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Making Recommendations to Board

Reference Number: MTAS-1117
Reviewed Date: 08/23/2023

In most instances, it will be best that the committee submit written recommendations to the governing board. Oral reports may suffice for minor issues, but misunderstandings can be avoided if the committee issues a written final report to the board.

It is important that each recommendation included in the report be voted upon by the committee members and that the report reflect the outcome of such voting. Reporting the outcome of these votes will enable the governing board to better evaluate the committee’s recommendations. A 4 to 3 vote in favor of a recommendation may not be as impressive as one recorded as 7 to 0.

When the advisory committee is sharply divided on any recommendation, it may be advisable to allow a minority report to be submitted. This is a written statement expressing the views of those not voting with the winning side. This sort of report can place the committee’s recommendation to the governing board in a useful perspective.

In addition to submitting a written report, the governing board should insist upon a presentation of the committee’s recommendations at a public meeting. This is best done after the written report has been delivered to the governing board and its members have had time to read it. After the governing board is familiar with the committee’s recommendations, committee members should be invited to meet with the governing board to discuss the committee’s findings.

Finally, the committee members should be thanked — both publicly and with a personal note — for assisting the city. This is an important detail, especially if the city plans to ask other citizens for similar help in the future.