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Lawful Inquiries: Relatives, Organizations, Credit Rating, References

Reference Number: MTAS-1561
Reviewed Date: 03/01/2023

Employers may make the following type of inquiries:


  • Names of applicant’s relatives employed by this company.
  • Names and addresses of parents or guardians of minor applicants.

Notice in Case of Emergency

  • Names of persons to be notified in case of accident or emergency.


  • Inquiry into the organizations of which an applicant is a member providing the name or character of the organization does not reveal the race, religion, color, or ancestry of the member (must relate to the applicants professional qualifications).
  • “What offices are held, if any?”

Credit Rating

  • None


  • “By whom were you referred for a position here?”
  • Names of people willing to provide professional or character references of applicant.


  • Notice to applicants that any mis-statements or omissions of material facts in the application may be cause for dismissal.