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Resources for Acquired Structures

Reference Number: MTAS-1236
Reviewed Date: 10/28/2020

Because of its importance to the fire service, NFPA allows free online access to the complete contents of NFPA 1403, Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions. Registration is required to access the standard. For access, go to

For individual use, NFPA has licensed the checklist found in NFPA 1403. For more information on the checklist, contact NFPA directly. Obtain a copy of and become familiar with NFPA 1403 before conducting any live fire training evolutions.

The Tennessee Fire and Codes Enforcement Academy offers live fire training programs. For information on live fire and other training programs, contact the academy.

Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy
2161 Unionville-Deason Road
Bell Buckle, Tennessee 37020
(931) 294-4111

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National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System.

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