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Takings Prior to Condemnation

Reference Number: MTAS-1308
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: October 19, 2018
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Where a condemner appropriates private property prior to instituting formal condemnation proceedings, a taking obviously occurs. Thus, a taking occurred where electric transmission lines were constructed before a condemnation proceeding was filed [45]. In that situation the appropriation is illegal until just compensation is paid to the property owner, and the condemner acquires only a possessory right that is not transferable. [46] Takings have also been found where a condemner filed condemnation proceedings but nonsuited the proceedings before paying just compensation to the property owner, [47] where a municipality annexed a subdivision and asserted ownership over the water and sewer system serving it without paying just compensation to its owners, [48] where the condemner failed to acquire the interest of the lessee of property conveyed to the condemner by the lessor, [49] and where the condemner failed to acquire the property interests in certain restrictive covenants from the residents of a subdivision before constructing a public improvement in violation of those covenants. [50] The property owner’s sole remedy for these takings is an inverse condemnation action, as the courts have specifically rejected attempts to enjoin [51] or eject [52] the condemner who has taken the property without instituting condemnation proceedings.

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