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Other Prerequisites for Closing Streets

Reference Number: MTAS-1473
Reviewed Date: 04/11/2023

Unless a statute or charter provides otherwise, no notice need be given property owners of a municipality’s intention to close a street. Sweetwater Valley Memorial Park, Inc. v. Sweetwater, 372 S.W.2d 168 (1963). There is no state law prescribing any special notice or other special procedures precedent to the closing of municipal streets. T.C.A. § 54-10-201 contains notice and other procedures for the closing of county roads. Apparently at least one trial court has held that those procedures apply to the closing of municipal streets. Such a holding is clearly wrong. However, because of the potential problems street closings can have, municipalities are advised to give reasonable and well-publicized notice to abutting property owners and other interested citizens of their intent to close a street. A municipality considering closing a street should also determine whether its charter contains provisions governing the closing of streets.