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Resolution A - Exploratory Annexation by Referendum

Reference Number: MTAS-2109
Reviewed Date: 09/27/2023

Resolution A


A Resolution Requesting the Planning Commission to Review a Plan of Services for Territory under Consideration to be Annexed into the City of _________ by Referendum

(insert brief address etc. of property)


            WHEREAS, the City of_________, upon its own initiative, is examining the extension of its corporate limits by the potential annexation of certain territory adjoining its existing boundaries and within its urban growth boundaries by referendum, to wit:

(Describe territory in general or insert legal description)

; and

            WHEREAS, a Plan of Services addressing the services and timing of services as required in Tennessee Code Annotated § 6-51-102, has been drafted and requires review and recommendation by the planning commission; and

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City of _______Tennessee that the ______ Planning Commission is hereby requested to review the Plan of Services for the subject territory, and return a recommendation to the governing body, following completion of its study and review.

            WHEREUPON, the Mayor declared the Resolution adopted, affixed a signature and the date thereto, and directed that the same be recorded.



                                                                        Date: _____________________________________



City Recorder

Approved as to Form and Legality this ____ day of ________, 20__


City Attorney