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Fire Service Resources

Reference Number: MTAS-2107
Reviewed Date: 09/05/2023

In the past, the Fire Chief Orientation class contained a module titled Fire Service Resources. When the course curriculum was updated, the resources module was removed to provide time for other topics, as fire service resources was not a specifically required topic under state law. However, the information on fire service resources is very useful, and MTAS is making the information available via MTAS Online Resources (MORe) as a downloadable Adobe PDF file.

The document is organized by the following sections: professional associations, training and education, community risk reduction (CRR), wildland-urban interface (WUI) resources, residential sprinklers, human resources, operations, grant resources, purchasing and surplus property, and information and research. The document contains brief descriptions of the resources along with associated contact information and/or links to websites for additional information.

For questions on the information, to report broken links, to provide information on additional resources, etc., contact Fire Management Consultant Steve Cross at or Donald Pannell at

file Fire Service Resources as of March 22%2C 2021.pdf