salary Information in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-03-26; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

Nine Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding salary ranges and how many employees report to the Parks & Recreation Director.
Parks and Recreation Fee Survey
Survey (Created: 2011-05-26; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

Ten cities were asked several questions about their parks and recreation department, budget, and staffing.
Parks and Recreation Funding and Staffing: A Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the Town of Smyrna
Survey (Created: 2006-09-30; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

Ten cities were asked several questions about their parks and recreation budget, staffing, and pavilion rental fee.
Pay Increases for Fiscal Year 2022
Survey (Created: 2021-09-02; Reviewed: 2021-09-02)

Survey invitations were went to 79 cities with 48 responses regarding merit raises and cost of living increases for city employees in Fiscal Year 2022.
Payment of "Hazard Pay" During COVID-19 Pandemic in Selected Cities in Tennessee
Survey (Created: 2020-04-24; Reviewed: 2021-05-18)

Seven Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding whether or not their employees are eligible for hazard pay during a crisis or emergency declaration.
Police Accreditation Staffing and Compensation Survey
Survey (Created: 2021-06-29; Reviewed: 2021-09-02)

Twenty-two Tennessee cities and towns answered a request for information regarding whether or not they have an employee that oversees the TLEA accreditation process.
Police Department Scheduling in Selected Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-11-19; Reviewed: 2022-03-04)

Seven Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding the way their police officers work schedules are arranged.
Police Dispatching Services in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2019-06-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

Selected Tennessee cities were asked how police dispatch services are handled in their departments.
Police Vehicle Replacement Standards Survey
Survey (Created: 2007-02-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-01)

Three cities were asked their policies for replacing police vehicles
Rain Gauge Usage in Tennessee Cities and Towns
Survey (Created: 2021-06-15; Reviewed: 2021-09-01)

A number of Tennessee city and towns were surveyed to find out if they use a rain gauge network and if so, how they obtain the data gathered.
Recyclables Disposal Survey
Survey (Created: 2021-08-20; Reviewed: 2022-02-22)

Nine Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding their recycling services, collection and disposal of material.
Reserve Leave in Select Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-01-07; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

Ten Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding the maximum amount of leave given to personnel who serve in the military reserves.
Residential Refuse Collection and Recycling Services in Selected Tennessee Cities and Towns
Survey (Created: 2019-08-05; Reviewed: 2021-04-14)

A survey of selected Tennessee cities and towns regarding residential refuse and recycling collection services including rates and charges for the services.
Residential Refuse Collection Services in Selected West Tennessee Cities and Towns
Survey (Created: 2019-01-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-30)

A survey of selected West Tennessee cities and towns regarding residential refuse service rates and charges.
Retro-Reflectivity Programs Survey: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2013-02-21; Reviewed: 2020-05-06)

Nine cities were asked whether they had contracted for professional services for a retro-reflectivity program or had conducted an in-house program.
Risk Management in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-11-29; Reviewed: 2022-03-04)

Twelve Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding ways that risk management is handled in their municipalities.
Safety Boot Reimbursement for Employees: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Survey (Created: 2010-10-29; Reviewed: 2021-05-18)

Ten cities were asked about their policy for purchasing or subsidizing safety boots for city workers.
Salary and Benefits for Elected Officials in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-04-29; Reviewed: 2021-04-29)

Fifteen Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding annual salaries and benefits offered to elected officials.
Salary and Benefits for Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2 and Patrol Officer in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-08-20; Reviewed: 2021-09-16)

Four Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding the salary and benefits offered to Firefighter 1 & 2 as well as Patrol Officer.
Salary Survey for City Manager/Recorder/Treasurer Combined Role
Survey (Created: 2021-11-30; Reviewed: 2022-03-04)

Eight Tennessee cities with an employee in a combined role as City Manager/Recorder/Treasurer responded to a request for information regarding salary ranges.
Samples of Zoning Regulations for Accessory Units
General (Created: 2020-09-30; Reviewed: 2021-04-19)

Management Consultant Pat Hardy compiled zoning regulations for accessory units on residential lots from six Tennessee cities.
Sampling of Current Long-Serving Mayors
Survey (Created: 2020-09-24; Reviewed: 2021-06-09)

This is a brief sampling of mayors that have served 20 years or more (concurrently).
Selected Municipal Employment Benefits Survey
Survey (Created: 2022-01-31; Reviewed: 2022-03-04)

Eighteen Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding employee health insurance, paid leave, paid holidays and retirement benefits.
Stormwater Funding Survey
Survey (Created: 2021-05-15; Reviewed: 2021-09-01)

Twenty-five Tennessee cities and towns were surveyed regarding their stormwater utility fees.
TCMA Member Forum Discussion on Fiscal Year 2021 Pay Increases
Survey (Created: 2020-06-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

Twenty Tennessee cities responded to a survey regarding whether or not there would be any pay increases for city employees in FY 2021.
Tennessee City Charter Types - Requirements to Hold Office
Survey (Created: 2017-04-15; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

Research done to find out what requirements Tennessee cities have in place to hold office.
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2010
Report/Study (Created: 2011-07-25; Reviewed: 2017-06-07)

FY2010 annual report to compare the relative cost, efficiency and effectiveness of a set of municipal services by using a collaborative approach with the participating cities, and to set standards and identify "best practices" in municipal government for use and comparison by all Tennessee cities. Per capita average costs of providing police, fire and residential refuse services are presented.
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2011
Report/Study (Created: 2012-03-05; Reviewed: 2017-06-07)

In this FY2011 annual report, there are a total of seven services measured and analyzed: police, fire, refuse collection and disposal, employment benefits, human resources, financial services, and code enforcement/building inspection/planning and zoning.
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2018 Annual Report
General (Created: 2019-05-14; Reviewed: 2019-05-14)

This is the 17th and final report of the Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project. Performance data from participating cities represents fiscal year 2018 (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018). Cities participating in this data cycle were: Athens, Bartlett, Brentwood, Bristol, Chattanooga, Franklin, Johnson City, Kingsport, Knoxville, Lewisburg, Morristown, and Spring Hill. The report highlights selected benchmarks and compares members on those benchmarks over a three year period.
Tennessee Municipal Police Recruitment and Retention: A Study by the MTAS Research and Information Center for the Tennessee City Management Association
Report/Study (Created: 2019-11-06; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

A study conducted by the MTAS Research and Information Center at the request of the Tennessee City Management Association. The purpose of this study is to analyze Tennessee municipalities’ ability to recruit and retain police officers. Many cities in Tennessee have hired and made significant investments in entry level police officers only to see them leave employment in the first three years. This short turnover impacts the cities financially and decreases their ability to maintain adequate staffing in their departments. By analyzing police officer recruitment practices and retention levels, this study can explore the factors affecting police recruitment and retention and offer insights into what works and what does not work when attracting and keeping talented police officers.
Term Limits for Mayor and Council in Selected Cities in Tennessee and Outside Tennessee (updated 2019)
Survey (Created: 2019-10-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-19)

Fifteen cities across Tennessee and the United States were surveyed to find out if there are term limits for the mayor and city council members.
Unpaid Military Leave and 401K Contributions: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 2008-02-22; Reviewed: 2021-06-03)

Twelve cities were asked whether they pay 401K contributions for personnel on unpaid military leave.
Use of Fire Trucks to Pick Up Firefighter Meals or to Travel to a Restaurant
Survey (Created: 2009-03-31; Reviewed: 2021-05-20)

Twenty-two cities were asked whether the shift can transport the fire engine to a restaurant for a meal and whether an employee may use a city vehicle to pick up food for the whole shift.
Waste Collection Fees in Selected Cities
Survey (Created: 2016-03-31; Reviewed: 2021-05-28)

Eight cities responded to an MTAS survey about their commercial collection fees.
Water & Sewer Tap Fees in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-09-02; Reviewed: 2022-02-22)

Seventeen Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding water and sewer tap fees in their municipalities.
Water & Sewer Tap Fees in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-02-19; Reviewed: 2021-02-19)

Fifteen Tennessee cities responded to a request for information having to do with residential water and sewer tap fees.
Youth Sports Program Survey
Survey (Created: 2021-09-17; Reviewed: 2022-02-22)

Eight Tennessee cities with a population between 20,000 and 100,000 responded to a request for information regarding youth run programs in their municipalities.
Zero Tolerance Policies in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 2021-08-02; Reviewed: 2022-03-08)

Eighteen Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding whether or not they have a zero tolerance policy in the employee handbook that addresses racism or sexism.
Author: Allbee, Steve
Infrastructure Investment Gap Facing Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems
(Created: 2000-10-24; Reviewed: 2021-04-23)

The gap between infrastructure spending and infrastructure needs is an enormous problem and it is growing.
Author: Alliance for Innovation
Benchmarking Projects
Report/Study (Created: 2009-01-31; Reviewed: 2017-06-07)

Includes 13 municipal benchmarking studies, plus links to 10 additional studies.
Author: Angerer, David
Commission Form of Government
General (Created: 2006-06-22; Reviewed: 2021-06-17)

MTAS was asked to address the advantages and disadvantages associated with changing the City to a commission form of government.
Hiring a City Administrator
General (Created: 2003-05-13; Reviewed: 2021-04-26)

MTAS was asked the advantages of hiring a city administrator.
Is DUI Grounds for Removing an Alderman?
General (Created: 2004-08-19; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

MTAS was asked whether the City has the legal authority to remove an alderman who has been arrested for DUI.
Ordinance Establishing Rules and Regulations at the Samburg Ball Park
Ordinance (Created: 2003-07-03; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

An ordinance to prohibit alcoholic beverages, beer, fireworks, fires, and firearms in the Samburg Ball Park.
Ordinance Prohibiting Placing Leaves within the Storm Sewerage System
Ordinance (Created: 2003-07-03; Reviewed: 2020-05-05)

An ordinance prohibiting the placement of tree leaves, grass clippings, and other yard wastes within the storm sewerage system.
Ordinance to Establish a Purchasing Policy for the City of Rutherford, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2002-05-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS was asked to write an ordinance that would establish policies and procedures for the procurement of equipment, services, materials, and supplies for the operation of municipal government.
Ordinance to Establish Uniform Purchasing and Property Disposal Policies for the Town of Rutherford, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2003-02-14; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

MTAS was asked to provide a uniform purchasing ordinance.
Ordinance to Regulate Junked Vehicles
Ordinance (Created: 2003-07-03; Reviewed: 2021-07-09)

An ordinance prohibiting the keeping of junked, abandoned, dilapidated, or discarded motor vehicles inside the corporate limits of the Town.
Resolution Establishing a Uniform Policy on the Acceptance of Gifts and Other Donations by the Town of Rutherford
Resolution (Created: 2004-09-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS was asked to draft a resolution to establish a policy by which to evaluate the suitability of donations and other gifts prior to acceptance by the Town.
Resolutions to Declare a Vacancy and to Fill an Unexpired Aldermanic Term
Resolution (Created: 2010-07-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS was asked to assist the city when an alderman died while in office.
Storm Cleanup Agreement
General (Created: 2003-07-23; Reviewed: 2021-05-06)

MTAS was asked to draft an Agreement to clean up tornado debris on private property.
Author: Ashburn, Melissa
Alteration of Election Dates
Legal Opinion (Created: 2001-12-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

May the election cycle be changed, so that City and County elections are held on the same days?
Ambulance Bill for Injured Prisoner
Legal Opinion (Created: 2007-03-21; Reviewed: 2021-06-29)

City asks who must pay ambulance bill for prisoner who was injured when getting out of city's patrol car when being transported to county jail for booking.
An Ordinance Adopting an Unclaimed Property Policy
Ordinance (Created: 2020-08-21; Reviewed: 2021-12-06)

A sample ordinance that can be used by any city or town in Tennessee that explains how officials can dispose of unclaimed property.
Authority of Aldermen to Manage Employees
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-09-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

MTAS was asked whether aldermen have a legal authority to manage town departments and employees in those departments.
Beer Board Authority to Suspend or Revoke Beer Permit
Legal Opinion (Created: 2006-03-23; Reviewed: 2021-05-14)

MTAS was asked whether the beer board has the authority to suspend or revoke a beer permit when an officer's actions are in question.
Beer Board Questions
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-08-23; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

MTAS responded to questions posed by beer board concerning decision to be made after permit holder charged with offense.
Beer Permits for Contiguous Serving Areas and Use of One Permit for Two Businesses
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-05-04; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

MTAS was asked about beer permits for contiguous serving areas and the use of one permit for two businesses located in the same building.
Beer Sale Hours in Tennessee Cities
Legal Opinion (Created: 2022-03-29; Reviewed: 2022-03-30)

MTAS Legal Consultant Melissa Ashburn responds to a Tennessee city's request for information regarding beer sale hours and the effect it might have on liquor by the drink sales.
Candidate Running for Two Municipal Offices
Legal Opinion (Created: 2010-06-02; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

MTAS was asked whether a single individual can be a candidate for two municipal offices on the same ballot.
Candidates for School Board Seats Must Be Residents of the District They Represent
Legal Opinion (Created: 2012-11-12; Reviewed: 2021-07-15)

Members of county and city school boards of education must be residents of and elected from the districts they represent.
Certifying Election Results Before Swearing In Newly Elected Officials
Legal Opinion (Created: 2012-11-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked when elected officials may be sworn in after a recent election.
Charter Questions
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-05-07; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked questions concerning limiting the power of the mayor to vote on the board, requiring city officers to resign prior to running for another office, and forbidding family members from holding office at the same time.
Citation Form for Offenses That Are Not Traffic Related
Form (Created: 2003-07-01; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

MTAS was asked to prepare a citation form to be used by the city for offenses that are not traffic related.
City Authority over Housing Authority Board
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-02-03; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

MTAS was asked questions about city authority over housing authority board, termination of housing authority board members, and any power city may have to enact policy changes in housing authority.
City Authority to Name State Highway
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-03-24; Reviewed: 2020-05-28)

MTAS was asked whether a city has the power to name a portion of a state highway located in the municipality, when a bill is introduced in the state legislature designating a name for the highway.
City Council Serving as School Board
Legal Opinion (Created: 2008-03-05; Reviewed: 2021-07-15)

MTAS was asked about the city council acting as the school board and their noncompliance with Title 49.
City Court Judgments Are Not Stayed During Appeal
Legal Opinion (Created: 2009-01-06; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked whether the judgment of a city court is suspended pending appeal.
City Donation to a Charitable Organization
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-04-09; Reviewed: 2021-04-21)

MTAS was asked whether a city may make an appropriation to a charitable or civic organization that is religious in nature.
Condemnation of Property with Deed Restrictions or Covenants
Legal Opinion (Created: 2017-03-01; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

MTAS was asked if the city condemns property that has deed restrictions or covenants requiring that the property only be used for residential development, if such restrictions are lifted or nullified by the condemnation.
Cost of Training Contracts
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-01-04; Reviewed: 2021-07-25)

Is the contract entered into by a city and a police officer for the reimbursement of cost of training to city in event officer quits before expiration of two-year term enforceable against the officer?
Councilmember Acting as City Judge, in Absence of Judge
Legal Opinion (Created: 2005-04-05; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

City council member who acted as special judge when city judge was unavailable in past, cannot continue to act as special judge after effective date of Municipal Court Reform Act, which has a section prohibiting city officials or employees from holding office as judge.
County Mayor Serving on the Industrial Development Board
Legal Opinion (Created: 2010-11-11; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

MTAS was asked whether the county mayor may serve on the IDB.
Court Costs Taxed
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-01-25; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked if a general sessions court judge can tax costs against the city when officers fail to properly execute warrants.
Demolishing an Old Building That Shares a Party Wall with an Adjoining Building
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-11-21; Reviewed: 2021-04-28)

MTAS advised city of potential liabilities in demolishing condemned building which shares "party wall" with adjoining property owner.
Dismissing an Employee for Refusing to Take a Polygraph
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-01-04; Reviewed: 2021-04-28)

MTAS was asked whether an employee can be dismissed for refusal to take a polygraph test.
Drug and Alcohol Testing of City Employees
Legal Opinion (Created: 2014-10-30; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

MTAS was asked whether all city employees may be tested for drugs and alcohol.
Drug Forfeiture Funds
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-02-21; Reviewed: 2021-06-29)

MTAS was asked whether money received from fines and forfeitures in drug cases may be used to make a contribution to a law enforcement association or for police training.
Facebook Posting Sufficiency for Notice of Public Meeting
Legal Opinion (Created: 2022-04-25; Reviewed: 2022-05-10)

MTAS Legal Consultant Melissa Ashburn replied to a request for information regarding pending legislation on public meeting notices. Ashburn goes on to explain that a Facebook posting is not sufficient alone to satisfy open meeting requirements.
Families First Coronavirus Response Act: A Summary for Tennessee Municipalities
General (Created: 2020-03-24; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

A summary of the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (signed into law March 18, 2020) to assist employers and employees during the pandemic.
Fees Sent to State by City Courts
Legal Opinion (Created: 2006-12-14; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked several questions about fees/costs sent to the State for violations tried in city court.
Filing Suit for Collection of Delinquent Real Property Taxes
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-11-21; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked about the procedure for collecting delinquent property taxes when the county taxes have been paid.
Free Water and Sewer Service Provided to School
Legal Opinion (Created: 2010-06-30; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

MTAS was asked whether it is legal to provide water for free to a public school, and posed further questions about the enforcement of the agreement with the county and school district.
Hatch Act: Guidance From Federal Government
General (Created: 2017-07-20; Reviewed: 2017-08-18)

Hatch Act Modernization Guide for State and Local Employees
Holding a Referendum for the City to Create a Municipal School District
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-08-18; Reviewed: 2021-05-10)

MTAS was asked several questions regarding a referendum to create a municipal school district.
Hours for Beer Sales When Private Club Also Holds Liquor License
Legal Opinion (Created: 2009-01-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked whether or not the hours for liquor sales set by the ABC apply to the hours for beer sales when the City has not approved liquor sales.
Internet Service Provider Contract
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-01-04; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

Must a city take bids for an internet serivce provider, or does an ISP qualify as a professional service or single source?
Keeping Honey Bees in a Residential Area
Legal Opinion (Created: 2012-05-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-08)

MTAS was asked about regulating the keeping of honey bees inside the corporate limits of the town.
Law Enforcement Off-Duty Employment, or Moonlighting
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-10-26; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

MTAS was asked whether FLSA applies regarding overtime, what the city's liability is regarding worker's comp, and about general city liability. Includes opinions from TML, DOL, and TAG.
Legality of a Christian Cross Located on Top of a Town Water Tower
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-11-11; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

MTAS was asked whether an arrangement, where a local bank leased with the Town for water tower space and placed a Christian cross on top of the tower, is a violation of the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.
Legality of Creating Minority Set-Asides Between Developer and City
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-03-05; Reviewed: 2021-07-29)

MTAS was asked whether an agreement between a city and a developer of a large construction project may specify a percentage of subcontracts on the project to be awarded, or set aside, for minority contractors.
Mayor Pro Tem to Hire Consulting Attorney
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-06-30; Reviewed: 2021-07-15)

MTAS was asked to review ordinance permitting mayor pro tem to hire consulting attorney.
Meaning of Majority Vote for Planning Commission
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-07-24; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS was asked whether a majority of the body is required to vote in the affirmative for approval of a matter, or if a majority of the quorum is sufficient.
Municipal Judge, Without Concurrent Jurisdiction, Hearing State Misdemeanor Charges
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-07-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS researched the ability of a municipal judge, without concurrent jurisdiction, to hear state misdemeanor charges.
Open Meetings Act Question
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-05-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS was asked whether an "intervention" meeting of board of mayor and aldermen, in which focus is team building and better relations among board members, is subject to the Open Meetings Act.
Ordinance in Conflict with Charter and General Law
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-04-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

An ordinance limiting the power of taxation conflicts with the charter and general law.
Ordinance to Create a Class of Beer Permits Which Can Be Granted to Caterers
Ordinance (Created: 2008-05-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-22)

An ordinance amending the beer ordinance of the City of Martin to create a class of beer permits which can be granted to caterers.
Paying for New Court Software
Legal Opinion (Created: 2007-12-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked how the City may pay for new court software and whether a $10.00 charge may be levied per ticket for these purposes.
Personal Property Taxes in Maryville
Report/Study (Created: 2003-07-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS was asked to research several issues relating to collection of personal property taxes and prepare a report listing relevant statutes, charter provisions and options available to the city for collection of the taxes.
Planning Committee Issues
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-04-21; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked to research the potential liabilities of a city with regard to subdivision development located outside the city boundaries that had initial approval of, and oversight from, planning commission.
Police Department Conducting a Forfeiture Sale
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-07-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-02)

MTAS was asked whether a police department can conduct a forfeiture sale under T.C.A. 40-33-107.
Potential Removal of Officer Under Charter
Legal Opinion (Created: 2004-04-05; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

A city inquired about the removal of a commissioner under the charter provision permitting the removal of an officer.
Power of Municipal Judge to Order Traffic Offender to Attend Specific Driver Safety Classes
Legal Opinion (Created: 2004-09-23; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked if a municipal judge may order traffic offenders to attend a city operated course for traffic offenders.
Probationary Employee Entitled to Pay for Military Leave
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-06-03; Reviewed: 2021-05-14)

MTAS was asked whether a probationary police officer, who had guard training on the weekend, is entitled to military leave and payment for work he missed during training.
Procedure for a Larger Municipality to Annex a Smaller Muncipality
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-07-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked to research the procedure for a smaller city to be taken over, or annexed, into a larger city.
Prohibiting Development of Private Property
Legal Opinion (Created: 2004-04-01; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

MTAS was asked whether the city may restrict development of private property until a new school site is chosen.
Proposed Gift of Real Property from County School Board to City
Legal Opinion (Created: 2005-05-27; Reviewed: 2021-05-28)

MTAS was asked whether the City may receive a gift of real property from the County School Board.
Proposed Moratorium on Rezoning City-Owned Property
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-02-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-29)

MTAS was asked if a city could enter into an agreement with a developer to refrain from rezoning city-owned property for commercial use for a period of five years.
Provision of Utility Services
Legal Opinion (Created: 2022-03-29; Reviewed: 2022-04-01)

MTAS Legal Consultant Melissa Ashburn responded to a city's question regarding utility services being provided to customers in a part of the area that was annexed into the city.
Regulating the Weight and Route of Trucks Travelling on City Streets
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-07-15; Reviewed: 2020-05-06)

MTAS was asked about the ability of a city to regulate the weight and route of trucks traveling on city streets.
Removal by City of Abandoned, Junked, or Wrecked Vehicles
Legal Opinion (Created: 2006-03-17; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

MTAS was asked to review the city junk and abandoned vehicle ordinance and explain the conflict with Tennessee law, the need for a court order before entering private property to remove cars, and the due process issue.
Requirement That Vendors Pay Higher Fees and Post Bonds
Legal Opinion (Created: 2006-04-19; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

MTAS was asked whether a city may pass an ordinance levying higher fees on vendors and requiring that vendors post bonds.
Requirements for a Civil Warrant
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-11-24; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked to research the requirements for warrants executed by a municipal court.
Requiring Social Security Numbers for Utility Service
Legal Opinion (Created: 2006-01-11; Reviewed: 2021-04-23)

MTAS was asked about requiring social security numbers for utility service, collection fee for delinquent bills and code enforcement against current utility customers.
Rezoning and Spot Zoning Question
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-03-04; Reviewed: 2021-04-28)

MTAS was asked whether rezoning a parcel currently zoned residential, to allow commercial use, would constitute spot-zoning.
School Consolidation Teacher Salary Parity
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-04-17; Reviewed: 2021-05-14)

MTAS was asked whether, in the event of a merger between city and county schools, county teachers who earn less than city teachers would be entitled to raises and additional benefits, so their earnings would be the same as the city teachers.
Sheriff's Legal Obligation to Accept Prisoners
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-06-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-01)

MTAS was asked about the obligation of a sheriff to accept and house prisoners arrested by municipal officers.
Starting a Municipal School System in Tennessee
Legal Opinion (Created: 2016-12-08; Reviewed: 2021-05-10)

MTAS was asked for an explanation of the process for starting a municipal school system in Tennessee.
Subdivision Regulation by Planning Commission
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-03-26; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked to research jurisdictional issues concerning subdivision regulation.
Tax Map and Boundary Issue
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-08-25; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

An old tax map shows the property is located in the city but the map was changed sometime within the past 10 years to show the property is outside the city line, in the county.
Unauthorized Raises
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-12-20; Reviewed: 2021-05-18)

MTAS was asked whether the Board has to honor unauthorized raises.
Utility Operating with Three Member Commission
Legal Opinion (Created: 2003-02-12; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

MTAS was asked whether a city may operate a water and sewer utility with a 3 member commission, as opposed to the 5 member commission provided for by Tennessee law.
Various Issues Faced by City Court Judges
Legal Opinion (Created: 2011-06-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked about various issues faced by city court judges, including levying daily fines, procedure for dealing with property code violations, and collections of unpaid citations.
Waiver of Salary of Public Official
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-05-08; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

MTAS was asked whether an alderman can refuse to accept the salary proscribed in the charter.
Wastewater Treatment Facilities Management Agreement
Legal Opinion (Created: 2005-04-12; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked to review wastewater facilities management agreement and state law governing wastewater treatment authorities, and determined that Authority is responsible for maintaining all sewer lines, including lateral lines.
Wine in Grocery Stores Law
Legal Opinion (Created: 2014-04-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

This law does much more than permit grocery stores to sell wine, as it vastly expands the merchandise package stores may sell and services they may offer beginning July 1, 2014.
Workers' Compensation Benefits for Volunteer Workers
Legal Opinion (Created: 2004-09-22; Reviewed: 2021-07-15)

The city housing authority asked if community service workers would be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.
Zoning Amendment Vote
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-06-04; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked to interpret a vote when a majority vote of the membership of the board is required as opposed to a quorum of the present members.
Zoning and Restricting Locations of Homeless Shelters
Legal Opinion (Created: 2012-04-09; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

MTAS was asked about the exercise of emergency powers and where emergency shelters for the homeless can operate.
“Wastewater Treatment Facilities Management Agreement” and Responsibility of the County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority to Maintain Lateral Sewer Lines
Legal Opinion (Created: 2017-08-03; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

The City entered into a Wastewater Treatment Facilities Management Agreement with the County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority for the operation of the City’s wastewater facilities on October 31, 2003. The City actually transferred its facilities to the Authority pursuant to the Agreement. The Authority now claims that it is only responsible for the operation and maintenance of the “main” lines, not the lateral lines, although the City understood that all assets and liabilities of the wastewater facility were transferred to the Authority. MTAS was asked to review the Agreement and statutes and determine if lateral lines are included in the property transferred to the Authority.
Author: Athens
Athens Rain Garden Program and Grant
General (Created: 2010-04-08; Reviewed: 2020-04-21)

A brochure on building a rain garden and how public works can help with excavation and bedding materials.
Author: Bartlett & West
GIS Use for Public Works Management
Report/Study (Created: 2010-03-30; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

This report examines public works entities' use of GIS, budgets, funding, resources, technical support and other pertinent information, broken down by both size of entity and region.
Author: Barton, Rex
Agreement for Reimbursement for Cost of Training, Salary and Transportation in Event of Resignation
Form (Created: 2007-04-09; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

A sample contract for recovering the cost of training officers when they leave the police department.
Application of FLSA to Police Academy Training
General (Created: 2003-02-24; Reviewed: 2021-06-29)

The Wage and Hour office of the Department of Labor has determined that all time spent in training at the police academy is compensable time.
Body Armor Policy
General (Created: 2002-03-25; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

The city will provide personal body armor (bulletproof vest) to each full-time police officer and provide guidance in the use of the equipment.
Canine Team Policy
General (Created: 2002-01-10; Reviewed: 2021-05-18)

The purpose of this policy is to establish the mission of the canine team, establish procedures for the use of the canine team, and outline the responsibilities of the canine handler.
Certification of Radar Operators
General (Created: 2003-08-26; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

MTAS was asked if there is any state law or regulation requiring police officers to be certified in radar operation.
City Employee Volunteering as a Reserve Police Officer
General (Created: 2001-03-16; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

MTAS was asked about the legality of a city employee 'volunteering' his/her time as a reserve police officer.
Civilian Ride-Along Programs
General (Created: 2002-03-25; Reviewed: 2021-07-02)

A civilian should meet certain eligibility requirements to participate in a municipal police department's ride-along program.
Conducted Energy Weapon (M26 Taser) Policy
General (Created: 2003-06-26; Reviewed: 2021-06-29)

MTAS was asked to supply policies and procedures for police use of tasers.
Court Liason Programs
General (Created: 2002-01-10; Reviewed: 2021-06-29)

The Court Liaison Program is a cooperative effort of the local police department, the District Attorney General's office and the General Sessions Court Judge to reduce police overtime costs.
Disposition of Seized Cash
General (Created: 2004-06-01; Reviewed: 2021-06-29)

MTAS was asked about the proper procedures for storing cash seized by the police department.
Encryption of Radio Signals
General (Created: 2001-03-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

Encryption will keep eavesdroppers from being able to listen to radio transmissions as they happen, but official recordings of the transmissions are public records.
Forming a New Police Department
General (Created: 1997-07-14; Reviewed: 2021-06-30)

MTAS was asked several questions about the benefits of forming a new police department versus contracting with the county for police services.
Freedom to Protest: Guidance for Managing Demonstrations in Tennessee Towns and Cities
General (Created: 2020-06-25; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

MTAS guidance on freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and how to handle demonstrations. This is a video resource. (Created June 25, 2020; 7:07 minutes in length)
Mandated Asset Forfeiture
Form (Created: 2019-07-15; Reviewed: 2021-06-29)

A form to be used for reporting all asset forfeiture proceeds to the Tennessee Comptroller at the end of the fiscal year.
Maryville Police Department Home Fleet Program
Report/Study (Created: 2002-01-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-02)

The purpose of this study was to analyze the feasibility of a home fleet (take home car) program.
Master Patrolman Program
General (Created: 2002-03-05; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

The Master Patrolman program would compensate an officer for attaining a certain level of achievement.
Off-Duty Responsibility of Police Officers
General (Created: 2002-01-11; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

A statement of the off-duty responsibility of police officers.
Police Officer Oath
Form (Created: 2002-01-11; Reviewed: 2021-04-19)

Oath of office for a police officer.
Sample Forms for Contraband Weapons to Be Titled to the Police Department and Exchanged or Sold by the Police Department
Form (Created: 2012-07-19; Reviewed: 2021-08-02)

Sample forms giving police departments the title to contraband weapons and allowing the exchange or sale of such weapons.
Staffing Levels for Police Departments
General (Created: 2003-04-08; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked about recommended staffing levels for police departments.
Threats and Violence Policy : Sample
General (Created: 2002-01-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

Sample of a policy related to threats and violence.
Use of Vehicles Owned by the Police Department
General (Created: 2002-01-10; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

Establishing policy and procedure for the most efficient use of motor vehicles of the police department.
Author: Bay County, Fla.
Bay County Launches Website about Half-Cent Sales Tax Projects
General (Created: 2016-09-26; Reviewed: 2021-05-05)

This website provides a good example of what happens when a county or city wants to have a referendum that raises the limit; plus, the local government wants to know how to publicize the referendum without paying to support one side or the other.
Author: Beaumont, Texas
Annual Contract for Mowing Privately-Owned Developed and Vacant Property (Re-Bid)
RFP (Created: 2011-07-13; Reviewed: 2021-04-16)

An example of an annual mowing contract.
Author: Belmont
Assistant Civil Engineer
Job Description (Created: 2002-07-31; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

Job description for the position of Assistant Civil Engineer.
Engineering Technician (1)
Job Description (Created: 2002-08-02; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

Job description for the position of Engineering Technician for the City of Belmont.
Author: Beyke, Karen
Overdue Parking Violations Notice Letter and Statute
Form (Created: 2011-12-07; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked about the procedure for turning over unpaid parking tickets to a collection agency.
Author: Bingham, Pamela
All Consumers of Publicly-Provided Utilities Must Pay for What They Receive at the Same Rate Charged to Others for a Like Service
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-01-13; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

MTAS was asked whether the utility is precluded from collecting back charges, even though the failure to collect is due to the utility's inadvertence.
Authority to Issue Arrest and Search Warrants
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-10-26; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS was asked who may legally issue a search or arrest warrant.
City Obtains a Certificate of Public Purpose and Necessity Before Borrowing Funds to Buy Land for an Industrial Park
Legal Opinion (Created: 2000-04-11; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

MTAS was asked whether a city must obtain a certificate of public purpose and necessity before borrowing funds to buy land for an industrial park.
Confidentiality of Certain Internal Investigative Notes/Reports
Legal Opinion (Created: 1997-08-20; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

MTAS researched the issue of whether the records of an internal investigation (non-criminal at this point) by the police department of one its employees are subject to public disclosure pursuant to the Tennessee Public Records Act ("TPRA"), subject to a statutory exception, or are otherwise privileged.
Construction and Sale/Leaseback of Public Works Project by Municipality
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-03-10; Reviewed: 2020-04-22)

MTAS was asked whether the proposed school construction is a "public works project" and whether the municipality has ample authority to buy real property for a public works project and then lease such property to another governmental entity.
Dedication of Streets That Are Essentially Private Driveways
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-01-21; Reviewed: 2020-10-07)

MTAS was asked whether it would be advisable for the Town to take over the maintenance, or accept the dedication as city streets, certain private driveways.
Depositories for City Funds
Legal Opinion (Created: 1997-11-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-01)

MTAS was asked why a city is not permitted to deposit city funds in credit unions.
Divorced Employee Claimed He Was Married and Entitled to City-Sponsored Family Health Insurance Coverage
Legal Opinion (Created: 2000-06-07; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

MTAS was asked whether it would be appropriate for the city to terminate an employee who falsely claimed that he was still married and therefore, entitled to city-sponsored family health insurance coverage, when, in fact, this employee was divorced.
Effective Date of the Incorporation of a City
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-03-03; Reviewed: 2021-05-14)

MTAS was asked when the incorporation of a city is considered effective.
Exclusive Franchises for Sewer Treatment Services
Legal Opinion (Created: 2001-02-16; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

There is sufficient authority for this town to grant an exclusive franchise for sewer service to one entity.
Giving Adequate Public Notice of a Open Meeting
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-12-17; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

MTAS was asked about giving adequate public notice of a open meeting.
Is a Meeting of a Committee Appointed by the Mayor Subject to the Requirements of the Tennessee Open Meeting Act?
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-03-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-19)

MTAS was asked whether a meeting of a committee appointed by the Mayor is subject to the requirements of the Tennessee Open Meeting Act.
Judges' and Mayors' Authority to Perform Marriages
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-12-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked who has the authority to solemnize/perform marriages.
Open-Air Fires and Unattended Fires
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-02-12; Reviewed: 2021-05-20)

MTAS was asked for an opinion on brush burning operations.
Prohibition Against Collective Bargaining
Legal Opinion (Created: 2000-04-20; Reviewed: 2021-06-22)

MTAS was asked for a brief opinion with respect to the authority of local governments to enter into collective bargaining agreements with various employees.
Questions on City Streets
Legal Opinion (Created: 1999-12-15; Reviewed: 2020-05-05)

MTAS was asked several questions about municipal streets.
Renting City Equipment and Raising the Salaries of City Commissioners
Legal Opinion (Created: 2000-01-12; Reviewed: 2021-06-09)

MTAS was asked about the renting of city equipment by the city and the legality of raising the salaries of city commissioners during current terms of office.
Solemnization of Marriages in Tennessee
Legal Opinion (Created: 1998-04-21; Reviewed: 2021-07-19)

MTAS was asked whether there is a state licensing requirement for designated persons to perform/solemnize a marriage in Tennessee.
Statutory Construction: Conflicting Statutes/ More Specific Statute Given Effect
Legal Opinion (Created: 2000-04-14; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

Specific statutory provisions generally will be given effect over conflicting general provisions.
Use of Camcorders/Video Cameras in City Council Meetings
Legal Opinion (Created: 2002-07-22; Reviewed: 2021-07-19)

MTAS was asked whether the City Council may ban, by ordinance, the public from bringing video cameras into and videoing city council meetings.
Author: Blake, Karen
Authority to Set and Collect a City Litigation Tax After the Enactment of the Municipal Court Reform Act
General (Created: 2014-08-22; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS was asked whether or not a city still has the authority to set and to collect a city litigation tax after the enactment of the Municipal Court Reform Act.
Judge's Oath of Office
Form (Created: 2014-08-27; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS provided information about Tennessee law on the taking and administration of the oath of office by newly elected judges.
Overpayment of Fines, Taxes, and Costs to Municipal Courts
General (Created: 2014-05-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked what the procedure should be whenever a municipal court receives an overpayment of the amount due to a municipal court.
Ticket Splitting
Legal Opinion (Created: 2014-12-17; Reviewed: 2020-05-11)

MTAS consultants advise cities to avoid ticket splitting and instead instruct officers to issue a single citation with multiple charges relating to one event.
Author: Brentwood
City Judge Appointment Procedures
General (Created: 2009-04-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

The City of Brentwood developed a procedure for appointing a city judge.
Author: Brentwood Fire Department
RFP for Annual Fire Department Physicals
RFP (Created: 1999-04-21; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

An RFP for physicians to perform annual physicals for fire fighters.
Author: Bristol
Fire Investigator Mentor Program
General (Created: 2008-11-14; Reviewed: 2021-05-20)

This Fire Investigator Mentor Program has been endorsed by the Tennessee Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and recognized by the IAAI as an excellent program in training and qualifying new fire investigators.
Author: Broomfield, Colorado
Landscape Planner / Horticulturist
Job Description (Created: 2010-06-24; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

Job description for the position of Landscape Planner / Horticulturist.
Author: Broughton, Jeff
2014 Goals Planning Retreat: City of Fayetteville, Tennessee
Report/Study (Created: 2014-02-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked to facilitate a strategic planning retreat for the City of Fayetteville.
Abandoned or Suspended Construction
General (Created: 2013-12-20; Reviewed: 2020-04-21)

When construction on a residential structure fails inspection and the contractor chooses to walk away from the job, what action can the City take to have the structure either (1) removed, or (2) brought up to code and is the action against the contractor who pulled the permit and/or the property owner for which the contractor is employed?
Accepting Land, Gifts, or Donations from Property Owners to the City for Parks
General (Created: 2014-07-30; Reviewed: 2021-04-30)

MTAS was asked several questions about property owners transferring property to the city for open space and parks.
Addressing Dilapidated Structures and Saving Historic Buildings
Ordinance (Created: 2014-05-14; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

When demolition is not a desired outcome, adoption of a slum clearance ordinance or adoption of a demolition by neglect ordinance may allow the city to address dilapidated structures in the downtown and save historic buildings.
Addressing Tall Weeds and Grass
General (Created: 2014-08-21; Reviewed: 2021-05-04)

MTAS provided several documents to assist the city in enhancing its code enforcement program for tall weeds and grass.
Adopting a Plan of Services before Annexation
General (Created: 2014-10-02; Reviewed: 2021-04-13)

MTAS provided several examples of plans of services for a city.
Allowing Non-Resident Property Owners to Vote by Absentee Ballot
General (Created: 2014-02-06; Reviewed: 2021-06-14)

MTAS was asked whether there are Tennessee cities that prevent property rights voters from voting on election day.
Animal Regulations
General (Created: 2013-08-21; Reviewed: 2021-04-26)

MTAS was asked about the number of dogs that may be lawfully maintained and the corresponding sections of city codes, as well as examples of dog licensing regulations.
Appropriation Agreement and Resolution Providing Funding for a Non-Profit Charitable Organization
General (Created: 2014-09-08; Reviewed: 2021-05-04)

MTAS provided an agreement based on T.C.A. ' 6-54-111 that authorizes the city to appropriate funds for the financial aid of nonprofit charitable or civic organizations, as well as a resolution providing funding for a non-profit charitable organization.
Authority of Mayor to Hire Municipal Employees
General (Created: 2014-07-14; Reviewed: 2021-04-26)

MTAS was asked about the authority of the mayor to hire a part-time police officer without the approval of the city council.
Beer and Tobacco Store Wants to Sell Alcohol
General (Created: 2014-09-29; Reviewed: 2021-04-23)

MTAS was asked how the new wine in grocery stores law relates to the ability of a beer and tobacco store to commence the sale of alcohol and what items may be offered for sale in a liquor store.
Beer Permits for a City Festival
General (Created: 2015-05-19; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

MTAS was asked to provide sample temporary beer permits for a city festival in the downtown area.
Blending or Infusing Beer with Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages
General (Created: 2014-06-05; Reviewed: 2021-07-14)

MTAS was asked if the state regulates the blending or infusing of beer with other non-alcoholic beverages.
Charitable Donation Policy
General (Created: 2014-10-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS provided several examples of charitable donation policies.
City Establishes a Public Sanitary Sewer System
Ordinance (Created: 2014-09-02; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

MTAS provided an ordinance to adopt wastewater regulations and an agreement between the city and a utility district.
City Regulation of Commercial Poultry Production Houses
General (Created: 2014-11-18; Reviewed: 2021-04-29)

MTAS provided information regarding city regulation of chicken houses and the domestic use of poultry and foul. A follow-up letter provides an example of a zoning ordinance that bans poultry production houses within the city limits.
Continuation of a Nonconforming Commercial Use in a Residential Zoning District
General (Created: 2014-11-14; Reviewed: 2021-04-28)

A commercial building was constructed prior to the advent of zoning in the town; the proposed commercial use is a used car lot, but the present zoning is R-1.
Contraction/Deannexation of Property by Ordinance
General (Created: 2014-02-26; Reviewed: 2021-05-05)

MTAS was asked whether there can be spot deannexation of a parcel of land while leaving the other surrounding parcels inside the Town limits.
Corridor Annexation
General (Created: 2016-10-06; Reviewed: 2021-07-15)

MTAS was asked about a possible annexation of a right-of-way connecting the corporate limits to a larger piece of property outside the city, with no other property to be annexed along the right-of-way.
County Funding of Roads
General (Created: 2016-06-29; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

MTAS was asked three questions: (1) Whether a county highway department is restricted in spending its gas tax revenues to only outside municipalities; (2) Whether a county can legally earmark a portion of county property taxes collected within a municipality to roads outside the municipality; and (3) Whether a county is required to have a public hearing before final passage of the budget.
Defined Benefit Retirement Plans and Benefits
General (Created: 2014-10-20; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

MTAS provided examples of retirement plans from several cities and information from TCRS.
Disposing of an Abandoned Vehicle
General (Created: 2016-02-03; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS provided information on the process to dispose of a private vehicle that was abandoned.
Dissolution and Reinstatement of an Industrial Development Board
General (Created: 2014-02-18; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

MTAS was asked whether an IDB is automatically dissolved if they do not meet and how an IDB might be reinstated.
Education Funding as It Relates to the Distribution of the County Property Tax and Wheel Tax Revenues
General (Created: 2014-06-26; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

The county may direct that wheel tax revenues be used to support the county school system, thereby allowing the county to reduce the property tax levy dedicated for school purposes. MTAS was asked about the impact of such a change on county revenues received by the school system and school maintenance of effort issues.
Eliminating the Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements in the 2012 International Building Code and International Residential Code
General (Created: 2016-08-23; Reviewed: 2021-05-28)

MTAS was asked whether it is permissible to eliminate the carbon monoxide detector requirements in the 2012 IBC and IRC and if that complies with standards adopted by the State Fire Marshal.
Employee Handbook Information
General (Created: 2013-09-09; Reviewed: 2021-05-18)

MTAS was asked about the benefits of having an employee handbook; includes two examples of handbooks.
Enhancing the Economic Vitality of the Central Business District
General (Created: 2015-12-11; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

MTAS provided several approaches that have been successfully employed in other Tennessee cities to accomplish this objective.
Example of a Monthly Administrative Report
Report/Study (Created: 2013-12-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-08)

MTAS was asked for an example of a monthly administrative report that a city manager might present to the mayor and city council.
Excess Funds in Public Improvement Bond
General (Created: 2014-01-08; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

MTAS was asked whether excess funds that remained from a public improvement bond called to complete required subdivision work should be returned to the surety company.
Exemption from Application of the State Fire Marshal's Minimum Statewide Standards under T.C.A. 68-120-101
General (Created: 2014-03-27; Reviewed: 2021-05-14)

MTAS was asked whether the town is authorized to issue building permits and conduct inspections on the new county elementary school.
Facilities Management
Report/Study (Created: 2014-10-31; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

MTAS was asked to evaluate the city's management structure for facility maintenance because of the city's major capital investment in its facilities and the ongoing operational costs associated with their maintenance and repair.
Farmers' Markets in Tennessee Cities
General (Created: 2015-04-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked for information on what a city needs to know to host a farmers' market inside the city limits, including rules, regulations, and vendor applications.
General Sessions Judge Serving as City Attorney
General (Created: 2014-10-23; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked whether a general sessions judge in the county may also serve as an attorney for a town in that jurisdiction.
Gift and Gratuities Acceptance Policies
General (Created: 2015-07-26; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

MTAS was asked for examples of gift policies or acceptance of gratuities policies.
Goals and Objectives Plan for the Town of Bell Buckle
General (Created: 2014-06-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked to assist with strategic planning, focusing on four areas: protect health and safety and maintain basic services; enhance community attractiveness and charm; support economic growth and community sustainability; maintain fiscal integrity and administrative efficiency.
Health Benefits Consultant RFPs
RFP (Created: 2016-06-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-29)

MTAS was asked to provide examples of requests for proposals (RFPs) for a health benefits consultant.
Holding Dual Offices
General (Created: 2014-01-23; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked if there is a prohibition either in the city's charter or in state law that prevents a member of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen from also serving as either a county commissioner or a register of deeds.
Holston Business Development Center: A Report to the City of Kingsport, Tennessee
Report/Study (Created: 2015-09-30; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

MTAS was engaged to conduct a review of the Holston Business Development Center (HBDC) for the purpose of identifying future directions due to the pending retirement of the executive director.
Incorporation Process
General (Created: 2016-02-01; Reviewed: 2021-04-19)

MTAS provided some information on the incorporation process in Tennessee.
Indemnification of City Officers, Employees, and Board Members
General (Created: 2014-03-26; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

MTAS was asked about the importance of adopting language to indemnify city officers, employees, and board members while properly acting in the scope of their official duties.
Introduction and Formalization of Council Work Sessions
General (Created: 2014-02-07; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

Council work sessions should be used to provide an opportunity to review complex or involved projects or issues, or to introduce topics requiring special attention and discussion by the board before the matter is placed on a future agenda for formal action.
Judge Interim Appointment
General (Created: 2014-11-24; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked about an upcoming leave of absence of the town judge on a planned one-year sabbatical.
Lease Agreement for a City-Owned Building
General (Created: 2014-04-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked for a sample lease agreement for a city-owned building that is currently being operated as a senior center.
Leave Equivalency Schedules for Employees Working Different Schedules
General (Created: 2014-10-20; Reviewed: 2021-07-09)

MTAS provided equivalency schedules for employees with different work schedules and total annual hours.
Local Option Sales Tax Revenue Sharing Agreements
General (Created: 2014-04-04; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS was asked for some examples of local option sales tax revenue sharing agreements.
Maintaining the Appropriate Level of Unrestricted Fund Balance in the General Fund
General (Created: 2014-07-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked about determining the appropriate level of unrestricted fund balance to maintain in the general fund.
Maintenance of a County Road
General (Created: 2015-07-08; Reviewed: 2020-10-07)

MTAS was asked about the advisability of spending city funds to improve a road outside of the city limits.
Mountainous Residential District Regulations
Ordinance (Created: 2014-09-24; Reviewed: 2021-04-29)

MTAS provided a file copy of draft regulations for a new R-M2 mountainous residential district, plus several examples of adopted hillside development regulations and zoning ordinances.
Oath of Office for a Codes Inspector
Form (Created: 2013-12-05; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

MTAS was asked for an example of a form to be completed at the swearing in of a codes inspector.
Obese Employee Is Unable to Perform the Major Functions of the Job
General (Created: 2013-08-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

MTAS was asked what to do when an obese employee is unable to perform the major functions of the job.
Office Efficiency Review
Report/Study (Created: 2015-03-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS was engaged to conduct an office efficiency review for the purpose of identifying enhancements to office processes and procedures.
On Premise Liquor and Beer Hours with Privilege Tax Statute
General (Created: 2014-11-10; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS was asked how the successful referendum to authorize liquor by the drink will affect the hours when beer may be sold for on-premises consumption in an establishment holding both a city beer permit and Tennessee ABC liquor by the drink license.
Ordinance to Adopt Wastewater Regulations
Ordinance (Created: 2014-06-20; Reviewed: 2021-06-23)

An ordinance adopting wastewater regulations, including: general wastewater regulations; fat, oil, and grease abatement; and enforcement and abatement.
Partial Payments of Property Taxes and Citations
Ordinance (Created: 2013-12-20; Reviewed: 2021-07-19)

MTAS was asked whether the city needs to have an ordinance to accept partial payments for property taxes and citations; includes sample ordinance and resolution.
Pedestrian Crossing Policies and Guidelines
General (Created: 2016-08-18; Reviewed: 2021-04-29)

MTAS was asked to provide examples of policies and guidelines for mid-block pedestrian crossings.
Performing a Marriage Ceremony
General (Created: 2015-01-20; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

MTAS was asked whether a vice-mayor may officiate at a wedding ceremony.
Permitting Fire Department Pumpers to Connect to Hydrants During a Fire
General (Created: 2014-08-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked why the fire department pumpers are not permitted to connect to hydrants during a working fire.
Police Department Accreditation Programs
General (Created: 2014-09-04; Reviewed: 2021-07-02)

MTAS provided information on the accreditation programs of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and the Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation (TLEA).
Potentiality That an Insufficient Number of Candidates Will Qualify for the Open Board Seats
General (Created: 2014-04-02; Reviewed: 2021-06-09)

MTAS was asked what to do if, in the upcoming municipal election, an insufficient number of candidates qualify for the four open board seats, and whether the city recorder may also run for alderman.
Pre-Annexation Agreement between the City of Fayetteville, Tennessee, Fayetteville Public Utilities, and Lincoln County, Tennessee, for Sewer Improvements to Enhance Economic Development and Job Growth
General (Created: 2013-11-30; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked for a pre-annexation agreement for the extension of a sewer by the public utilities into the county.
Preparation and Distribution Process for Council Meeting Agenda
General (Created: 2014-05-06; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS was asked how to formalize and manage the city council meeting agenda preparation and distribution.
Process for Swearing-In the Mayor and Board
General (Created: 2014-08-21; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

MTAS explains how the city charter provision sets forth the process for the swearing-in of members of the city's governing body.
Procurement of Architect, Engineer, or Construction Services
General (Created: 2013-11-11; Reviewed: 2021-04-12)

MTAS was asked whether the city may seek qualifications and experience data from a single architectural, engineering, or construction services firm, when procuring these professional services.
Public Employee Owning a Retail Liquor Store
General (Created: 2014-04-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked whether a public employee, such as a firefighter, can own a retail liquor store.
Public Works Project Constructed by Civic Group
General (Created: 2013-11-11; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

MTAS was asked questions regarding TCA '62-2-107 and whether the statute requires an architect or engineer prepare plans and specifications for the open-air pavilion with bathrooms that is proposed to be constructed in a city park by a civic organization using private funds.
Purchasing Used Police Vehicles
General (Created: 2014-08-04; Reviewed: 2021-07-06)

MTAS provided information to the city on purchasing used police vehicles without competitive bidding.
Purging of the Local Election Rolls
General (Created: 2014-07-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS was asked how to remove non-residents from the election roll.
Questions on Cable Service
General (Created: 2014-08-26; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

MTAS was asked about the state franchise process for cable and video services and approaches to address a situation in several subdivisions that effectively limits wired cable and video service choices.
Records Retention for Police In-Car Video Systems and Body-Worn Cameras
General (Created: 2015-10-14; Reviewed: 2021-07-06)

MTAS was asked for a records retention schedule for police in-car video equipment, as well as videos recorded from body-worn cameras.
Regulating the Minimum Size of a Residential Dwelling
General (Created: 2015-07-27; Reviewed: 2021-04-28)

MTAS was asked whether it is lawful to regulate the minimum size of a residential dwelling through zoning or subdivision regulation.
Regulating the Practice of an Individual Buying and Offering Used Cars for Sale
General (Created: 2015-10-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked how to regulate an unlicensed auto dealer offering vehicles for sale in his yard.
Removal of Board and Commission Members for Excessive Absences
General (Created: 2015-11-11; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

MTAS was asked about removing board members for non-attendance.
Repealing the Prohibition of Manufacturing or Wholesaling Intoxicating Liquors
General (Created: 2014-02-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked about updating a municipal code that currently prohibits distilleries and wholesaling.
Residency Requirement
General (Created: 2014-09-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS provided information on what constitutes residency as it relates to a member of the governing body.
Resolution Extending Group Medical Insurance Benefits to the Board of Commissioners
Resolution (Created: 2013-08-23; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

MTAS was asked to provide a resolution extending group medical benefits to the board of commissioners.
Resolution to Opt Out of the Statewide Building Codes
Resolution (Created: 2016-12-19; Reviewed: 2021-05-06)

A a resolution to opt out of the statewide building codes enforced by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to the 2009 energy code legislation.
Responsibility of Rental Property Owner for City Utility Payments Left Unpaid by Tenant
General (Created: 2015-11-17; Reviewed: 2021-04-23)

MTAS was asked about the legality of requiring the owner of rental property to sign an agreement making the owner responsible for city utility payments left unpaid by the tenant.
Sale Hours for Beer and Alcohol
General (Created: 2015-12-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked about the sale hours for beer and alcohol and who notifies beer vendors of the expanded hours for beer sales.
Sale of Surplus Property
Ordinance (Created: 2014-04-07; Reviewed: 2021-07-28)

MTAS was asked to provide draft code provisions to guide the sale and disposal of surplus property or unclaimed property.
Sales Hours of Peddlers
General (Created: 2014-10-02; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

MTAS provided information on the sales hours of peddlers in several cities, plus provisions on fees, bond requirements, and permit duration.
Sample City Manager Evaluation Forms
Form (Created: 2015-04-03; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked to provide several examples of evaluation instruments for the position of city manager.
Sample Purchasing Ordinances
Ordinance (Created: 2014-05-21; Reviewed: 2020-05-11)

MTAS was asked what the maximum purchasing limit is without bidding for a city and for examples of ordinances that establish purchasing policies.
Sample RFPs for Collection Agency Services
RFP (Created: 2016-02-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS provided several examples of requests for proposals for collections agency services and a sample form.
Sample RFPs for Vending Services
RFP (Created: 2015-05-19; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked to provide sample requests for proposals for vending machine services.
Selected City Codes Regulating Livestock and Fowl for the City of Ethridge, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2013-11-26; Reviewed: 2021-07-15)

MTAS was asked for examples of municipal codes from several Tennessee cities that regulate livestock and fowl.
Setting a Split Tax Rate in Municipalities Located in More Than One County When the Counties Have Different Reappraisal Cycles
General (Created: 2016-09-27; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

To have a single, uniform property tax rate across the city, one of the counties must alter its reappraisal cycle to coincide with the other county.
Special Event Regulations and Forms
Form (Created: 2015-06-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS provided information on special events, plus, a few examples of policies, applications, permits, ordinances, and forms.
Status of a Beer Permit Issued to a Person Now Deceased
General (Created: 2014-09-23; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked how to address the status of a beer permit that was issued to a person who is now deceased.
Subdivision Regulations
General (Created: 2014-07-15; Reviewed: 2021-04-28)

MTAS provided several examples of Tennessee cities' subdivision regulations.
Summary of the Incorporation Process
General (Created: 2015-10-08; Reviewed: 2021-05-28)

MTAS was asked to provide information to a territory that wishes to incorporate.
Swimming Pool Regulations
General (Created: 2014-06-11; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

MTAS was asked for information on the regulation of swimming pools. Includes two sample ordinances.
Temporary and Special Beer Permit Ordinances
Ordinance (Created: 2014-07-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS provided several examples of temporary and special beer permit ordinances.
Training Requirement for Planning Commissioners and Staff
General (Created: 2014-07-24; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS provided information on the annual training requirement for planning commission members and staff.
Use of City Funds to Advocate for an Outcome in a Referendum on Metropolitan Government
General (Created: 2014-08-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked how city funds can and can't be used for a metro committee and a future metro vote.
Use of County Law Enforcement Services in the Absence of a Municipal Police Force
General (Created: 2017-01-04; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS was asked about using county law enforcement services within the corporate limits of the town in the absence of a municipal police force.
Use of Inmate Labor and Responsibility for Medical Expenses
General (Created: 2014-02-19; Reviewed: 2021-06-29)

MTAS was asked about immunity for the municipality with regard to any injuries sustained by a county inmate while on work detail for the city.
Wine Tasting in Liquor Stores
General (Created: 2014-01-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked whether a retail liquor store may conduct wine tastings.
Youth Concussion and Head Injury Law
General (Created: 2014-03-05; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

MTAS was asked to explain the details of the Tennessee protocol for registered officials during contests.
Author: Brown, Kristy Godsey
Sample Ordinance for Adopting Regulations Governing Wind Energy Facilities
Ordinance (Created: 2018-05-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-19)

A sample ordinance cities can use when adopting regulations that govern wind energy facilities.
Author: Brownsville
Specifications for a Trailer-Mounted Leaf Loader
RFP (Created: 2001-09-14; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

Specifications for a Trailer-Mounted Leaf Loader
Author: California
Landscape Architect
Job Description (Created: 1970-04-15; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

Job descriptions for Landscape Architect, Associate Landscape Architect, Senior Landscape Architect, Supervising Landscape Architect.
Author: Carrier, Angie
Bonding of Mayor and Town Recorder
General (Created: 2018-02-09; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

MTAS responds to an inquiry regarding whether the mayor and town recorder must be bonded.
City Versus State Regulation of the Sale of Beer and Liquor
General (Created: 2018-02-22; Reviewed: 2021-07-15)

MTAS was asked "what is the distance requirement (from church, school, public gathering place) for the State of Tennessee regarding sale of liquor and sale of beer (on-premise)?" The following information addresses the authority to regulate distance requirements.
Evaluation of City Manager
Form (Created: 2019-12-11; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

This is a form that can be used to evaluate a City Manager in any town or city in Tennessee.
Gas Tax Distribution
General (Created: 2018-01-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-02)

MTAS responds to questions regarding how the city will receive the new "gax tax" fund.
Municipalities Enacting an Auto Decal Charge
General (Created: 2018-04-06; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS was asked to review the auto decal charge implemented by the City of Chattanooga and advise whether it was feasible for this town to implement.
Ordinance and Permit Regulating Short-term Rentals in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2019-12-10; Reviewed: 2021-06-22)

An ordinance and permit form regulating short-term rentals in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.
Ordinance for Disposal of Animal Waste
Ordinance (Created: 2020-07-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-08)

A municipal ordinance to amend Title 10, Chapter 2 of the Niota code regarding the disposal of animal waste.
Report for the City of Knoxville Office of Redevelopment and Cumberland Avenue Merchants Association
Report/Study (Created: 2018-04-09; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

MTAS was asked to research successful relationships between chambers of commerce, merchants associations and their local universities or colleges.
Use of Municipal Property as Community Garden in the city of Harrogate, Tennessee
Form (Created: 2020-02-14; Reviewed: 2021-04-20)

Forms related to the operation of a community garden on municipal property in the City of Harrogate, Tennessee. Includes resolution to adopt rules and regulations for the community garden, the garden rules and regulations, and a community garden waiver, release and hold harmless agreement.
Wastewater Agreement Between the City of Blaine and LBCUD
General (Created: 2021-07-12; Reviewed: 2022-02-16)

An agreement between the City of Blaine, Tennessee and LBCUD was entered into on September 16, 2007. This agreement allowed the city to construct a wastewater collection system to be connected to the City of Knoxville's wastewater treatment system.
Author: Charlottesville, VA
Stormwater Technician
Job Description (Created: 2014-03-21; Reviewed: 2020-05-11)

Job description for the position of Stormwater Technician.
Author: Chattanooga
City of Chattanooga Accountant Job Descriptions
Job Description (Created: 2021-08-03; Reviewed: 2022-04-01)

The City of Chattanooga, Tennessee provided MTAS with job descriptions for their Accountant 1, 2 and 3 roles.
City of Chattanooga Procurement Instruction Manual
General (Created: 2014-03-13; Reviewed: 2020-04-22)

This manual establishes the policies and procedures required to be followed by the City of Chattanooga's (City) departments and agencies in fulfilling procurement and related logistical responsibilities within the delegated limits when performing procurement functions. The manual as written, serves as a user's guide for City employees and officials when implementing authorized purchasing procedures.
Construction Inspector
Job Description (Created: 2007-04-26; Reviewed: 2021-05-26)

Job descriptions for the position of construction inspector.
Data Analyst Job Description
Job Description (Created: 2021-07-30; Reviewed: 2021-09-15)

A sample job description for a data analyst from the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Forestry Inspector
Job Description (Created: 2007-11-16; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

Job description for the position of Forestry Inspector
Forestry Supervisor
Job Description (Created: 2007-11-15; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

Job description for the position of Forestry Supervisor
Grants Specialist, Senior
Job Description (Created: 2007-11-01; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

Job description for the position of Senior Grants Specialist.
Information Technology Job Descriptions
Job Description (Created: 2017-02-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-08)

Several IT job descriptions from the City of Chattanooga, including: Assistant Director IT Operations, Assistant Director IT Security, IT Computer Technician, IT Specialist, IT Support Services Supervisor, and Manager IT Operations.
Landscape Ordinance Manual
Ordinance (Created: 2005-07-01; Reviewed: 2021-04-28)

The purpose and intent of this manual are the following: to promote the scenic quality of the community; to improve the appearance of parking areas and property abutting public rights of way; to protect property values; to reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality; to provide transition between incompatible land uses; and to provide relief from traffic, noise, heat, glare, dust, and debris.
Sample City Attorney and Assistant City Attorney Job Descriptions
Job Description (Created: 2021-07-26; Reviewed: 2021-07-25)

Sample job descriptions: Chattanooga staff attorney 1, Murfreesboro city attorney and Franklin assistant city attorney.
Senior Internal Auditor
Job Description (Created: 2013-08-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-29)

Job description for the position of Senior Internal Auditor.
Author: Chlarson, John
City of Belle Meade Ordinance Prohibiting Left-Hand Turns from Jackson Boulevard onto Harding Road
Ordinance (Created: 2020-03-31; Reviewed: 2020-05-14)

The City of Belle Meade determined that hazardous conditions exist which required a change to the traffic pattern at the intersection of Jackson Boulevard and Harding Road.
Disaster Response Documents
General (Created: 2011-04-18; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

A collection of documents that includes disaster cleanup bid documents, FEMA 322 Disaster Response, and USACE Scope of Work Example.
Drainage Law and the Responsibility of the Design Engineer
General (Created: 2005-05-13; Reviewed: 2020-10-07)

A PowerPoint presentation for the Tennessee section of ASCE.
Drainage Work Notice
Form (Created: 2015-06-17; Reviewed: 2020-10-07)

This drainage notice letter template may be used to notify property owners that maintenance activities will be conducted on a drainage way that crosses their property.
Drainage Work on Private Property
General (Created: 2005-03-08; Reviewed: 2021-04-15)

MTAS was asked to provide technical assistance on issue of public works department doing work on private property.
Model Stormwater Utility Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 2002-07-29; Reviewed: 2021-05-26)

A model ordinance that creates and funds a stormwater utility.
Municipality Conducting Drainage Issue Mitigation Work on Private Property
General (Created: 2020-03-31; Reviewed: 2020-07-15)

A city administrator contacted MTAS regarding the town doing drainage work on private property. Public Works Consultant John Chlarson responded to the request, explaining that the water issue is causing damage to the town's right of way. It is recommended that the ditch be rechannelized and that channel and bank protection should be installed.
One Way Street Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 2015-05-05; Reviewed: 2020-05-04)

An ordinance template to convert Smith Street into a one-way street, in the town of Volopolis City, Tennessee.
Public Works Facility Ribbon Cutting
General (Created: 2003-04-09; Reviewed: 2020-05-06)

An article summarizing the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Collierville Public Services Complex.
Recommended Guidance to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's Minimum Monitoring Requirements for NPDES MS4 Program Effectiveness and Compliance
Report/Study (Created: 2008-03-14; Reviewed: 2020-09-30)

This publication provides guidance to TDEC's minimum monitoring requirements for NPDES MS4 program effectiveness and compliance.
Responsibility for Sidewalks
General (Created: 2004-07-15; Reviewed: 2020-10-07)

A summary of MTAS resources on sidewalk installation, ownership, and maintenance.
Right of Entry Letter to Monitor Certain Streams
Form (Created: 2007-02-20; Reviewed: 2020-05-07)

A form letter granting representatives of the City the right of entry to private property to collect water samples from streams.
School Zone Issues: the Town of Trezevant
General (Created: 2010-11-29; Reviewed: 2020-05-11)

In this study, the main issue is the safety of the children who walk to and from school; secondary concerns were those of vehicles needing to turn against the traffic flow.
Somerville Pearl Road Speed Limit Recommendations
Report/Study (Created: 2020-11-20; Reviewed: 2020-11-24)

Somerville Police Chief David Webb contacted MTAS to ask for assistance establishing speed limits on Pearl Road in the Glengarry Estates Subdivision. Glengarry is a relatively new subdivision that up until recently did not have speed limits posted. The outcome is that MTAS recommends that the speed limit be set at 25 miles per hour.
Using County's Bid Prices in City
General (Created: 2005-05-13; Reviewed: 2020-05-11)

Letter on legality and procedure to use County's bid asphalt unit prices to buy asphalt for small projects in Parsons.
Author: Church Hill
Church Hill Methadone Treatment Clinic Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 2009-04-21; Reviewed: 2021-05-20)

An ordinance for the consideration of a methadone treatment clinic or facility and substance abuse treatment facility.
Author: Clarksville
Accounting Support Specialist
Job Description (Created: 2022-04-01; Reviewed: 2022-05-18)

The City of Clarksville, Tennessee provided MTAS with the job description for their Accounting Support Specialist role.
Author: Cleveland
City of Cleveland Finance Department Banking Service Proposal
RFP (Created: 2001-02-28; Reviewed: 2021-04-30)

The initiation of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process is intended to result in the selection of a financial institution that can provide the City of Cleveland with the highest quality and most flexible services for the lowest cost to the public.
Police Department Request for Extra Duty Form
Form (Created: 2016-01-28; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

A sample form used by the City of Cleveland Police Department when a citizen or organization requests a police presence at an event or function.
Author: Clifton, Calvin D.
Uniforms, Safety, and Public Image Policy
General (Created: 1999-10-14; Reviewed: 2021-05-26)

The City of Athens may provide and require certain uniforms, footwear, and equipment designed to promote safety and to protect employees as well as convey the proper image to the public.
Utility Cuts: City Street Repair Policy for the City of Athens
General (Created: 2001-03-05; Reviewed: 2020-04-21)

The purpose of this procedure is to clearly define the process for receiving utility cut repair requests from the Athens Utilities Board (AUB) and making repairs to such utility cuts on city-maintained streets by the City of Athens Public Works Department.
Author: Collierville
Bicycle Patrol Policy and Training Topics
General (Created: 2007-05-17; Reviewed: 2021-05-12)

A policy for establishing a police bicycle patrol and lesson plans for ten training topics.
Public Services Department Organization Chart
General (Created: 2007-01-08; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

An organizational chart of municipal services, including public works and utilities.
Specifications for a Four-Wheel Drive Front-End Loader
RFP (Created: 2005-12-31; Reviewed: 2020-05-11)

Specifications to describe a four-wheel drive front-end loader.
Stormwater Coordinator
Job Description (Created: 2006-07-18; Reviewed: 2020-05-11)

Job description for the position of Stormwater Coordinator.
Author: Cook, Gail
Daily Cash Report
General (Created: 2010-09-09; Reviewed: 2021-06-17)

An example of a simple daily cash report for the City of Plainview.
Debt Reimbursement Resolution
Resolution (Created: 2010-09-15; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

A resolution expressing official intent that certain expenditures to be incurred in connection with certain public works projects and related expenditures be reimbursed from proceeds of notes, bonds, or other indebtedness to be issued by the City of Morristown, Tennessee.
Financial Audit Advertisement
Form (Created: 2010-09-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-01)

A sample advertisement for an auditor who is qualified to perform a financial and compliance audit.
General Fund: Fund Balance Policy
General (Created: 2010-09-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-01)

The Fund Balance Policy is intended to provide guidelines during the preparation and execution of the annual budget to ensure that sufficient reserves are maintained for unanticipated expenditures or revenue shortfalls. The sample policy contains percentages and dollar thresholds for illustrative purposes thus each city should determine the levels of fund balance which best suit their government operations.
Ordinance Amending the Fiscal Year Budget
Ordinance (Created: 2010-09-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

An ordinance of the City of Townsend, Tennessee amending the fiscal year 2009-2010 budget.
Public Notice and Budget for the City of Townsend
General (Created: 2010-09-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

Public notice information and budget for FY2009-2010 for the City of Townsend.
Request for Proposal Purchasing Cards
RFP (Created: 2009-02-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-29)

The purpose of this RFP is to enter into a contract with a qualified commercial financial institution for the provision of purchasing card (credit card) services for all agencies of the city.
Request for Proposal: Banking Services for City's Payroll Account
RFP (Created: 2010-09-15; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

A sample RFP for a city's payroll account.
Author: Cox, Leah
Airport Manager Position Survey for the City of Lebanon: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Survey (Created: 2002-12-01; Reviewed: 2021-06-14)

Ten cities were asked several questions about the position of Airport Manager.
Dead Animal Pickup on Private Property: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Survey (Created: 2002-09-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

Ten cities were asked about their policies and procedures for picking up dead animals from private property.
Subdivision Storm Sewer Pipes
Survey (Created: 1999-10-01; Reviewed: 2020-05-11)

Twelve cities were asked questions about the type of materials used for storm sewer pipes in subdivisions.
Author: Cross, Ralph
Current Topics Affecting Municipal Governments: Tennessee Sexual Offender and Violent Sexual Offender Registration, Verification, and Tracking Act of 2004
General (Created: 2004-08-09; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

A powerpoint presentation; this is not a full overview of the entire registry issue, only about the payments and registration of offenders and limitations on spending the proceeds.
Flea Market Dealers
General (Created: 2003-02-03; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

Registering dealers at a multi-vendor open-area flea market that routinely occurs along the Tennessee border and probably has multi-state vendor participation.
Forms to Accompany the Drug Fund Manual
Form (Created: 2003-07-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-06)

Includes sample forms, description of the forms, and a sample drug fund budget.
Iran Divestment Act Affects Purchasing In Tennessee Cities and Towns
General (Created: 2016-07-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-29)

This article reports that persons or entities determined to be engaged in investment activities with Iran are listed on the state's website and are prohibited from contracting with any political subdivision of this state and any contract entered into shall be void.
Author: Cross, Steven
"Barry Brady Act" : A Report with Recommendations for Tennessee Municipalities on Public Chapter 490
Report/Study (Created: 2019-10-05; Reviewed: 2022-05-09)

An MTAS report with recommendations regarding the implementation of the 2019 "Barry Brady Act." The Barry Brady Act or Public Chapter 490 amends T.C.A. § 7-51-201 by adding subsection (d) which outlines specific types of cancers that are presumed to have been acquired as the result of employment in the fire service and the eligibility requirements for firefighters seeking to be covered by the presumption. This public chapter outlines specific employment, pre-employment, and annual medical monitoring that a firefighter must undergo in order to be covered by the presumption. The Tennessee State Legislature passed Public Chapter 754 in June 2020 amending the Barry Brady Act removing some of the physical medical exam deadlines previously listed in the legislation.
Resolution for Adopting Minimum Training Standards for Firefighters
Resolution (Created: 2020-07-29; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS Fire Consultant Steve Cross authored this resolution that can be used by any Tennessee city regarding the adoption of minimum training standards for firefighters.
Tennessee's REAL ID: Why, Where, When, and How to Get It
General (Created: 2020-04-13; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

An MTAS guide to the REAL ID in Tennessee. On March 26, 2020, President Donald Trump delayed implementation of REAL ID from October 1, 2020 to October 1, 2021.
Volunteer Firefighter Educational Incentive Pay Program
General (Created: 2021-08-20; Reviewed: 2021-08-20)

Tennessee’s 112th General Assembly approved new legislation that provides an annual monetary incentive to volunteer firefighters that complete an approved training program and eventually earn professional credentials at minimum of Firefighter I level certification through the Tennessee Fire Commission. MTAS explains the details here.
Author: Crouch, Ray
Caught in the Middle of Leadership
General (Created: 2003-07-31; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

Middle management in the fire service can be quite a balancing act.
Mutual Aid Assistance in Tennessee: A Collection of Resources from MTAS
General (Created: 2020-04-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-22)

A collection of resources on mutual aid assistance in Tennessee. The collection includes MTAS Hot Topics, a legal opinion from former MTAS Legal Constant Dennis Huffer, a full text document of Public Chapter 743, and two mutual aid assistance agreement templates.
Author: Curran, Bonnie
FLSA Questions on Bereavement and Overtime
General (Created: 2008-02-01; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

Questions on recognizing bereavement leave as hours worked and hours worked over 8 in a day.
Author: Darden, Don
Analysis of the Need For a City Administrator for the City of Centerville, Tennessee
Report/Study (Created: 2001-01-30; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

The City of Centerville should hire a city administrator to manage the everyday operation of city government.
Charter and Conflict of Interest Questions
General (Created: 2006-01-26; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

MTAS was asked about Private Law Charters, whether city employees may run for elected office, and about conflict of interest.
City of Manchester Board Evaluation
Form (Created: 2001-08-14; Reviewed: 2021-06-28)

This evaluation form is designed to help the Board understand the expectations of the city administrator in his relationship to the Board.
City of Manchester City Administrator Evaluation 2001
Form (Created: 2001-08-14; Reviewed: 2021-04-26)

This evaluation form is designed to determine the effectiveness of the city administrator.
City of Smithville, Tennessee: A Resolution
General (Created: 2001-10-17; Reviewed: 2021-06-17)

Requested that MTAS prepare amendments to the current private act charter as it pertains to a city court.
Code Enforcement Notices and Forms
Form (Created: 2008-07-18; Reviewed: 2021-05-28)

Notices for the inspection of property, for slum clearance, and for overgrown lots.
Comparison of Licenses and Permits for Transient Vendors and Others
General (Created: 2002-04-25; Reviewed: 2021-06-22)

A comparison of the business licenses and permits required for transient vendors, peddlers, solicitors, charitable solicitors, and street barkers.
Contradictory Provisions of City Charter Related to Sidewalks
General (Created: 2005-05-20; Reviewed: 2020-04-22)

MTAS was asked whether the owner or the city is required to construct sidewalks.
Creating an Industrial Board
Resolution (Created: 2005-01-31; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

Includes a resolution, charter, and by laws for an industrial board.
Creation of Metropolitan Government
General (Created: 2004-08-18; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked if the Town of Woodbury could stop a proposed effort to implement metropolitan government in Cannon County, Tennessee.
Economic Development Assessment Form
Form (Created: 2009-04-01; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

An economic development assessment survey form.
Economic Development Review of the Fayetteville-Lincoln County, Tennessee Joint Industrial Board
Report/Study (Created: 2010-03-31; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

MTAS was asked to provide an economic development review, which is intended to review the organization, operations, and strategies that may assist in promoting economic development.
Establishing an Economic Development Program
General (Created: 2003-03-24; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

The City of Medina requested MTAS to assist in establishing an economic development program.
Form for Operating a Business in the City of Lebanon
Form (Created: 2000-06-15; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

A form to help the city deal with new businesses, providing the applicants with notice to comply with the city's zoning laws.
GASB 34 Forms
Form (Created: 2004-05-07; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

MTAS was requested to provide assistance to Morrison on the implementation of GASB 34; includes a resolution and forms for keeping records.
Getting an Issue on the Ballot
General (Created: 2004-07-07; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

MTAS was asked how a citizen goes about getting an issue on the ballot.
Gruetli-Laager Police Department
General (Created: 2002-11-22; Reviewed: 2021-07-01)

MTAS was asked whether the Town of Gruetli-Laager that operates under the general law Mayor-Alderman Charter is required to have a police department.
How to Incorporate a New City in Tennessee
General (Created: 2000-07-01; Reviewed: 2021-04-29)

Procedures and forms required for incorporating a new city in Tennessee.
Implementing GASB 34
General (Created: 2004-07-08; Reviewed: 2021-04-23)

MTAS was asked for help in estimating the life expectancy of buildings and equipment.
Leave Request Form
Form (Created: 2003-03-10; Reviewed: 2021-07-09)

The Town of Spencer requested a form for leave requests.
Lebanon Mayoral Powers Under City Charter
General (Created: 2001-11-26; Reviewed: 2021-06-11)

The City of Lebanon requested an ordinance requiring the Mayor's appointments to require Council approval for dismissal.
Mayor Making Nominations
General (Created: 2007-02-21; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS was asked whether it is proper for the Mayor to make nominations.
Metropolitan Government
Report/Study (Created: 2011-10-12; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

A report on the process of consolidation in Tennessee, as well as the pros and cons of consolidated government.
Need for a City Administrator
Report/Study (Created: 2003-06-05; Reviewed: 2021-07-08)

MTAS was asked to assist theTown of Spencer in converting to a city administrator form of government.
Ordinance Abandoning Part of a City Street in Smithville
Ordinance (Created: 2004-06-02; Reviewed: 2020-12-16)

MTAS was asked to review proposed changes to accommodate a drive through for a drug store.
Ordinance Abolishing the Beer Board
Ordinance (Created: 2004-04-28; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

An ordinance abolishing the beer board and appointing the board of mayor and aldermen as the beer board.
Ordinance Adopting Regulations for Extending Sewer Services
Ordinance (Created: 2004-05-19; Reviewed: 2021-06-23)

MTAS was asked to prepare a sewer extension ordinance.
Ordinance Contracting the Town Limits of Palmer, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2004-09-28; Reviewed: 2021-05-05)

MTAS was asked to prepare a de-annexation or contraction ordinance.
Ordinance Establishing a Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Program (three versions)
Ordinance (Created: 2002-09-09; Reviewed: 2020-05-05)

MTAS was asked to write ordinances that would provide equipment replacement program alternatives.
Ordinance Increasing the Local Option Sales Tax from 2.25% to 2.75% in the Town of Estill Springs, Tennessee
Ordinance (Created: 2002-08-07; Reviewed: 2021-05-20)

MTAS was asked to provide an ordinance increasing the local option sales tax.
Ordinance Levying a Litigation Tax for the City of Cowan, Tennessee.
Ordinance (Created: 2003-10-17; Reviewed: 2021-07-19)

A sample ordinance for levying a municipal litigation tax.
Ordinance of the City of Cowan Designating the City Council as the Beer Board
Ordinance (Created: 2003-03-12; Reviewed: 2021-07-22)

MTAS was asked to prepare an ordinance designating the city council as the beer board.
Ordinance Regulating the Placement of Infectious Waste in Garbage Collection Containers
Ordinance (Created: 2003-06-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

This ordinance makes it unlawful to discard needles and sharps and imposes a penalty for violation.
Ordinance Summons Form
Form (Created: 2004-12-10; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

MTAS was asked for guidance in preparing an ordinance summons.
Organization of Local Library Board
General (Created: 2002-11-25; Reviewed: 2021-07-22)

MTAS was asked to assist Monteagle in determining how the local library board is organized, how the board is appointed, who can serve on the board, and to recommend the best way for Monteagle to make sure that its appropriation for library services is used properly.
Property Maintenance Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 2002-11-07; Reviewed: 2021-05-05)

The Town of Huntland requested a property maintenance or slum clearance ordinance.
Questions on Businesses Selling Liquor
General (Created: 2003-04-14; Reviewed: 2021-07-23)

MTAS was asked whether the city board could change the hours for selling liquor; if local businesses are required to close at 3:00 AM; and if minors are required to leave places where liquor is sold at 10:00 PM.
Relationship of Volunteer Fire Department to the Town
General (Created: 2002-10-28; Reviewed: 2021-05-21)

MTAS was asked how the volunteer fire department should relate to the Town of Huntland.
Resolution Acknowledging the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman's Club
Resolution (Created: 2004-11-03; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

MTAS was asked to prepare a resolution acknowledging the existence and contributions of the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman's Club.
Resolution Designating the City Administrator to Counter Sign Checks in the Absence or Disability of the Mayor or City Clerk
Resolution (Created: 2003-09-08; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

A resolution authorizing additional co-signers for city checks.
Resolution Establishing a Mandatory Retirement Program for All Police Officers Who Have Attained the Age of Sixty-Two (62) Years of Age
Resolution (Created: 2005-06-05; Reviewed: 2017-06-21)

A resolution requiring the retirement of police officers who are members of TCRS and have reached the age of 62.
Resolution Honoring Former Mayor for Distinguished Service
Resolution (Created: 2003-07-09; Reviewed: 2021-07-26)

MTAS was asked to prepare a resolution honoring the former mayor of Morrison for his years of distinguished service.
Safety Program Director
Job Description (Created: 2001-10-29; Reviewed: 2021-06-02)

Job description for the position of Safety Program Director for the City of Erin.
Second Developer Tapping into Line Extension
General (Created: 2006-06-29; Reviewed: 2021-04-26)

MTAS was asked about an extension where one developer is paying for the extension and another developer is allowed to tap the extended line free of charge.
Seven Questions Relative to Beer Regulation
General (Created: 2004-06-04; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked to answer seven questions relative to the regulation of beer in Smithville.
Skateboard Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 2005-03-02; Reviewed: 2021-07-16)

An ordinance regulating play vehicles containing wheels on streets, sidewalks, and other public places.
Transfer of Beer License
General (Created: 2004-03-19; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

MTAS was asked about the legality of transferring ownership of a beer license.
Tree on City Street Right of Way
General (Created: 2003-07-03; Reviewed: 2021-07-12)

MTAS was asked whether the town should cut a tree on a city street right of way.
Author: Darden, Ron
Accepting the Resignation of a Council Member
General (Created: 2005-04-22; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

MTAS was asked about the procedure for accepting the resignation of a council member and for the appointment of a new council member.
Affidavit of Code Official
Form (Created: 2003-08-14; Reviewed: 2021-05-07)

MTAS was asked to create a form for an affidavit of a code official.
Airport Authority and City Roles
General (Created: 2010-12-22; Reviewed: 2021-06-14)

MTAS was asked about clarifying the roles of the city and the airport authority.
Appropriating Funds for the Use of a Recreation Committee
General (Created: 2012-07-30; Reviewed: 2021-04-16)

MTAS was asked for clarification on appropriating funds for the use of a recreation committee.
Beer License Renewal
General (Created: 2002-01-28; Reviewed: 2021-06-18)

MTAS was asked if the City Recorder has the authority to renew an annual beer license.
Board Member Responsibilities and Job Description
General (Created: 2008-02-06; Reviewed: 2021-07-20)

MTAS was asked questions relating to an alderman's responsibilities and job description.
Building and Property Maintenance Codes Review (Columbia, TN)
Report/Study (Created: 2007-09-24; Reviewed: 2021-04-20)

This study reviews the organization and operation of the City of Columbia's building and property maintenance division.
Charter Provisions Favoring Local Bidders
General (Created: 2009-02-24; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

MTAS was asked about retaining charter provisions favoring local bidders.
Chicken Manure Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 2008-04-18; Reviewed: 2021-05-04)

An ordinance regulating the use of chicken manure as a yard or field fertilizer within the city.
Cities Conducting Games or Contests for Money
General (Created: 2011-08-04; Reviewed: 2021-04-30)

MTAS was asked whether a city can sponsor a contest that charges registration fees, with part of the proceeds being donated to the regional library and part of the proceeds used for prizes.
Cities with Recall Provisions
General (Created: 2006-01-23; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

MTAS was asked to determine which Tennessee cities have recall provisions.
City Council Agenda Formats
General (Created: 2011-09-19; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

Four sample city council agendas and one study session agenda are included.
City Manager Orientation
General (Created: 2011-05-20; Reviewed: 2021-07-08)

MTAS services and other information explained to a new city manager.
City of Knoxville Division of Building Permit Review and Inspections Operations Assessment
Report/Study (Created: 2004-08-04; Reviewed: 2021-04-29)

This assessment review will focus on organization and staffing; adopted codes and appeal boards; licensing and fees; operating and permitting procedures; plan review and inspection services; comparison with other cities and the survey reviews.
City of Spring Hill Effective Utility System Operation
Report/Study (Created: 2008-10-25; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

As utility departments grow and increase the number of customers, operating and capital budgets and service capacities have to be increased in order to provide adequate utility service.
City of Tracy City Court Cost Computations and an Ordinance Establishing City Court Costs
Ordinance (Created: 2012-06-01; Reviewed: 2021-07-27)

This report outlines a method for calculating municipal court costs using audited data, pay records, and reasonable estimates, plus, an ordinance establishing city court costs, including cash bond forfeiture fee and a city litigation tax.
City of Winchester Administrative Review
Report/Study (Created: 2010-08-17; Reviewed: 2021-06-09)

The purpose of this report is to review the administrative structure, adequacy of staff and operating efficiency at department levels and to ensure that the city has the best administrative structure and staffing level to provide effective and efficient services at a reasonable cost for the future.
Collegedale Building and Property Maintenance Study: A Guide for Building Construction and Property Maintenance Code Enforcement
Report/Study (Created: 2012-06-01; Reviewed: 2021-04-28)

This report summarizes the building inspection program and outlines recommendations for enforcement of property maintenance standards, inspections and enforcement procedures, including recommended implementation provisions. This report includes recommended procedures for using the administrative hearing officer program and miscellaneous building and property maintenance code implementation forms.
Combined Annual Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave Study
Report/Study (Created: 2012-04-02; Reviewed: 2021-06-15)

This report reviews the history of the present combined leave policy of the city, outlines the present cost of the program and presents alternatives for the city's consideration.
Convenience Petition
General (Created: 2005-07-12; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

A petition that the County Mayor find and declare that the public convenience and necessity require that the exclusive franchise of Claiborne Utility District, Claiborne County, Tennessee to provide wastewater service within the City of Harrogate 'City's' boundaries be modified.
Counting of Board Votes
General (Created: 2004-08-10; Reviewed: 2021-06-25)

MTAS was asked how a board vote of two for, one abstention, and one passing is to be recorded.
County Gift of Real Property to a City
General (Created: 2005-07-27; Reviewed: 2021-06-21)

MTAS was asked whether the county could give a parcel of land to the city.
Differences Between Modified Manager-Commission vs Manager-Commission Form of Government
General (Created: 2009-08-31; Reviewed: 2021-07-08)

MTAS was asked to discuss the differences between the manager-commission form of government and the modified manager-commission form of government.
Establishing a Debt Policy and a Fund Balance Policy for the Town of Altamont
Ordinance (Created: 2011-09-14; Reviewed: 2021-04-22)

MTAS was asked to provide ordinances to establish a debt policy and a fund balance policy for the Town of Altamont.
Establishing Municipal Boundaries When Annexation Records Are Not Available
General (Created: 2011-05-16; Reviewed: 2021-07-21)

MTAS was asked to assist in determining municipal boundaries for Altamont, Tennessee with missing annexation records.