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Fleet Software

Reference Number: MTAS-1957
Reviewed Date: 04/13/2021

Choose good fleet management software and use it in decision making. In order to properly track costs, fleet management software is a must. Software tied to make, model, class and department should track preventive and scheduled maintenance, fuel usage, repair time, etc., for each vehicle. Software should interface with fuel systems. Many good fleet management software systems are on the market. The main goals of any fleet management system are to provide information to improve efficiency, decrease downtime and in-service breakdowns, reduce inventory, lower ownership cost and avoid waste. The selected software should provide detailed vehicle information such as: downtime, percentage of downtime, total miles traveled and cost/mile. It should be able to provide information on mechanics’ efficiency and productivity. It should track parts inventory and have the capability to track/analyze all direct and indirect labor costs. This information should be used in purchasing decisions.