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Permits Records

Reference Number: MTAS-690
Reviewed Date: 11/14/2022


Description of Record

Retention Period

Legal Authority/Rationale

J-1. Approval Permit Applications for Solid Waste Disposal Facilities. Records of all data and supplemental information used to complete permit applications. Includes copy of permit and the approved Part I and Part II application. Maintain as the facility or another location with the approval of the department.

Retain throughout active life of the facility and through the post-closure care period.

Keep to show compliance with regulations in order to defend against Superfund liability. Tenn. Comp. R. and Regs.  0400-11-01-.02.

J-2. Building Permits, Inspections, Certificates of Occupancy, Copies of. Show name of owner, amount of money to be expended, type of structure, location, date, and name of contractor.

Retain 5 years after issuance of certificate of occupancy or final inspection.

These are used to find new construction. These records are also used in state audits, which must occur at least once every 3 years, of cities that choose to  enforce their own codes. T.C.A. § 68-120-101(b)(4).

In addition, T.C.A. § 28-3-202 provides for a four year statute of limitations on injuries from the date of substantial completion. Retention of one additional year will allow for any dispute of such date.

NOTE: Notify property assessor of completion before record is destroyed.

J-3. Contractor License Books. Recorded copies of certificates of license issued to general contractors by the state Board for Licensing General Contractors showing certificate number, name of contractor, names of chairmen and secretary of the state board, date certificate issued, date recorded, and signature of the clerk.

Retain 5 years after all licenses in the book have expired.

Keep for audit purposes.

J-4. Demolition Orders. Documentation for municipal-ordered and privately initiated demolitions of substandard and/or hazardous buildings.

Retain 5 years.

Retain for research and litigation purposes.

J-5. Violation Notices. Notices of violations of building codes.

Retain 5 years.

Retain to document municipal actions concerning violations and for reference purposes.