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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Drafting Legislation

Reference Number: MTAS-991
Reviewed Date: 01/05/2023

Legislation should be drafted as far in advance of the legislative session as possible. This should be done not only to easily meet deadlines, but to make sure the legislation is correct and acceptable to other groups. Support, or even lack of opposition, from such groups can be crucial to legislation passage. One way to gain support or reduce opposition is to let interested groups or organizations review the proposed legislation beforehand and suggest any needed changes. These reviews can take much time.

The larger cities in the state have their own staff attorneys who draft legislation for them. The league or MTAS often drafts bills for smaller cities and public acts affecting all cities. Also, city attorneys may draft legislation for smaller cities. No matter who does the work, inform TML.

Telling the league of your city’s need for a public act might relieve you of everything but asking your legislators to vote for the bill. The league can have the bill drafted and introduced, and will even shepherd it through the legislature. The league might tell you that no legislation is needed, or that a private act, as opposed to a public act, is required.