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Reference Number: MTAS-397
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: November 30, 2020
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Service of Warrants and Process
Arrest warrants for people charged with municipal offenses committed within a city may be served by a city police officer at any point in the county in which the city is located. T.C.A. § 6-54-302.

A city with a population of more than 32,000 that has a city court may, by ordinance, permit "service of process" by registered or certified mail with return receipt requested in "an action of debt involving non-payment of any ticket or citation issued for any nonmoving traffic violation". T.C.A. § 6-54-305.

Criminal Warrants and Summonses
T.C.A. §§ 40-6-205 and 215 establish procedures and requirements for the issuance of criminal arrest warrants and summonses.


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