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Local Government Authorization to Perform Electrical Inspections

Reference Number: MTAS-2083
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: October 09, 2018
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A municipality may be authorized to conduct electrical inspections within its jurisdiction, and to charge a fee for said inspections, by the Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance. T.C.A. § 68-102-143(b)(1). According to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, thirty-one (31) municipalities were authorized to conduct electrical inspections as of March 2017.

This inspection authority applies to all residential, commercial, and industrial electrical inspections of new and existing structures, except for state owned properties, and electric vehicle supply equipment (with exceptions).

In order to be authorized by the state, the municipality must make a written request, on the form approved by the state fire marshal, identifying:

  • The title and edition of the electrical code that is adopted and will be enforced.
  • The number and type of inspections that will be conducted for each inspection (final, rough-in, temporary, HVAC, etcetera).
  • A detailed description of the permit issuance and record-keeping process for all inspection activities.
  • The names of the employees who will perform electrical inspections, and who have successfully completed the respective certification examinations (ICC residential electrical inspector and ICC commercial electrical inspector).

Following receipt of application, the state fire marshal will schedule a pre-authorization review in the municipality’s office. Following said review, the state fire marshal may authorize the municipality to conduct electrical inspections.

At least once every three years (3) following authorization, the state fire marshal shall undertake a review to determine if the municipality is adequately enforcing the adopted electrical code, is properly performing inspections, and is otherwise in compliance with the requirements granted to perform electrical inspections. The state fire marshal will notify the municipality in writing whether there are areas in which the adopted electrical code or inspections are not being adequately performed. If so noted, the municipality has thirty (30) days to submit a plan of corrective action to ensure compliance with all requirements. Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 0780-02-01-.20.


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