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Risk and Safety

Reference Number: MTAS-485
Reviewed Date: 10/21/2022

According to the Public Risk Management Association (,) Risk Management is a strategy developed to reduce or control the chance of harm or loss; the process of identifying, evaluating, selecting and implementing actions to eliminate or reduce harm.

The goals of any Risk program should be:

  • to identify exposures
  • to identify mitigation efforts
  • to select and implement effective programs
  • to monitor results

In addition to a Risk Management program, your organization also needs a workplace safety program.  The primary objective of a workplace safety program is preventing workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Workplace safety programs also identity the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees when responding during incidents. Another goal of workplace safety is reducing and removing current dangers to improving conditions for employees.

Your safety program may want to address some of the following OSHA Standards: