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Utilities (Operation and Maintenance)

Reference Number: MTAS-703
Reviewed Date: 12/09/2022


Description of Record

Retention Period

Legal Authority/Rationale

T-1. Bacteriological Records. Records indicating disinfection of mains, tanks, filters, wells.

*Retain 5 years.

Tennessee Rules and Regulations 0400-45-01.20 (a)

T-2. Complaint Logs.

*Retain 5 years.

Tennessee Rules and Regulations 0400-45-01.20 (h)

T-3. Daily Worksheets and Shift Logs.

*Retain until next sanitary survey.

Tennessee Rules and Regulations 0400-45-01.20 (g).

T-4. Facility maintenance Records.

*Retain 5 years.

Tennessee Rules and Regulations 0400-45-01.20 (h).

T-5. Flush and Free Chlorine Residual for New Taps Where Main Is Uncovered. Measurement of.

*Retain until next sanitary survey or 3 years.

Tennessee Rules and Regulations 0400-45-01-.17 (32)

T-6. Lead and Copper. Original records of all sampling data and analyses, reports, surveys, letter, evaluations, schedules, state determinations, and any other information required by Tenn. Admin. Rules 1200-5-1-.33(2) through (9).

*Retain for 12 years.

Tennessee Rules and Regulations 0400-45-01.20 (j)

T-7. Underground Utilities, Location of. Record of location of all underground utilities maintained by the city.

NOTE: Under T.C.A. § 65-31-105, the city must record location of utilities with county, listing where facilities are located and the name, title, address, and telephone number of operator’s representative. The county keeps this record permanently.

Permanent record.

These records allow the city to know the location and history of its underground facilities.

*Indicates a mandatory retention period based on state and federal law