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Maintaining the Docket

Reference Number: MTAS-321
Reviewed Date: 12/20/2021

The court may use bound docket books purchased from a vendor, and the book may have pre-printed docket numbers for each entry. Docket books without numbers also can be purchased. Pre-numbered docket books allow the court to order a new docket book with the first number beginning sequentially with the last number of the previous docket book.

Bound docket books require an alphabetical index of all defendants entered in the docket book.

Court clerks are required to keep a record of all judgments (dispositions) with each case numbered in sequential order (docket number). The disposition includes:
1. The date of the trial and any continuances;
2. The full name of the defendant;
3. The fine amount;
4. The court cost amount;
5. The name of the officer and/or prosecutor;
6. The disposition (plead guilty, found guilty, dismissed, etc.);
7. The citation number or warrant number if different from the docket number;
8. The receipt number of any payment; and
9. The actual offense (speeding, allowing animals to run at large, running a stop sign, etc.).

Note: These docket requirements are compiled from T.C.A. § 16-15-303, T.C.A. § 18-1-105, and regulations promulgated by the Division of Municipal Audit. See MTAS-323 for Computerized Dockets.